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  1. Ask for Consultation To make an appointment with our Experienced Infertility Specialist Call –  88890 16663 or request an appointment online. Endometriosis

  2. It’s is a painful condition, in which endometrial tissue grow outside the uterus other in pelvic area. On other hand, we can also say that growing of ovaries ,fallopian tube and other tissue in pelvic region is called endometriosis.

  3. Endometrial tissue consists of gland, blood cells, and connective tissue. It normally grows in the uterus, to prepare the lining of the womb for ovulation  Symptoms -  Pain areas: in the lower abdomen, lower back, pelvis, rectum, or vagina  Pain circumstances: can occur during sexual intercourse or while defecating Menstrual: abnormal menstruation, heavy menstruation, irregular menstruation, painful menstruation, or spotting Gastrointestinal: constipation or nausea  Abdominal: abdominal fullness or cramping  Also common:infertility

  4. Infertility:- It means not being able to become pregnant after a year of trying. If a woman can get pregnant but keeps having miscarriages, that's also called infertility.. After one year of having unprotected sex, many of couples are unable to get pregnant. There are certain stages of endometriosis, they are as following:- Stage 1 or minimal: There a few small implants or small wounds or lesions. ... Stage 2 or mild: There are more implants than in stage 1. ... Stage 3 or moderate: There are many deep implants. ... Stage 4 or severe: This is the most widespread.. Treatment for endometriosis is certain harmonal surgery which are done under doctor prescription.

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