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Jan–March 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Jan–March 2007

Jan–March 2007

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Jan–March 2007

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  1. Jan–March 2007 VOL 9, NO.1 FREE STATE BRANCH NEWSLETTER FREE STATE LIBRARY WEEK CELEBRATIONS 2007 FREE STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION The Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) declared the period 19-23 March 2007 South African Library Week with the theme "Libraries: your key to the future". During this week libraries across the country, namely public and community, school, academic, special, corporate libraries and resource centers, celebrate and promote their services. The week also coincided with the celebration of Human Rights Day in South Africa on 21 March 2007. The highlights of the celebrations include the role that libraries play in a democratic society in advancing literacy and promoting freedom of access to information as a basic human right. The Free State Department of Education’s Sub-Directorate ELITS had presented a prestigious function to celebrate SA Library Week. The occasion in the Free State was graced by the presence of the MEC for Education, M.A Tsopo, on 23 March 2007 at Motheo Education Resource Centre in Bloemfontein. In her keynote address, the MEC for Education congratulated LIASA for taking the initiative in creating awareness among all South Africans about the importance of libraries, reading and information services for nation building. She acknowledged the stakeholders from the Department of Sports Arts and Culture, Higher Education Institutions and representatives from public libraries as members of LIASA who came to join hands with the Free State Department of Education in fighting illiteracy in all its forms and at all levels in communities around the Province. She also emphasized the critical role that libraries play in laying the foundation for independent and lifelong learning as advocated by the curriculum. Ms M.A. Tsopo (MEC of Education Mr. Mafu Rakometsi (HOD Education)

  2. EDITORIAL As the winners of the Annual Presidents Award 2006 the LIASA Free State Branch has to remain their status as the most deserving Branch during 2007. Congratulations and well done to all the LIASA members and institutions with your participation during South African Library Week, 2007 As Editor of the Newsletter I had the privilege to attend the prestigious Library Week celebrations presented by the Education Department. Unfortunately I missed the dress code of the function and arrived at the last minute in my stretch jeans and waistrcoat. I could hear the whispering: The Press is here at last! The registration officials were very helpful to direct me and when I entered the hall Rasby Ramagondo was saying: No this is only Elmari Kruger! Then I realized that everybody in the hall was dressed to kill: men with suits and tie and the ladies with evening wear or traditional clothing. Instinctively my hands looked for my small camera in my handbag and I started to take photographs. All the groups were producing smiles and posed at their displays and by the time the MEC arrived I was comfortable in my dress code and position. It was an excellent function and the marketing of LIASA, libraries, education, reading, literacy and books were successfully done. You can also read in this edition what the other institutions did during Library Week: e.g. an official opening of a library; a march; celebration of research and published works; displays and activities. Due date for next edition: 15 July 2007. Elmari Kruger Editor & PRO: LIASA FS Tel: 051-4072802 Adjudicators at Provincial level Ms Andiswa Poni and Me Marie Dixon discussing the results. Library display competitions preceded this prestigious event at schools in the five districts in the weeks before Library Week. The purpose of the display competition was to encourage teachers to understand the importance of marketing their school libraries to the relevant school communities. Through displays teachers should have promoted Library Week’s message of: “Libraries: your key to the future”. In each district three winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd places) were chosen, the winner in each district was invited to compete against each other in the final stage of the display competition. The winning displays were set up in the hall of the Motheo ERC in Bloemfontein where the overall winners were announced. E-Education Directorate gave a token of appreciation to Morake Morake, a learner from Tsweking Pele Intermediate School for his presentation in the form of a Woolworths voucher. LIBRARY DISPLAY COMPETITIONS Annelie Colmer & Mari de Wet Nola Montgomery Physical Layout Proof Reading

  3. ORGANIZERS OF THE FUNCTION The Education Library video, produced to market and promotes the services of the library to all employees of the Education Department of the Free State, was launched. Ms Erna Mostert with her attractive display of new available material in the Education Library Me Rasby Ramugondo Me Erna Mostert Me Xandile Gxwati PRIZES FOR WINNERS ALL THE WINNERS RECEIVED : Sponsorship to attend the School Library and Resource Centers satellite meeting and LIASA AGM to be held from 17 to 18 August 2007 prior to the IFLA Conference starting from 19-23 August 2007, Durban, South Africa @.R3000.00 for accommodation, transport and meals. One year membership subscription to LIASA valued @ R210 for the teacher-librarian. 1ST Prize winner received additional: A computer for the school Library (MS Office Pro. Included). 2nd Prize winner received additional: A current encyclopedia set for the school library. 1ST PRIZE Thabo Mofutsanyana District Pulamadiboho Primary School

