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Development Corporation, Inc.

KAIROS. Development Corporation, Inc. Executing Purpose, Pursuing Excellence. Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2006 - 2008. 1. July 30, 2005 Dear Partners, Friends and Constituents:

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Development Corporation, Inc.

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  1. KAIROS Development Corporation, Inc. Executing Purpose, Pursuing Excellence Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2006 - 2008 1

  2. July 30, 2005 Dear Partners, Friends and Constituents: On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff of Kairos Development Corporation, Inc. (Kairos), we are pleased to present the organization’s Strategic Plan for 2006-2008 (Plan). The goals and strategies of the Plan focus on the theme of “executing purpose and pursuing excellence.” In summary, our Plan for the next three years is to establish a stronger foundation of organizational ethics and accountability and become more purpose-driven and visible as we serve Camp Springs and surrounding communities of Prince George’s County, Maryland. This Plan is the result of a comprehensive effort that began in 2002 with extensive strategic planning and review in the preparation of Kairos’ Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations (MANO) Standards for Excellence application; which Kairos was awarded in November 2004. The strategic planning continued with an exhaustive organizational analysis of our present infrastructure along with a purpose-driven formulation of future plans and endeavors. Although this Strategic Plan will guide Kairos’ work over the next three years, it is a working document that will be monitored and modified as organizational or environmental conditions may change. We thank the Board of Directors and Staff for their hard work and proudly present the Kairos Strategic Plan. We invite your comments and suggestions in response to the Plan. Sincerely, David Dawson Billy R. Cogman David Dawson Billy Cogman President, Board of Directors Executive Director From the Board and Executive Staff 2

  3. TABLE OF CONTENTS • Vision Statement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 • Mission Statement . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 • Organizational Principles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 • Organization History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-6 • Strategic Focus During Fiscal Year 2005 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 • Goals and Strategies for Fiscal Year 2006-2008 • - Kairos Development Corporation, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8-9 • Camp Springs and Surrounding Communities in • Prince George’s County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-10 • Board of Directors and Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 • APPENDIX • Strategic Plan Matrix • Strategic Plan Monitoring Tool Table of Contents 3 1

  4. VISION STATEMENT “Empowering People—Building Communities.” Kairos will leverage its resources and collaboratively work to fulfill dreams and create self-sustaining families and individuals, and vibrant and livable communities. MISSION STATEMENT The Kairos Development Corporation’s compassionate mission is to aid the underprivileged and prevent community deterioration by providing integrated quality housing, education, training and empowerment programs in Camp Springs and surrounding communities in Prince George’s County, Maryland. • ORGANIZATIONAL PRINCIPLES • K – Knowledge is POWER! • A – Attitude to Succeed • I – Integrity Always • R – Recognize Opportunities, Strengths, Weaknesses • O – Organize for Positive Results • S – Serve Community Needs • THE “KAIROS” NAME • KAIROS: “God’s Time” • Like chronos, Kairos means “time,” but is not measured on the clock or calendar schedule. • - Kairos is a particular time that invades our moments and days: the right time, God’s Time. Vision nMission nPrinciples 4

  5. OUR HISTORY 1968: Pastor Kerry A. Hill’s father, Pastor Emeritus William Hill, started the New Chapel Baptist Church (NCBC) on Fendale Street, Washington, District of Columbia. Pastor Emeritus Hill wanted to develop NCBC along with addressing the community’s needs. NCBC continued to grow as well as Pastor Hill continued to follow the call his father started. 1994: Pastor Hill attended seminary and participated in an intensive study for Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and did extensive research in this area. He had the opportunity to go with others around the country and visit highly successful CDCs doing various types of community development work. Pastor Hill’s doctoral thesis was the creation of a CDC; hence, the birth of Kairos! 1996: Kairos organization was becoming a reality for the NCBC and was starting to form with assistance from NCBC members. 1997: Kairos is incorporated as an organization and applied and received its tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. Deacon Wiley Jones was the first Board President, Linda Thompson was the Treasurer, Deacon Sylvester Garvin was the Vice President and Dorothy Russell was the Secretary. In 1997, the organization focus was to develop housing for its community. The first CHDO (Community Housing Development Organization) application was received from Prince Georges County; it was not submitted at this time for approval. 1998: Youth Empowerment Program from NCBC was established with financial literacy workshops. Kairos and NCBC collaborated on this effort. 1999: “POWER Friday Night” was initiated and was the brainchild of Delvia Waddy. POWER is Positive Outreach With Effective Results. A committee was formed to work on this new venture; again this was done in collaboration with Kairos and NCBC. 2000: NCBC Empowerment Centerplans start development. The goal was to have Kairos become the project manager for the Empowerment Center development. Organizational History 5

