each of these books have been recommended by a student in my class n.
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Featured Book of the Week

Featured Book of the Week

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Featured Book of the Week

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  1. Each of these books have been recommended by a student in my class. Featured Book of the Week

  2. Favorite Book of the Week May 11, 2009 If you love fiction books about animals, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this book! This book is about a kid who finds a coyote that he falls in love with. But, his parents don’t think it’s a good idea to have a coyote as a pet. He’s going to have to face a lot of challenges to be able to keep the coyote. You’re going to have to read the book if you want to find out what happens to him and the coyote. Blakely • Coyote Autumn • Bill Wallace

  3. Favorite Book of the Week May 4, 2009 I am reading a fabulous mystery book called Christina’s Ghost. It is about a ghost that appears and disappears. Chris is looking forward to be spending part of the summer with her grandmother while here parents are away. But, her grandmother gets sick so she has to stay with her grumpy uncle Ralph. Read this book to find out why this ghost is visiting Chris. Jordan. • Christina’s Ghost • Betty Ren Wright

  4. Favorite Book of the Week April 30, 2009 We are here to tell you about the book Dead Letter. Well first of all, if you like mystery books then you would probably love this book. Here’s a little bit about the story; Herculeah buys a coat and she feels something in the lining. It’s a piece of paper that says “I don’t what to die. He’s going to kill me. I know it. He’s back! Look inside…” Read the book to find out the rest. But, I just want you to know that it will probably catch your attention in the first two pages. But just in case in doesn’t, give it a little try before you judge the book. Amanda and Ashley • Dead Letter • Betsy Byars

  5. Favorite Book of the Week May 6, 2009 This book is good because it is about a kid that has a mean guardian who is magical. The guardian shrinks them all to 1 inch tall! They have to find out how to get back to original size. If you liked The Series of Unfortunate Events, you might like this book. Brandon • Measle and the Wrathmonk • Written by Ian Ogilvy