  4. 2ND PRIZE Fezile Dabi: Seeisoville Primary School 3RD PRIZE Lejweleputswa District Reitzpark Primary School, Welkom Motheo District winner: Nkhothatseng Intermediate School Xhariep District winner: Zastron Public School

  5. LIBRARY WEEK 2007: CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (CUT) From the left are Messrs Dennis Umesiobi, senior lecturer: Agriculture, Moosa Sedibe, lecturer: Agriculture, Ms Desere Kokt, lecturer: School for Entrepreneurship and Business Development, and Prof. Laetus Lategan, dean: Research and Development. The LIC Library Week Steering Committee in collaboration with the Office for Research and Development acknowledged and paid tribute to the dedication and tireless efforts of CUT staff who made significant contributions to advancement and knowledge creation through their publications. It was hoped that the event would also motivate others to develop more interest in this enterprise and thereby enrich research output of the university. In recognizing these works, the LIC renewed its commitment to serve as a platform to access more recent sources of information on the research frontier and provide the necessary expertise to tap such information, in partnership with academics. Besides the event to commemorate publication output of the university a variety of activities took place at the CUT’s Library and Information Centre throughout the week: 19 March 07 – Career survival tips: Ms Maritha Spies Careers Officer at CUT 19-23 March 07 – FINE FREE WEEK 19-23 March 07 – Exhibitions: LIC Staff As part of South African Library Week, the Central University of Technology, Free State’s (CUT) Library and Information Centre and the Office for Research and Development joined forces to celebrate research and published works of staff members at the CUT at an event organized in the Arts Gallery on 19th March 2007. It is on record that in 2006, forty-two articles were published by CUT staff in accredited journals and many more appeared in other publications including proceedings of conferences. Seventeen articles were published in international accredited journals. Mr Abel Motheane surrounded by a group of students. Mr Juliano Kabamba, Senior Director: Library and Information Centre, Prof Driekie Hay, Dean: Academic Development Unit, Prof Talvin Schultz, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic, and Prof. Laetus Lategan, Dean: Research and Development present at the official launch

  6. South Africa Library Week 2007: Official Media statement The Minister of Arts and Culture, Dr Pallo Jordan referred to libraries as “universities of the poor” because they bring within the reach of all, the wonder contained in books and other media.  Libraries are facilities where all can receive materials to bolster their education and lifelong learning, develop critical thinking skills that come from reading and open their minds to knowledge about their country, about Africa and the rest of the world.   These “universities”, especially in the form of public and community libraries, are indeed the key to the future, and should be free to all. The Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) has declared 19 March to 23 March 2007, South African Library Week.  During this week stakeholders will celebrate and promote library and information services throughout South Africa with the theme:  “Libraries:  your key to the future“ It has become tradition to launch theWeek in a different province of the country highlighting the role that libraries play in a democratic society, advancing literacy and making the basic human right of freedom of access to information a reality.  During this period The Libraries and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) aims to make all South Africans aware that libraries contribute to nation - building and improving the quality of life of all who use them. In 2007 the LIASA Gauteng North Branch hosted the National Launch of South African Library Week at the Saulsville Community Library in Atteridgeville, Tshwane on Saturday 17 March 2007. The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Pallo Jordan, the Minister of Arts and Culture.  Local launch events and celebrations took place across the country. SA Library Week 2007 celebrated the founding principles of libraries, that they be the repositories of knowledge for future generations while at the same time making that knowledge accessible to all who need it.   This theme will be supported by a range of sponsored posters and promotional materials highlighting reading, information and libraries.  Posters were distributed to libraries and information services throughout the country to raise awareness and encourage all communities to participate in this important week. LIASA, through its diverse membership, is driving the process to make S A Library Week a celebration of the country’s intellectual and literary heritage.  The Week is an important date on the national library calendar when all types of libraries across the country use it as an opportunity to market their services to their users, the broader community, civil society and decision makers.  These efforts would hopefully contribute to the understanding of the important role that libraries play in a democratic society by making their services available to the most marginalised in our society, for example, the illiterate, the disabled, people in under-resourced rural areas, etc.

