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Drug and Alcohol Program Knowledge 2012

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Drug and Alcohol Program Knowledge 2012

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  1. Click the appropriate question # to proceed to the next question 15___________________ 14____________________ 13___________________ 12____________________ 11_________________ 10__________________ _9_________________ _8_______________ _7________________ _6_______________ _5_______________ _4_____________ _3____________ _2____________ _1____________ Drug and Alcohol Program Knowledge2012

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  7. Question #1Which of the following is the appropriate test type for an employee who is returning from a leave of absence of 90 days or more? 50/50 Post-Absence Pre-employment A B Return-to-Duty Follow-Up C D

  8. Question # 2This test type is not authorized under FTA rule. 50/50 Random Pre-employment A B Post Accident Post Mortem C D

  9. Question # 3This person is the gatekeeper of the drug testing process and has the “final answer.” 50/50 BAT SAP A B MRO DER C D

  10. Question #4Heroin is an illegal form of_______. 50/50 THC Amphetamine A B Opiate PCP C D

  11. Question #5Which regulation is applicable to FTA covered employers? 50/50 49 CFR Part 655 49 CFR Part 382 A B 49 CFR Part 40 49 CFR Part 219 C D

  12. Question #6Which of the following acronyms is used for the person that is an advocate for the traveling public? 50/50 BAT TPA A B MRO SAP C D

  13. Question #749 CFR Part 40’s most recent effective date is: 50/50 August 1, 2011 August 1, 2001 A B October 1, 2010 October 1, 2001 C D

  14. Question #8PCP is a _____. Hint Psycho-active Drug Mild Analgesic A B Pain Reliever Depressant C D

  15. Question #9Under FTA rule, how many safety sensitive job categories are there? 50/50 4 7 A B 6 5 C D

  16. Question #10After analyzing a DOT urine specimen, the laboratory can only release results to___. 50/50 The urine collector The MRO A B Your Supervisor Your Mom C D

  17. Question #11Which of the following tests must always be collected using direct observation procedures? 50/50 Return to Duty Random A B Pre-employment All of the above C D

  18. Question #12What percentage of safety-sensitive employees must be in your agency’s random testing pool? 50/50 25% 50% A B 25% 100% C D

  19. Question #13When canceled, these test types must be retaken. 50/50 Random and Post Accident Pre-employment and RTD A B Follow Up and RTD Random and RTD C D

  20. Question #14Safety-sensitive employees are subject to random drug testing __ 50/50 Anytime while on duty 25% of the time A B Weekdays Only Just before or just after work C D

  21. Question #15Under FTA rule, in which circumstance would you be required to remove an employee from safety-sensitive duty? 50/50 If employee refuses B and D A B If the employee takes Rx meds If employee tests positive C D

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