  6. 2001: This proved to be a very busy year for Kairos. A new Board was formed; the current Executive Director, Billy Cogman came on-board; a strategic relationship between Kairos and McAuley Institute was established providing grant writing and technical assistance; the State of Maryland provided a $150,000 grant for the first Kairos housing project; financial statements were being generated for the first time; Pastor Hill, as a State Delegate, was establishing community alliances, but decided to forgo his sterling political career to serve God and community; David Dawson had been a personal advisor to Delegate [Pastor] Hill. 2002: With Kairos as the project manager, the Empowerment Center construction began; the Community Development Officer, Harold Davis joined the Kairos staff. Strategic planning starts with creation of core, integrated programs: housing, before and after school, training and empowerment programs. Kairos acquired and rehabed a dollar HUD-home for a first-time homeowner. Purchased first three affordable housing properties - the goal is for those families to have the opportunity to move into future housing Kairos will develop. Pastor Hill, Billy Cogman and Harold Davis briefed, over a three-month period, 20 potential partners that included federal, state, and local officials. This activity allowed Kairos to expand strategic partners and develop business collaborations. Audited financial statements start. 2003: Prince Georges County awarded Kairos the Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) certification. The certification allowed the organization to take advantage of federal HOME Investment Partnership development funds and CHDO capacity building technical assistance. Kairos collaborated with another faith-based program called “Warm Nights”. Kairos provided shelter, clothing and food for the homeless for one week and plans to participate annually. Kairos, with a for-profit developer partner, was the selected developer of the Branch Avenue Metro Station Development Project – a proposed $240 million mixed-use project build-out. The first small, minority and women-owned business (MBE) seminars were started. M & T Bank awarded Kairos with $40,000 to conduct the MBE seminars. Revised POWER Friday Night program commenced. Created strategic alliance with Crossland High School for youth job training in the culinary arts. Kairos submits application for the MANO Organization of Excellence certification (less than 60 of the 20,000 nonprofits in the State has the award) 2004: Kairos receives the MANO Organization of Excellence certification. Rev, Dr. Hill was recognized as Community Leader of the Year. Kairos became a Homebuying Counseling Agency. Kairos entered into a MOU with Fannie Mae to assist in its homebuyer workshops; Kairos provided initial First-Time Homeownership Education Training. Associated Black Charities awarded a grant for the Executive Director to attend the College of Notre Dame, Maryland, non-profit Executive Leadership Management series. To assist the affordable housing population, Kairos purchased four single family-homes and a 10-unit apartment building. With its developer partners, selected to develop 29-acre County-owned site into 6

  7. 2004: (continued) 74 neotraditional single-family homes. In October, the Board conducted its first annual retreat and strategic planning session. For 2005, several projects are planned and those were captured on the timeline – Empower the homeless women under a two-year holistic program, from poverty to self sufficiency; considering another workforce development program with Prince Georges County; partnering with an individual landowner to build a mixed-use development near a metro site; establish an office for Kairos on NCBC grounds; partner with Bank of America as co-developer for a senior citizen complex consisting of 145 units on Kairos-owned property; pursuing site purchase (across from NCBC) to subdivide and redevelop into six to eight single family homes - families in the homebuyer program and currently living in Kairos rental units will have the opportunity to transition into the new housing. FISCAL YEAR 2005 • Consistent with the longstanding mission statement of the organization, Kairos’ overall objectives during FY 2005 were: • To continue to meet the housing needs of low to moderate-income populations. • To formalize and expand the development and operation of the community empowerment center offering socioeconomic programs for local residents. • To continue to partner with difference sectors, including but not limited to corporations, faith-based organizations, government agencies, schools and service providers. • To become financially self-sufficient in operations and program services. Strategic Focus During Fiscal Year 2005 7

