industry solutions designed for agility business insight mobility and growth n.
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Industry Solutions designed for Agility, Business Insight, Mobility and Growth PowerPoint Presentation
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Industry Solutions designed for Agility, Business Insight, Mobility and Growth

Industry Solutions designed for Agility, Business Insight, Mobility and Growth

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Industry Solutions designed for Agility, Business Insight, Mobility and Growth

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  1. Industry Solutions designed for Agility, Business Insight, Mobility and Growth

  2. IBM Beacon Award Most Outstanding Solution for Midsize Businesses 2012 Winner

  3. Some Customers You May Know….

  4. Some Customers You May Know….

  5. Some Customers You May Know….

  6. VAI’s Extensive List of Technology Partners Plus many more…to keep you on the leading edge of technology

  7. S2K Solutions Suite S2K Enterprise Solutions • Financial Management • Distribution Management • Retail Management • Manufacturing Management • Warehouse Management • Service and Repair Mgt. • Rental Management • Customer Relationship Mgt. S2K Web Solutions • S2K Smart Center • S2K Enterprise Portal • S2K Commerce Express • S2K Sales Force • S2K Analytics S2K Mobile Solutions • S2K Mobile (Android) • Tablet Order Entry • Route Management • Field Service (Billing) • S2K Analytics Mobile • NCS Mobile (Rugged) • Route Management • Field Service

  8. Integrated Applications for Dynamic Growth Businesses Distribution Management Financial Management Manufacturing Management Retail Management Warehouse Management CRM Service & Repair Sales Force Automation Business Intelligence Equipment Rental Web Portals E-Business

  9. Introducing S2K Release 5.4 Web Client Improve Employee Productivity Completely Configurable Work Center for the User!

  10. Role Based Computing The Future of ERP Software

  11. Applications are Consolidated and Delivered through S2K Portal What is “Role Based” Computing?

  12. Benefits of Role Based Computing • Immediate access to information and applications the user needs • Single Sign-On across all applications • Multiple tabs replace multiple sessions • Screens are configurable to condense related information • Users can hide data that is not important to them • Integrated Analytics help users make better decisions • Links to other web applications and supplier sites • Keep employees updated on corporate news and information • Access to CRM, Product Catalog, Email, Calendars and much more! Available September 2013

  13. All applications are delivered through the Portal and Customized based on the Users Role

  14. Users can bookmark their favorite weblinks for easy access from the portal

  15. Home Screen Content can be Key Drivers, Summary Information, Tasks Lists, Calendars..etc.

  16. Users can create their own tabs with S2K portlets designed for their Day to Day Work. Example: AR Collections

  17. Multiple portletscan be displayed on the same page for easy access to related information

  18. Review Documents as a PDF or Export Data to Excel

  19. In Edit Mode, users can add portlets to a page, change the stlye, or change the page layout

  20. Users can access the VAI portlet catalog to add content to their screen. Search options allow the user to find the exact content they are looking for.

  21. Users can also add portlets from the IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog. The catalog will contain a robust array of IBM, Business Partner, and individually created solutions. Whether you are looking for an industry solution for your enterprise or something to customize your end-user experience, you can find it in this catalog

  22. Simply drag the content onto your page and save to update your screen!

  23. S2K Customer Order List added to the screen!

  24. Users can also change the color style of their page to suit their individual tastes or to reflect their corporate identity or brand.

  25. Users can also change the layout of their page optimize the way the content is displayed on their page.

  26. Users can add S2K CRM application to their screen to provide company wide access to CRM data.

  27. Individual portlets can be customized to hide columns that are not important to the user.

  28. The personalize screen allows the user to hide fields, collapse related information, and determine the default number of rows to display.

  29. Changes made in the personalize screen are immediately updated and saved with the user profile.

  30. Users can use CRM to access Contact Information, review open cases, track activities, enter notes, review activity history and much more!

  31. Users can access S2K Enterprise 5.4 applications directly from the Portal

  32. Immediate access to ERP applications anywhere and time you need them

  33. The collapsible menu tree provides quick access to authorized S2K ERP applications.

  34. New S2K grids allow users to sort by any Column

  35. Reorder Columns

  36. Hide Columns

  37. Address Removed

  38. Type Ahead Feature Combo Box Drill Down

  39. Users can add S2K Analytics application to their screen to access Reports and Dashboards.

  40. Users can add tabs to provide access to their email and calendars directly from the portal. Portlets are available for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and other mail servers.

  41. Users can also add tabs to launch external web applications like IBM SmartCloud, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook…etc.

  42. IBM SmartCloud for Social Business provides access to Social Collaboration, Chat, File Sharing, Meetings and much more!.

  43. Why VAI?

  44. Why VAI? • One Product Focus - S2K is our only product. Our technical team supports, enhances and understands this product intimately. It will not be discontinued, and all of our R&D efforts will be focused on enhancing this product. • Customer Experience - Over 1500 companies use VAI solutions very successfully. Companies large and small and diversified in many industries. VAI has strong history of customer satisfaction, resulting in numerous awards from IBM including last years IBM Beacon Award for “Most Outstanding Solution for Mid Sized Businesses” worldwide.

  45. Why VAI? • Competitive Pricing - VAI offers tremendous value to ensure a strong return on your investment. In addition to a robust suite of S2K applications, VAI has partnered with industry leading solutions who provide special pricing for VAI customers. For large enterprises, VAI offers an unlimited user license to eliminate user fees for additional users, and fixed maintenance fees (except for COLA). Lowest TCO in ERP Midmarket.

  46. Why VAI? • Best Practice / Customer Enhancements – At VAI we take pride in our ability to develop innovative solutions that solve complex business problems. We take the time to learn about your specific business environment, and while we encourage best practice concepts, our ultimate goal is to deliver a solution that best meets your company’s objectives and unique requirements that help you maintain your competitive edge.

  47. Why VAI? • IBM Technology – VAI solutions are built on the most advanced industry leading technology from IBM. VAI solutions leverage the reliability, security, flexibility and scalability of the IBM Power System platform. In addition, VAI applications are built on proven IBM middleware such as IBM Websphere Portal and IBM Cognosto provide a dynamic application infrastructure for all business situations and requirements.