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Not Without My Daughter

Not Without My Daughter

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Not Without My Daughter

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  1. Not Without My Daughter By: Caroline Kelsey and Kaitlyn Boone

  2. Characters: • Moody- The Iranian husband • Betty- Moody’s American wife • Mathab- Moody and Betty’s daughter • Nicole- The woman from the Swedish Embassy who works to help Betty and Mathab escape

  3. Summary • The movie Not Without My Daughter is about an American woman who marries and Iranian man and takes a trip to Iran with him to visit his family. Although he promises her that nothing will change, he adapts to the Iranian culture, and forces her and her daughter to stay with him. Her and her daughter refuse and as he becomes more violent they want to leave to America. The only way she can leave, is if she divorces him and if she divorces him then he gets full custody of Mathab. She meets with a man to discuss her future and he sneaks Betty and Mathab across the border.

  4. Kaitlyn’s Response: • I really enjoyed Not Without My Daughter. It was a great movie. I was able to get a better understanding of the women’s rights in Iran. I thought it was crazy how a man practically owns his wife and she has no freedom. I thought that it was good that Betty and Mathab were able to escape and return to America. It makes me wonder if there is anything that I can do to help. I would strongly recommend this movie.

  5. Caroline’s Response: • I really liked the movie. It made me realize how lucky I am to be American and have the rights and privileges that I do. It almost makes me want to do something to help the women who are treated so poorly in Iran. All in all it was a great movie and a good learning experience about the life the in Iran.

  6. Historical Facts of Injustice: • 1980: Islamic revolution • After the Islamic Revolution women's rights were even worse and their husbands treated them poorly. • The headdress which was forced to be worn after the revolution is now embraced by some of the women.

  7. Causes and Effects of The Injustices Cause: Effect: Betty’s desperate need to get out of Iran. Moody becoming more aggressive. Moody becoming more like a normal Iranian man. Moody becomes more lenient with the idea of her going back to America to visit her sick father. Moody realizes how much he cares for Betty and Mathab safety. • Moody treating Betty horribly. • Betty’s often disappearance and phone calls. • Betty kissing up to Moody. • The bomb exploding through Betty’s window.

  8. Bibliography: • • Not Without My Daughter, 1991 •