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Identify A Slab Leak PowerPoint Presentation
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Identify A Slab Leak

Identify A Slab Leak

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Identify A Slab Leak

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  1. In-House Plumbing Company IntroducingSlab Leak Testing

  2. Dealing With A Slab Leak Issue 1 2 Identify A Slab Leak Locate Your Water Leak

  3. 1 Identifying A Slab Leak

  4. Potential Slab Leak Issues In House Plumbing Company starts by going to the sewer clean out area and placing a rubber inflatable test ball attached to an air hose. The sewer clean out area is typically located just outside the home. The rubber test ball will be filled up with air to block out any water from escaping during our test. Once the test ball is filled with air we turn on the water from all over the home such as the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, tub and anywhere else water usage is used within the home. Ultimately what this allows us to do is have the water flow directly to the sewer clean out area and reach our test ball that is blocking the exit.

  5. 2 Locating The Water Leak

  6. Water Leak Detection If there is a decline in water then we begin the process called sewer leak isolation or water leak detection. We begin to break down the system and isolate where the leak is coming from by running more tests in different locations with different sized test balls. During this process we turn off the sprinkler system and overall water supply from the house. Once we have detected the leak we can begin tunneling and fixing it. Our digging on average is 3 feet by 3 feet hole under the concrete slab. We also check to see if it is coming from the hot water or cold water lines. Once we have identified the water leak and fixed it we run the test again to confirm there are no other leaks happening through your sewer pipes.

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  8. AccessAnywhere At In-House Plumbing Company we separate ourselves from the competition because do not rely on sewer cameras to locate any slab leaks. The image that is projected from the video can be very misleading and provide a false location for the leak. We focus on the sewer lines that run underneath the concrete slab. This allows us to run our test through the pipes and find out if there is a water leak somewhere within your home. We work to make sure we are accurate in our discovery and using a camera to identify a leak leaves it too open for mistakes.

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