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Questions about Europe PowerPoint Presentation
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Questions about Europe

Questions about Europe

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Questions about Europe

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  1. Questions about Europe a questionaire about Europe, democracy and the European Union made by Annemieke, Michelle and Nicky 20061031 Annemieke, Michelle en Nicky.

  2. Questions about Europe • What kind of influence has Europe on our society? • Do you think that Europe is a good system? • What do you know about Europe? • How do you feel about Turkey being part of Europe?

  3. Questions about the European Union. • How do you feel about the European Union? • Can you mention some pros and cons about the European Union? • Do you know how many countries are part of the European Union? • How do you feel about the Euro?

  4. Questions about the democrasy • What is democrasy? • Do you feel that the European Union has a good democratic system? • Is the European Union a good example of democrasy? • Should a country that is not a real democrasy be part of the European Union?

  5. Answers of Europe; Pauline G5A. • I think the European cooperation has a very good effect on our society because people can work anywhere they want and can travel free between the countries. • Europe has a great system and I think the Euro gives more union between the countries. • I know that 27 countries are part of Europe, and as money we have the Euro. • I don’t know, it’s maybe easier for Turkey but maybe not for us.

  6. Answers about the EU; Pauline G5A • Great coopenation. • If you’re travelling they check not your stuff, you can travel free, and the cons.. I don’t know at the moment. • 27 • The Euro is easy to pay, specially in Europe.

  7. The answers about Democrasy; Pauline G4A • That there is not just one person who makes the decisions, but that the people can vote. • I think they have a good system, yes. • Yes, i think so. • They could. But maybe they can be a democratic country if they be part of our European Union.

  8. Questions about Europe; Sigwela A1F • A good one, I just like to live in Europe. • Yes, I like Europe, so there is noting wrong with the system. • Many countries, the Euro.. • I don’t know..

  9. The answers about the EU; Sigwela A1F. • Good. • I do know, but not at the moment. • Euh, 25, 26 ? • I like the Euro, you can pay with it in every country of Europe.

  10. The answers about Democrasy; Sigwela A1F • I don’t know sure, that the people in a country can vote as wel and not that one person has everything to say. • Yes, we are democratic , and we can vote and stuff, so yes. • A good example for the other countries, shure. • If they’re going to be a democratic country, then yes.

  11. The answers about Europe; Peter van Weerd • I think the European Union has a great influence on our society because it opes a lot of possibilly’s for young people to live and work beyond the dutch borlers. • I think it’s a good system, yes, because we have good rules and we’re living together good as well. • About Europe, we have 27 countries who are part of, we have the Euro, Turkey wants to be part of Europe. • If Turkey hold at the rules, than maybe.

  12. The answers about Democrasy; Peter van Weerd. • Democrasy is that not one person makes the decisions, but that the people who live in the country,can make decisions too, they can vote. • Yes. • Yes, we are democratic, so I think that we’re a good example for the other countries. • No, then it’s different then the outher countries.

  13. Conclusion After this questionaire we can draw the conclusion that people know a lot about Europe, democracy and the European Union. People are postive about Europe.