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集大英语沙龙 第九期

集大英语沙龙 第九期. 购物 May 17 , 2012. At the supermarket. Video of shopping at the supermarket l 常用词汇.

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集大英语沙龙 第九期

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  1. 集大英语沙龙第九期 购物 May 17, 2012

  2. At the supermarket • Video of shopping at the supermarket

  3. 常用词汇 • Strawberry, blueberry, vegetables, broccoli, tomato, vegetarian, mango, garlic, cheese, crackers, snacking, wild, organic, salad, Asian aisle, brown rice, salmon, Pizzeria • This is really yummy!

  4. Check-out 结帐 • Video:

  5. 常用词汇和句型 • 10 items or less • Express lane • Paper or plastic? We brought our own bags. • We have two coupons. • Coupons expired, no longer valid. • Cash or credit? • The total seems high. • Can I see the receipt? You charge twice for the milk.

  6. Shopping at the mall • Buying shoes Buying swimming suits

  7. 常用句型 • 1.询台在门口,你可以去那里问问。The Information desk is at the gate, you can make a request there. • 2 这里有公共厕所吗? Is there a public rest room here? • 3 五楼卖什么? What's on the fifth floor? • 4 男士用品在几层? What floor is the man's shopper? • 5 女装在哪里? Where is the Lady's wear? • 6 请问你们这卖鞋吗? Do you have shoes here? • 7 我在哪可以找到童装? Where can I find children's clothes? • 8 电梯在七层停吗? Did the elevator stop on the seven floor? • 9 请问这里有电梯吗? Is there a lift here please? • 10. 你们这有售后服务吗? Do you have after sell service here? • 11. 我找不到自动扶梯。 I can't find the escalators. • 12.你们的营业时间是什么时候? What's your hours? • 13.周末你们营业吗? Are you open on weekends?

  8. At the information desk 在问询处 • M: what can i do for you? • W: I’m sorry, but this is the first time I ever come here, so i don't really know my way around your store. • M: What are you looking for? Maybe I can point you in the right direction. • W: I'd like to buy some lady's wears. • M: That would be on the second floor, right on the top of escalator, directly in front of you as you get off, you will see lady's casual wear, right there, and off to the left is lady's formal wear. • W: Oh, thank you , by the way, do you have after sell service here?M: Of course, if you have some wrong with your purchase, just bring it back in 30 days for exchange or for refund. Is anything else that I can help you with? • W: no ,thank you , you've been most helpful. • M: I hope you enjoy yourself.

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