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LazBro, Inc. A full service digital marketing agency PowerPoint Presentation
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LazBro, Inc. A full service digital marketing agency

LazBro, Inc. A full service digital marketing agency

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LazBro, Inc. A full service digital marketing agency

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  1. LazBro, Inc. A full service digital marketing agency (Pronounced Chew-WOW!)


  3. About LazBro, Inc. • LazBro, Inc. is a full service digital marketing agency • We offer a complete suite of creative, web & mobile development, production, public relations and media and social media solutions • We have extensive experience in both branding and direct response • “Big Agency” experience, “Boutique Agency” execution • Exemplary service, up-to-date strategic thinking, and a complete understanding of the marketing ecosystem • Offices in Los Angeles, London and Johannesburg • Deep involvement in our industry – we make it our business to know everyone and build strong relationships with our partners • The principals each haveover 15 years each of digital & mobile marketing experience

  4. A Few Of Our Clients

  5. Audience: Overview

  6. Audience: Technology

  7. Brand Platform • Artisan • “An artisan is a person engaged in or occupied by the practice of a craft, who may through experience and talent reach the expressive levels of an artist using their hands, mind and heart in their work and what they create.” • All Natural • Modern • Do we speak to these effectively in our consumer touch-points? • Does the consumer know this after they visit the site? • How do we get this message across?

  8. “Chuao” Evokes… • We want to arouse their senses • Lust/ Covet/ Desire • Permission to indulge • Fun (culinary adventure) • We want them to feel like Chuao matches their values (all natural, ethically sourced, GMO free, etc.) • In marketing arousing the senses requires images of peoples’ senses being aroused in order to make the connection • Humans respond to humans. With this in mind… • Do we speak to these effectively? • Does the consumer know this after they visit the site? • How do we get this message across?

  9. “Chuao” Is… • All natural • Ethically sourced cacao • (Locally) Handcrafted • Premium/ Gourmet • What part of the website, associations, consumer touch-points informs our consumers of this? • Do we speak to these effectively? • Does the consumer know this after they visit the site? • How do we get this message across?

  10. “Chuao” Issues… • Seasonality • Product segmentation • Lack of brand awareness • Does our marketing tell the story effectively? • Attrition • Do we re-engage with consumers effectively? • Shipping costs due to perishable products and heat sensitivity • Seasonal products • Does our marketing follow the seasonal nature of the business? • Lack of resources (human and financial) • What is the cost of NOT investing? • Lack of “experts” in key roles • Relax. We’ve Got This.

  11. “Chuao” Issues… • Lack of market penetration • Focus our message • Target our consumers • Test and Learn • Reduced number of facings in stores (makes it hard to find us) • Are we involving our consumers? • High costs result in high price point • Premium is aspirational • Difficult name to remember & pronounce • Time to educate and assist our consumers • Misconception that mass premium and true premium are the same. Hence, difficult for customer to reason why to spend double on Chuao that they would on Lindt. • Time to educate and assist our consumers

  12. “Chuao” Website • Design • Do our “first foot forward” showcase effectively impart our brand positioning, message and seasonal products? • Are pop-ups effective or annoying to a first time visitor? What do we want the first experience with our brand to be? • Calls to action • Hard to find, non-existent • Navigation • Overwhelming with non-existent feedback value • Do we make it easy for people to find what we WANT them to find? (Retail locations, seasonal products etc) • Seasonal push • Are we using our spotlights to push the right products? • Consumer focus • Are we teaching our consumers correctly? • Engagement • What on the site keeps people coming back or engaged for more than 10 seconds?

  13. Ecommerce: Overview

  14. Ecommerce: Revenue by Product

  15. Conversions: Days to Transactions

  16. Engagement: Visit Duration

  17. “Chuao” Social • Response time • Are we engaging with consumers and “teaching” them what they need to know? • Posting schedule • Consistency and reliability are key! Are we there yet? • Engagement • What do we do to involve the fans? • Contest promotion • Are we promoting our promotions? • Analytics • Do we know how well our social environments are doing?

  18. “Chuao” Seasonality • Winter – eCommerce • Summer – Branding/Retailer • Product segmentation

  19. Where To Start • Identify goals and KPI’s – time on site, engagement, traffic, sales, repins, friends, emails/database, transactions • Fill in the gaps and guide the consumers through the website • KISS principle – navigation and CTA’s need to be intuitive, easily accessible and bold • Appeal to the senses – connect humans to humans • Engage consumers – email, social, retargeting, search, comments, recipes • Educate our consumers • Brand Position and Platform • Name pronunciation • Where to find • Who we really are and where we come from • How to make Chuao part of a lifestyle • Identify a budget and invest in the brand • Work the seasons and push the right products

  20. 4 E’s Reporting & KPI’s

  21. Sample Plan

  22. Thank You For more information: Jennifer Lazarus tel: 310.279.5080 Relax. We’ve got this.®