  7. SPEECH OF FS LIASA CHAIR DORA ACKERMAN AT LIBRARY WEEK CELEBRATIONS LIASA has initiated a drive to have South African Library Week recognized by government as a commemorative period on par with Water Week etc. when all types of libraries across the country use it as an opportunity to market their services to their users, the broader community, civil society and decision makers. It is hoped that these efforts would contribute to the understanding of the important role that libraries play in a democratic society, advancing literacy, making the basic human right of freedom of access to information a reality, and inculcating tolerance and respect among all South Africans. During this period we aim to make all South Africans aware that libraries contribute to nation building and improve the quality of life of all who use them. Dora Ackerman Free State Liasa Chair The customary celebration of library week exists in many countries. Such a tradition has been celebrated for some years in South Africa, mainly in the public library sector and spearheaded by the various Provincial Library Services. It has become customary to celebrate this during the last two weeks of May. However, it is LIASA’s vision to celebrate a truly national Library Week, one that will embrace all types of libraries and all kinds of users and potential users. To achieve this, LIASA will spearhead all campaigns in its branches in all nine provinces and decide on the annual theme and slogan for the week. After extensive consultation with the membership the following proposal was accepted: That the week within which 20 March falls should be national Library Week. In the event of this day falling within a weekend, preceding it should be celebrated as national Library Week. The motivation was based on research into the history of libraries in South Africa: The South African Public Library, now known as the National Library of South Africa (Cape Town) was the first library to be established in South Africa. This was done by a government proclamation on 20 March 1818. The South African Library in fact started off as a true public library and has established itself as a pioneering institution in South African library history. Furthermore, it is fortuitous that we celebrate Human Rights Day on 21 March, given that our Bill of Rights recognises the freedom of access to information as a basic human right. We will be able to link an important historical event with a crucial date in our new democracy. This proposal was strongly supported by the then Department of Arts, Culture Science and Technology, who further proposed that the Week be renamed South African Library Week. The announcements of the dates and slogan for the Week were widely publicised in November 2001. Letters were sent to the Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, the national Department of Education as well as the MEC’s of the nine provinces responsible for libraries. All warmly welcomed the initiative and letters

  8. of support were received from the recipients. South African Library Week 2002 During 18 to 23 March 2002 LIASA organized a very successful South African Library Week that was celebrated in all types of libraries nationwide with the slogan “Free your mind-Read!” with the national launch event that took place at the Jerry Moloi Community Library in Etwatwa (Daveyton) on 16 March 2002. South African Library Week 2003 LIASA declared 17 to 22 March 2003 South African Library Week with the chosen theme: "Your Right to Read". The national launch event took place in Kuruman, Northern Cape on 15 March 2003. South African Library Week 2004 In 2004 the theme was “1994-2004: Libraries in a Decade of Democracy”. The national launch event took place at the Central Library at the City Hall, in Cape Town. In celebration of the theme, library workers across South Africa were asked to identify the top ten South African books published during this decade that focused on issues of democracy or contributed to the consolidation of our new democracy. South African Library Week 2005 In 2005 South African Library Week was celebrated with the theme Libraries: opening the doors of learning and culture to all. The national launch event took place in Kliptown, Soweto, in the co-celebration of the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Freedom Charter. The Freedom Charter was signed in Kliptown. South African Library Week 2006 SA Library Week 2006 was celebrated during 13 - 18 March 2006 with the theme: "Libraries: partners in learning, nation building and development." The LIASA Free State Branch won the bid to host the national launch which took place in Phuthaditjhaba, (“Meeting place of the Nations”) on Saturday, 11 March 2006 at the R.J.R. Masiea Public Library. At the same event the R.J.R. Masiea Public Library was declared an Official Publication Depository. South African Library Week 2007 This year LIASA declared 19-23 March 2007 as South African Library Week with the theme: "Libraries: your key to the future." The launch took place last Saturday at the Saulsville Community Library in Atteridgeville, Tshwane. The theme is in line with the theme for the IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2007 which will take place in Durban, South Africa from 19-23 August 2007, namely: "Libraries for the future: Progress, Development and Partnerships". The United States Embassy participated in the official launch of South African Library Week. The Acting Country Public Affairs Officer Mark M. Schlachter announced the names of the five South African librarians who will receive U.S. Embassy sponsorship (in partnership with LIASA) to attend the IFLA WLIC 2007 conference in Durban. Two members of the Free State Branch received grants to attend this conference all expenses paid. They are:Ms. Erna Mostert, Principal Librarian in charge of the Education Library, Free State Department of Education; andMs. Renette Bam, Coordinator: Community Libraries, Mangaung Local Municipality The other grants are: IFLA grant - registration fees closing date - 31 March 2007 DAC grant closing date - 20 April 2007 SABINET grant - 30 April 2007 - for SABINET clients only. Letters will be sent to the Institutions and invite their members to apply. As LIASA we can not participate in South African Library Week without acknowledging our partners: The Free State Department of Education The Free State Department Sport, Arts & Culture

