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Most Important Factors in Choosing a Reporting Platform PowerPoint Presentation
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Most Important Factors in Choosing a Reporting Platform

Most Important Factors in Choosing a Reporting Platform

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Most Important Factors in Choosing a Reporting Platform

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  1. Most Important Factors in Choosing a Reporting Platform Tyler Wilchek Marketing Manager Greg Harris Sr. Product Manager Randy Messing Sr. Engineer Boxtone Mike Obrebski System Engineer

  2. Agenda Introduction Jinfonet Background Who is using JReport? The Top Factors Quick JReport Demo Boxtone’s Evaluation Process Q&A

  3. Jinfonet: Continuous Improvement Privately Held, Self-funded, Debt-free, Profitable Re-investment back into R&D 160+ Java Developers 1998: First to Offer Embedded Reporting for Java Apps

  4. Agile BI: Quickly Get Data to your Users

  5. Visualization: 1 Chart, Millions of rows of data

  6. Importance of Visualizing Data Quick decisions and immediate action Actionable information at your fingertips “Ask Questions” of your Data Make sense of overwhelming amounts of Data 6

  7. Integration: 100% Java & Simple Deployment

  8. Notable Customers by Industry Financial Services Consumer / Manufacturing Telecom Healthcare / Healthcare Insurance Software / Consulting Government 8

  9. Customer Highlights • VISS Application – Visa Small business cardholders • VCF Application – Leverage Visa data & reports for internal use • Large-scale applications • ticketWeb – Reports for revenue streams, real-time reporting for ticket pricing • Optimize revenues with real-time data

  10. Customer Highlight: Software/Consulting

  11. Complete Features + Easy to Embed = JReport complex systems embeddable power BI Platforms completeness of features JReport Open Source legacy tools simplistic solutions ease of embedding

  12. Top Factors in Choosing a Solution End User Self-Service Reporting Rapid Report Development Seamless Integration Scalability Security Customer Service 12

  13. Self-Service Reporting Free up development resources Ask Questions of the Data Users can change the data view User-designed visual components Real-time data On-the-fly calculations

  14. Self-Service Reporting with JReport: Create a Report in our Ad Hoc Wizard • Self-service reports • User can access pre-defined resources to create a new report • Ad Hoc Wizard: Create a report from scratch

  15. Self-Service Reporting with JReport: Modify Pre-Built Reports • Modify your Reports • Chart to a cross-tab and a cross-tab to a chart • Add and change groups • Change data view with drill paths, sorting & filtering • Add/Remove components like charts and tables Cross-tab Drill on Crosstab Sorting & Filtering Chart Add/Remove component Drill on Chart

  16. Rapid Report Development Developer End User

  17. Rapid Report Development with JReport Wizard Report Creation GUI Designer Drag & Drop Designer Publish from Designer Users can fine-tune pre-built reports

  18. Seamless Integration Easy to Embed Customizable: Match the look & feel of your application Totally Seamless: Transparent interface for end users Leverage current IT resources (employees & hardware) Rich API’s for maximum control No separate install within your application

  19. Seamless Integration with JReport: Range of Functional Integration Standalone JReport Depth of Integration Customer Application Web Layer (JSP, HTML, ...) URL API JReport Server Business layer Customer Application Web layer Java APIs JReport Server Business layer (Java objects)

  20. Scalability Supports growth of your application & user base Proven in a large-scale customer environment Processes concurrent reports of all users Flexible to fit system architecture Adaptable to changing reporting needs

  21. Scalability with JReport

  22. Security Multiple levels of security for different users Fine-grained security levels Single sign-on Proven in real environment with highly sensitive data

  23. Security with JReport: Customize reports by user or group Security Architecture Data Security 23

  24. Customer Service Timely technical support Availability of Staff Regular Updates Training opportunities

  25. Customer Service with JReport Quick-start packages Training Opportunities Professional Services (consulting opportunities) Having the ability to talk to the [JReport] engineers actually building and maintaining the software was a huge benefit at the time of installation and remains a benefit today for troubleshooting. - Kevin Payne, Director of Systems Applications for Federal Acquisition Service

  26. Questions? Please type questions in chat box for moderator review Web: E-Mail: Sales: Phone: 240-477-1000