welcome to the college of engineering sciences end of the year party 2002 2003 n.
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Welcome to the College of Engineering Sciences End of the Year Party 2002 - 2003 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the College of Engineering Sciences End of the Year Party 2002 - 2003

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Welcome to the College of Engineering Sciences End of the Year Party 2002 - 2003

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Welcome to the College of Engineering Sciences End of the Year Party 2002 - 2003

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  1. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Welcome to the College of Engineering SciencesEnd of the Year Party2002 - 2003

  2. Reading from the Quraan

  3. Dean’s Address Dr. Samir A. Al-Baiyat Dean, College of Engineering Sciences

  4. Achievements

  5. The 6th Saudi Engineering Conference • December 14-19, 2002 • Under the Patronage of HRH Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz • Conference Theme: Engineering and Engineering Education : Facing the Current Challenges

  6. The 6th Saudi Engineering Conference • No. of Papers 239 • No. of Workshops 12 • No. of Panel discussions 2 • No. of Participants 1500

  7. Establishment of a New Department • The Department of Aerospace Engineering was successfully established this academic year.

  8. Chair Professorship • Renewal of the Bughshan/Bell Lab. Chair Professor in Telecommunication Engineering in the EE department • Establishment of Saudi Aramco Chair Professor in Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals in the CHE Department.

  9. Funded Projects

  10. Publications

  11. Short Courses

  12. Aerospace Engineering • Proposed to establish four new AE labs (Aerodynamics, Flight dynamics, Flight structures, and Propulsion). • Dr. Ahmed Al-Garni received the “distinguished Scientist in Engineering Prize Award” supervised by KACST.

  13. Chemical Engineering • Establishment of CHE Industrial Advisory Committee. • Establishment of an award for Distinguished Design Project and Distinguished Co-Op Report (Sponsored by Saudi Arabian Section of American Institute of Chemical Engineers SAS-AIChE.)

  14. Civil Engineering • Establishment of CE Industrial Advisory Committee. • Revision and Implementation of the Graduate program.

  15. Civil Engineering • The department has renovated and upgraded: • Building Research Station • Structural Analysis Laboratory. • Highway Laboratory • Engineering Graphics Laboratory

  16. Electrical Engineering • Organizing the 10th Technical Exchange Meeting, KFUPM, March 23-24, 2003. • Organizing the “First International Symposium on Wireless Systems and Networks”, (ISWSN’03), KFUPM, March 24-26, 2003.

  17. Electrical Engineering • Organizing the 1st IEEE GCC Conference, Bahrain, May 13-14, 2003. • Dr. Mohammad Shwehdi has been selected on the editorial board of the IEEE PES Letters.

  18. Electrical Engineering • Dr. Asrar Shaikh has become: • Editor, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications • On the Editorial Board of • Wireless Personal Communications Published by Kluwer Academics • Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Published by J. Wiley

  19. Electrical Engineering • Dr. Hussain Al-Duwaish has been selected on the technical committee of the IASTED “Artificial Intelligence and Simulation” Conferences (2003-2006). • The Saudi Arabia IEEE Section won the first runner up award of the outstanding chapter in IEEE/PES.

  20. Mechanical Engineering • Establishment of ME Industrial Advisory Committee. • ME graduate program was revised and approved • Best Student Club Award

  21. Mechanical Engineering • Approved new Turbo-machinery Center • Establishment of a new CAD lab for Prep year students • Upgraded System Dynamics lab, Materials Science lab, Advanced Materials Science lab and ME Workshop.

  22. Mechanical Engineering • Dr. Habib Abu Al-Hamayel has been appointed as a member of the Saudi Engineering Council • Dr. Basem Al-Bedoor received Shoman Award for Young Scientist

  23. Mechanical Engineering • Dr. Ibrahim Dincer has become as: • Associate Editor and Editor-in-chief for two journals. • Editorial Board Member in two international Journals. • Book Series Editor :Energy/Exergy/Environment/ Sustainable Development

  24. Mechanical Engineering • Dr. Shuaib, A.N. selected as a Member of Editorial Advisory Board: Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering • Dr. Said S.A.M. has been appointed as a member of the Consultative Council for Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Project