  9. The Free State Provincial Library and Information Services All libraries and information services that celebrated SA Library Week throughout the Free State this week. Within LIASA’s own ranks I would like to acknowledge the following groups: The LIASA Free State Branch Committee;the School Libraries & Youth Services Interest Group & the Public and Community Libraries Interest Group. As Minister of Arts and Culture, Dr Pallo Jordan recently said at the opening of the Mbuzini Community Library at the Samora Machel Monument in Mpumalanga that libraries have been called • The “universities of the poor” because • they bring within reach of all, the • wonder contained in books. • As South African Library Week 2007 draws to a close I would like to challenge everyone present today to take ownership of the proverbial keys to your library to ensure that come South African Library Week 2008 all the libraries in the Free State will still be in existence with perhaps a few new ones added. • Therefore, let us all take hands in celebration of Libraries: our key to the future! MLM (Mangaung Local Municipality) LIBRARY WEEK: TREVOR BARLOW & MANGAUNG PUBLIC LIBRARIES Trevor Barlow and Mangaung Public Libraries organized a Library Awareness walk during Library Week. Companies sponsored caps, banners, posters, transport and refreshments for participants. Two hundred learners participated in a Library awareness walk. Thelearners were transported from the different schools to the TrainStation by interstate bus lines. The walk started off at the train station and the learners walked fromthere down Maitland Street and it ended at the Afrikaanse LiteratureMuseum where the learners handed a "big envelope" to Counsellor Mokotjofrom MLM. The contents of the envelope were positive letters and messages from the community of Mangaung about Libraries and about reading. Elizabeth Francis and colleagues

  10. Library Week Banner that was used during the walk. Nobody could miss that MLM are celebrating LIBRARY WEEK! Ronel Jacobs addressed all the learners that took part in the Library Awareness Walk SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY WEEK 2007: FET SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY WEEK ~ 2007 At the Resource Centre of the Motheo FET College, Bloemfontein, Library Week was celebrated as follows: Monday 19 March = Students received free posters from magazines Tuesday 20 March = Bloemfontein Centre’s library gave away free books which had been received as donations Thursday 22 March = Library visitors received snacks Ms Rhonda Bezuidenhout Librarian After the handing over of the envelope the Short Story WritingCompetition was launched for the grade 7's. The learners are to writea short autobiography and it will be published by Penguin Books.

  11. MLM LIBRARY WEEK: AT BAINSVLEI PUBLIC LIBRARY LIBRARIES THE KEY TO YOUR FUTURE The aim was to promote the use of the library, especially the Reference Section, by conducting a Library Treasure Hunt. In a playful, but competition based way the correct use of Ready Reference Works: Key1: Atlas, Key 2: Dictionary Key 3: Encyclopedia, as well as the general layout of the library would be introduced. Therefore 10 children, divided into two groups (Survivor theme tribe names and slogans with the word Library in it could be chosen). Each team member would receive a blue or red bandana to identify the team. We could reach at least 60 children between grade 4 and 6. Each participant would receive a lollipop as appreciation. The winning team of each group of ten children would receive a Winners Certificate as well as a holiday workbook. The winning team for the week would each receive a children’s non-fiction book as gift, donated by Fascinations book store. We contacted the headmaster, Mr. Tebogo from Bainsvlei combined school in the first week in March, to arrange transport and to make sure the children would be able to come. We even suggested that we will bring the whole competition as well as the Reference works displays to the school. We Were assured by the headmaster all was well, he and the librarian of the school would Bring 20 children a day to participate in the events. Unfortunately, after numerous phone calls, and attempts none of the children came. We were very disappointed. The second competition did turn out better. As it was fine free week as well, users was ask to bring back all outstanding and long overdue or lost books with amnesty in place at both Bainsvlei and Fichardtpark Libraries. They could also win some great prizes in three categories: The longest overdue, the most books brought back and a lucky draw. Here we had three winners: A.M. Jooste for the most books back, M van Rooyen for the longest overdue, and Scholtz, in the lucky draw. Pizza Italia donated two large pizzas, Mochachos Langenhovenpark donated two burgers, and Fascinations again donated four books. Displays were also made to celebrate library week. Libraries the key to your future Dictionaries Encyclopedias Atlases Social Problems today Me Carien Niewoudt Bainsvlei Librarian

