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Hormone Levels PowerPoint Presentation
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Hormone Levels

Hormone Levels

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Hormone Levels

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  1. Hormone Levels Can be tested 3 ways blood, saliva and urine tests. Blood is good because it measures the total amount of hormones in the blood. It is bad because it doesn’t show which are active and which aren’t so could cause misdiagnosis Saliva testing is good because it can be done at home and is easy to do. It is bad because it takes a long time to send of the sample and get results back Urine testing is good because it is very accurate but it is bad as it has compliance problems

  2. Brain Neural Activity (EEG) Measures the electronic activity of the brain by using electrodes attached to the scalp. The electrical pulses are know as EEG and show an electrical signal caused by the neurones in the brain EEG is useful because the time resolution is very high. As other methods for researching brain activity have time resolution between seconds and minutes, the EEG has a resolution down to sub-millisecond. It is also good because other methods for exploring functions in the brain rely on blood flow or metabolism which may not have a connection with the brains electric activity. However scalp electrodes are not sensitive enough to pick out individual action potentials, or whether the resulting electrical activity is releasing inhibitory or excitatory neurotransmitters. Also it only picks up the activity of large groups of neurons, instead of an individual neuron