  25. Mechanical Engineering Dr. Yilbas, Bekir S. selected as a Member of Editorial board • J. Materials Processing Technology. • International J. of Machine Tool Design& Research

  26. The revised Graduate Program has been submitted to the University Board for final approval. The Department organized a series of live lectures for PETE students done by Industry. Petroleum Engineering

  27. The Department of Petroleum Engineering’s Student Club Organized Open Days for KFUPM students to meet with: Saudi Aramco officials , Schlumberger and Halliburton Petroleum Engineering

  28. Guest lecturers from outside the Kingdom: Dr. Ian Alexander Davidson, Middle East Regional Coordinator, UBD Global Implementation Team, Dubai. Professor Seyed Ali Danesh, Department Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland,U K Petroleum Engineering

  29. Schlumberger Company plans to up grade the production lab. PC Lab. has been upgraded for students use Petroleum Engineering

  30. Petroleum Engineering • Dr. Muhammad Al-Marhoun has been selected as Associate Editor of Energy, The International Journal. • Dr. Mohamed Aggour has been elected as the Chairman of the SPE Forum and participated in several international SPE committees.

  31. Dr. Sidqi Abu-Khamsin represented the department in the SPEAsia Pacific Colloquium/University Development of Multidisciplinary Petroleum Engineering Curricula, September 12 – 15, 2002. Dr. Abdulaziz A. Al-Majed was selected as a representative for the Ministry of Higher Education for the establishment of a Regional Centre for Scientific and Technological Research in Energy. Petroleum Engineering

  32. University Awards Best Teaching and Advising

  33. Nominees for Teaching & Advising Awards Dr. Habib Al-Ali (CHE) Dr. Sleem-ur-Rahman(CHE) Dr. Muhammad Al-Zahrani (CE) Dr. S.M. Zubair (ME) Dr. Abdel Salam Eleiche (ME) Dr. Sidqi Abu-Khamseen (PETE) Dr. Khalid Al-Fossail (PETE) Dr. Yousef Abdul-Magid (EE) Dr. Mohamed Mohandes (EE)

  34. Winners of Teaching & Advising Awards Dr. Muhammad Al-Zahrani Civil Engineering Dr. Syed M . Zubair Mechanical Engineering

  35. Research Award

  36. Research Award Dr. Ibrahim Dincer ME Dr.Yousef Abdel-Magid EE

  37. Best Short Course Award The Short Course: SUPERPAVE Asphalt Binder Testing and Mix Design, coordinated by Professor Hamad I. Al-Abdul Wahhab

  38. Dean’s Vision

  39. Long-Term Strategies • Industry-College link • Interdisciplinary Instructional Programs • Collaboration with International Reputable Institutions

  40. Long-Term Strategies • Integrating Research Methodologies into Undergraduate programs • Integrating IT into Academic Programs &Curriculum. • Faculty Professional Developments

  41. Short-Term Objectives • Introduction of Course Projects & Seminars to improve Student’s Communication Skills • Revision of undergraduate programs & introduction of Web-Based Courses • Introduction of Design Concepts in Each Course • Development of Co-Op & Summer Programs to enhance student self confidence.

  42. Short-Term Objectives • Program self Assessments and international Accreditation (ABET). • Increase and Support Multi-Disciplinary Research • Establish Centers of Research Excellence

  43. Short-Term Objectives • Establish More Endowment Chair Professorship Programs • Arrange Off-Campus Courses & Training Sessions. • Increase Cooperation with Professional Societies.

  44. H.E. The Rector Dr. Khalid Al-Sultan

  45. Department Service Awards

  46. Service Awards Dr. Basel Abu-Sharkh Chemical Engineering Dr. Mohamed Deriche Electrical Engineering

  47. Service Awards Dr. Nedal Ratrout Civil Engineering Dr. Necar Merah Mechanical Engineering

  48. Service Awards Dr. Hasan Al-Yousef Petroleum Engineering

  49. Service Awards Mr. Basheer Ahmed Chemical Engineering Mr. Abbas , Edmana Electrical Engineering

  50. Service Awards Mr. Mumtaz Ali Khan Civil Engineering Mr. Mohammad Karam Mechanical Engineering