  12. MLM (Mangaung Local Municipality) CELEBRATE LIBRARY WEEK LIBRARY WEEK AT FICHARDT PARK LIBRARY 1. Career Guidance Workshop Mrs. Maritha Spies from the Central University of Technology in cooperation with Fichardtpark Library presented a workshop on Career planning during Library Week. This was a practical workshop with focus on the Curriculum Vitae and successful Job interviews. On the photo: Mrs. Spies with learners from Rosenhof School whom attended this workshop STORY HOUR AND PUPPET SHOW AT FICHARDT PARK LIBRARY Library Week Displays at Fichardt Park Library Library Week Competition at Fichardt Park Library To motivate patrons of the library to bring back all the lost and overdue books to the library a competition was launched. The patron who brought back the most books could win a prize. The prizes were sponsored by: ‘Ocean Basket (Free meal tickets) and Fascination Books (Free books) and Cambridge University Press sponsored book, pens and bags. One of the winners is: Mrs. Hattingh

  13. SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY WEEK CELEBRATED BY FREE STATE PROVINCIAL LIBRARY & ARCHIVE SERVICES During the week of 19 - 23 March 2007 157 Free State public libraries and depots were beehives of humming activities! The focus was on the South Africa Library Week theme,Libraries: your key to a better future. During February and March, public libraries and depots received a promotional package from the Free State Provincial Library and Archive Service (FSPLAS). This package contained materials that enabled library workers to conduct a Library Treasure Hunt for children aged 10 - 14 years. The aim of the Treasure Hunt was to teach children, in a playful way how to properly  use reference works like dictionaries, atlases and encyclopedias, thus providing children with a KEY to effective further study and a better future.   The Library Treasure Hunt was based on aspects of the Survivor television series and, judged on numerous photographic images received, it resulted in many a joyful moment in libraries across the Free State Province. The Library Treasure Hunt was competition based and two tribes participated against each other. Libraries could also participate in competitions by sending in their Best Tribe Name and Best Tribe Slogan. Apart from the reference activities, the children’s creativeness was also put to the test: Treasure Hunt: each “tribe” had to create five book marks with basic materials provided and write a poem on the theme of Library Week. The book marks, poems and a photo of a reference book display made by each library could be sent in for a competition. THE OFFICIAL OPENING OF QALABOTJHA PUBLIC LIBRARY The FSPLAS presented its main SA Library Week event at the Qalabotjha Public Library in Villiers. The new Library was officially opened by the HOD: Sport, Arts and Culture, Me R. Sempe on 20 March 2007 Me Zingi Maneli (Manager: Prof Support Services); Me Senatle (Executive Manager: Arts, Culture and Information Services) & Me Elmari Kruger (AM CLS Motheo District Library)

  14. Through South Africa Library Week initiative, the Free State Provincial Library & Archive Service reached a total of 6 280 children. Children who are empowered with knowledge of reference works, thus providing them with a key to a better future! This week of library-related activities co-incided with the official opening of the brand-new Qalabotjha Public Library in Villiers. Young and old participated enthusiastically in the Library Week Programme. A week of interesting library-related activities were presented. A morning programme for adults and an afternoon programme for the younger generation. Activities included a guided tour through the library, registration of new library members, an introduction to the toy library, basic computer orientation and … a library treasure hunt! The tour through the library also introduced all the services available e g Government Information Service (GIS), Community Information Service (GIS), Business Information Service (BIS), Newspapers & Magazines, Study Section, Computer Room, Reference Section, Toy Library and lending section. ACTIVITIES AT QALABOTJA LIBRARY David Ngcepe (FSPLIS) conducting the Library Treasure Hunt –learners of the Retshedisitswe High School creating Library Week book marks. Jimmy Peacock (Smile Education) and children of Qalabotjha discover the joys hidden in every toy during South Africa Library Week 2007!