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Sean Yokomoto Andy Yen Brian Middleton Abde Tambawala PowerPoint Presentation
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Sean Yokomoto Andy Yen Brian Middleton Abde Tambawala

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Sean Yokomoto Andy Yen Brian Middleton Abde Tambawala
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Sean Yokomoto Andy Yen Brian Middleton Abde Tambawala

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  1. Developing Innovative Leaders in Education: HTH GSE Sean Yokomoto Andy Yen Brian Middleton AbdeTambawala

  2. HTH GSE Landscape Customers Company 35% of HTH Grads are 1st generation college students Over 30% of HTH alum enter math or science fields Community Ecosystem: 1000 internships, 300 companies Competitors Collaborators Mindshare Non-profit educational organizations focused on classroom & administrative reform Wallet Share Established graduate schools of education & professional development programs Programming No organizations focused specifically on evangelism of project-based learning

  3. SWOT Analysis: Current HTH GSE Offerings

  4. GSE Current Marketing Outreach Info sessions Partnerships Print /Traditional Marketing Digital / Online Marketing • Advertisement on Teach for America website • Teacher credentialing program with UCSD • Bill and Melinda Gates foundation • HTH K-12 schools • On-campus info sessions • Collegial conversations • Panel discussions • Speaker Series • Workshops • GSE website • Facebook page • LSP online program • Bi-annual peer reviewed journal – UNBOXED • GSE publishes in MEd. Journals • NPR Ads Initiative • 700 visitors • 1-2 applicants through Collegial conversations • 25 participants on each workshop • Provides scholarship funds / grants • Employment opportunities for teachers at HTH • 2000 subscribers for UNBOXED • NPR results difficult to track • Website very low traffic • Facebook 206 likes Impact GSE is currently utilizing a common marketing approach to promote multiple programs, limited reach of 5,000 people Current marketing plan does not provide a differentiated Value Proposition

  5. HTH Should Utilize an Innovative Marketing Plan to Differentiate itself from the competitors • Enrollment in Traditional Graduate School of Education Enrollment is Increasing at 6%/year • HTH GSE innovative marketing will help promote the innovative methodologies used in HTH schools • HTH should develop a targeted approach to attract quality candidates to its LSP, TL, and SL programs Innovative  Community Colleges Small Large University Graduate School of Education Traditional Define GSE Value Proposition: GSE is an incubator for progressive educators to create better schools for students and adults.

  6. GSE Focus Area: Spread HTH Innovation Two prospective applicant profiles Teacher Leadership (TL) School Leadership (SL) Leading School Program (LSP) Marketing the GSE program to both of these populations with one campaign and one product offering might be difficult since their motivations are very different.

  7. GSE Top Strategic Priorities Promote progressive teaching and leadership – HTH Methodology Building the HTH Brand Accreditation Financial Sustainability Innovation • GSE’s top priority is to get accredited so it can compete on a level field with rest of MEd. Institutions • GSE is already in the process of getting accredited • It must maintain and develop its core SL/TL program • To maintain phenomenal work at SL/TL programs • Provide scholarships and grants to attract high quality students • Fund innovative projects which is the CORE of HTH • Maintain a leadership role in graduate education GSE must continue to innovate – fund programs and research in the field

  8. GSE Priorities: Implementation Approach The top priorities for GSE are very inter-related • Accreditation: GSE is already in the process (expected to be accredited) by 2015 • GSE should make sure it does not make any changes to its core to affect this • Innovation: • To maintain high level of innovation GSE must attract high quality of Students and Faculty to the SL/TL program • This would require to have funds for Scholarships • Financial Stability: • GSE must maintain a strong revenue stream from profitable programs – online LSP Program

  9. The LSP Program will extend HTH influence globally and promote financial sustainability in the short-term Strategy: • Identify and define educational problems by region • Form diverse cohorts across the US to employ the HTH methodology • Scale program from 40 students to 100 students/cohort • Track and measure teacher effectiveness in their classrooms, schools, share and measure results across districts, states • Provide opportunities for students to promote work and learn best practices from HTH to broader audience 182,500 administrators earned accreditations working full/time 250,000 school district administrators in the US Use Social Media and Collaborative Tools to develop online community

  10. Implementing Social Media will Expand the reach of HTH to underutilized population at a low-cost Attract new and prospective students to HTH methodology Engage the HTH alumni network, community of over 37,000 advocates Allow the HTH leaders to define and reinforce core principles and program offerings

  11. How to use Social Media within HTH Hold a “HTH Facebook Competition” among HTH students in Multimedia Class A student who get the highest number of “Likes”, engages the highest number of users, delivers most creative content will win recognition from teachers and peers

  12. GSE Recruitment • Recruiting Strategy for Core Programs: • Partner with colleges and universities to recruit top undergraduate students • Partner with non profit organizations like Teach For America to channel progressive leaders through HTH programs • Re-define and improve admissions criteria – make admissions process competitive to attract the best talent in the core SL/TL programs • Leverage the HTH founders Larry Rosenstock and Rob Riordan at guest speaker events • The above would require a dedicated person (Director Recruitment and Partnerships) - this role would be a great investment for GSE and HTH. • Some Ideas around securing resources: • Tie ups with business schools and HR programs • Spreading the word by hosting competitions like ELCC 

  13. Scaling the reach of GSE: • Short Term: • Alumni engagement – creating tools and resources to help them stay connected with latest HTH trainings • Mentorship and coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs in education space • Long Term: • HTH consulting services – setup teacher task force to train school districts • HTH Certifications for teachers who have not been through the HTH GSE program • Re-invest in LSP programs to gain more international reach • Gain access to best practices in international education • Recruit thought leaders in education space as Faculty staff

  14. Analogous organizations GSE could learn from: Social Media Marketing: Vanderbilt and Stanford Alumni Engagement: UC Berkeley Inculcate a start-up culture: Incubators: StartX

  15. Build 1-2 years Accelerate 3-6 years Lead / Mentor 6 + years Visionaries (Early Adopters) Conservatives (Late majority) Skeptics (Laggards) Pragmatists (Early majority) Accreditation Consulting Services • Key Takeaways: • GSE success has been proved in early adopter stage • Building the brand and getting recognized is the next step for GSE to continue momentum and cross the “Chasm” • GSE should better leverage social media and alumni • GSE must invest in marketing its LSP Program • Leverage LSP Online program to generate funds for SL/TL program • GSE must also invest in forming partnerships and recruiting top talent into its student and faculty