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Past Perfect & Past Simple

Past Perfect & Past Simple. Grammar Rules. … PAST SIMPLE …. … PAST SIMPLE …. … PAST PERFECT …. … PAST PERFECT …. Just – Already – Yet / Not yet. We use just , already , yet , not yet with the Present perfect .

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Past Perfect & Past Simple

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  1. Past Perfect & Past Simple GrammarRules

  2. … PAST SIMPLE …

  3. … PAST SIMPLE …



  6. Just – Already – Yet/Notyet • We use just, already, yet, notyet with the Presentperfect. • Weusually use just and already in affirmativesentences and they go before the Pastparticiple. • We use yet in questions and in negative sentences, and itgoesat the end of the sentence. • He’s just startedhis first job. I’vealreadyboughta ring for her! Haveyoudecided on the date yet?

  7. MIND THE TRAP ! • We use the Pastsimple and NOT the Presentperfect with time expressionswhichrefer to a finishedperiod • Wemetyesterday. NOT Wehavemetyesterday.

  8. THE END • Produced by: Francesco Ambra Luca Arzillo Fabio Zarrella

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