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Fermin Cacho

Fermin Cacho

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Fermin Cacho

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  1. FerminCacho A famous Spanish runner. By: Rachel Rock

  2. His Biography Se llama Fermín Cacho Ruiz. He was born February 16, 1969 in Ágreda, Spain. El esdeportista. He became a notable Spanish runner in 1990 when he ran at the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow. He ran in the 1500m race and came in second place. The year after, he went onto the World indoor Championships in Seville. Again, he came in second for the 1500m race. In 1997, he won silver at the World Championship 1500m race in Athens. The next year he won Bronze at the European Championships in Budapest.

  3. First Achivement • One of FermínCacho’s major achievements so far is winning gold for the 1500 at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. For the first few laps of the race the other runners kept a slighter slower pace. Fermín mimicked their pace but when the final lap came around he positioned himself perfectly to sprint past all the other runners. Es muyrapidamente. This surprised many of the other runners because they did not see Fermin as a Gold metal threat. Fermínes un hombre inteligente.

  4. SecondAchivment Fermínis very well known for holding the European record holder for the 1500m run. He set this record on August 13th, 1997 while at the Weltklasse Zürich in Switzerland. His time was 3:28:95. He has held this record for fourteen and a half years. The previous record holder was Steve Cram from England with a time of 3:29:67. Le gusta mucho correr.

  5. Fermín’s Legacy • FermínCacho is alive today but he has already started building a fairly large legacy to leave behind. He has so far holds a continent record for the 1500 meter race. He yet has someone to break his record. Also, the only event he does in track and field is the 1500 meter race so many people associate this event with him. Es famosoen España. Fermínestrabajador.