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Vegeta’s hero cycle

Vegeta’s hero cycle. By: Alexander Lampman. Ordinary world.

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Vegeta’s hero cycle

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  1. Vegeta’s hero cycle By: Alexander Lampman

  2. Ordinary world • Vegeta was born on planet Saiyan(which got blown up) But Vegeta is the prince of all Saiyans and was sent on a spaceship with his comrade Nappa in search for immortality. He finally found a way when he landed on Earth, where he met his rival and future partner Goku(otherwise known as Kakarot).

  3. Call to adventure • When Vegeta landed on Earth he was on a quest for the dragon balls and his rival Goku, He first found Goku and was destine to destroy him and his friends and son. He ended up killing 2 or 3 of his friends but himself, son, and best friend still stood all 3 of them ended up killing Vegeta’s comrade Nappa. Vegeta was furious and looked at the moon and transformed into a giant ape(all Saiyans with a tail have this ability.) He soon got his tail sliced off and was very weak. He was forced to crawl to his ship and leave. He new he had to beat Goku, that is his call to adventure.

  4. Refusal of the call • Vegeta’s refusal of the call was when he arrived off his spaceship. Meanwhile Goku was training and having a ship built to go to planet Namek(where Vegeta landed). Vegeta waited and trained until he got there. Finally when Goku arrives they both see a common enemy, Frieza, the creature that blew up planet Saiyan but when Goku ask for help he says “no, you will die trying this and I'm not helping until you die” therefore he refused the call.

  5. Meeting the mentor • Vegeta grew up as one of Frieza’s minions so in a way that was his mentor at first he was bad but learned the was of good by his comrade Nappa in whom got killed. He eventually met a new mentor, Goku.

  6. Crossing the threshold • He crosses the threshold when Frieza almost kills him and Goku gets mad and turns into a legendary Super Saiyan a super strong super fast and incredible power. Vegeta has to go to the recovery room where he his recovering for a week. Frieza is on his way to blowing up Namek but all of a sudden Vegeta emerges out and goes Super Saiyan and with Super Saiyan Goku they kill Frieza and escape Namek.

  7. The test of allies and enemies • After arriving back Goku and Vegeta know there will be much bigger threats than Frieza to deal with. Also he meets Goku’s friends and wants to be allies with them too.

  8. ordeal • The ordeal is a man named MajinBuu he is the fiercest creature in the universe. He teams up with Goku to beat him and turns Super Saian 3.

  9. The road back • On the road back Vegeta finds himself in a world tournament and competes with Buu incarnate and defeats him for the world championship of Z fighters.

  10. cites I used • http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/29800000/VEGETA-Prince-os-the-Saiyans-dbz-characters-29811403-492-683.jpg

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