  8. SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations (MANO) certification, 2004. Of the 22,000 nonprofits in Maryland, less than 100 has this certification. • Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) nonprofit housing developer certification in 2003. Qualifies for federal, state and local financial support for housing development. • First Board Retreat and Strategic Planning Session in 2004. • Designated a Homebuying Counseling Agency in 2004. Over 100 trained on the homownership process; assisted over 12 to become homeowners. Fannie Mae Corporation partner for Homebuyers Counselor On-Line. • Maintains affordable rental housing assets (8 homes and a 10-unit apartment building) valued at $2.3 million. • Selected CHDO developer, with partners, for 29-acre site to build 74-neotraditional homes in 2004. • Selected CHDO developer, with partners, to develop Branch Avenue Metro Station site in 2003. • Positive Outreach With Effective Results (POWER) Youth Empowerment Program. • Conducted Small, Minority and Women-Owned business empowerment seminars with M&T Bank in 2003 – 2004. • Audited Financial Statements from 2000 to 2004. Strategic Focus During Fiscal Year 2005 8

  9. A. GOALS FOR KAIROS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION GOAL ONE Kairos Development Corporation will be an effective, efficient and responsive community-based organization. Strategies 1.1 To establish a ‘working board’ of professionals and community stakeholders committed to fulfilling the mission and vision of Kairos. • Provide ongoing board development opportunities for the existing Board of Directors • Prospect and recruit new members for the Board of Directors with a focus on board diversity • Establish, operate and evaluate standing committees for the Board of Directors 1.2 To build and sustain organizational capacity and community impact. • Identify new staff to effectively meet program administration, financial, evaluation and • resource development goals • Cultivate existing and seek new partnerships and collaborative endeavors to increase • program outcomes • Maintain Standards for Excellence (SFX) and CHDO certifications GOAL TWO Kairos will be a financially sustained and publicly visible organization. Goals for Fiscal Years 2006 - 2008 Strategies 2.1 To develop, execute and maintain a multi-faceted fundraising plan. • Develop and execute a comprehensive annual fund campaign • Cultivate renewable grant funding prospect and identify and acquire new grant opportunities • from government, private and public funding sectors • Assess the feasibility, profitability and implementation of existing and special events and • establish new events 2.2 To develop a financial plan. • Develop financial data tools for documenting revenue, expenses, • accounts payable and payroll 2.3 To develop and monitor a comprehensive marketing plan that increases Kairos’ visibility. • Assess present organizational visibility in Prince George’s and surrounding communities. • Outline a targeted marketing strategy that supports program and resource • development • Design and disseminate marketing materials which clearly define the • mission, goals, and services of Kairos 2.4 To increase and diversify volunteer base. • Recruit volunteers from New Chapel church membership and the • community at large 9

  10. GOAL TWO Kairos Development Corporation (Kairos) will provide effective community education and empowerment projects for disenfranchised adults, children and families in Prince George’s County. Strategies 2.1 To be a viable resource for community workforce development. • Outline and implement job training and placement program • Cultivate relationships with technical training and corporate partners • Seek expert and constituency input for program design and implementation GOAL THREE Kairos Development Corporation will be technologically equipped to document, monitor and evaluate organizational operations. Strategies 3.1 To acquire and or upgrade computer systems and software packages for administration and client usage. • Implement and evaluate electronic financial management system for accounts payable and payroll. 3.2 To identify and acquire donor tracking software packages. 1. Implement and monitor electronic data collection system for donations and donor tracking and recognition. B. GOALS FOR CAMP SPRINGS AND SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES IN PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY GOAL ONE Kairos Development Corporation (Kairos) will provide quality, affordable housing for low to moderate-income populations Strategies 1.1 To preserve and increase affordable housing options in Prince George’s County. • Preserve home maintenance and increase homeownership in the target areas • Increase affordable rental housing opportunities for low to moderate- income populations • Increase for-sale housing opportunities for low to moderate-income populations. • Develop new homeownership opportunities 10

  11. Strategies 2.2 To develop independent strong-minded youth (civic) with life skills and core social values that promote leadership character. • Continue POWER Friday Nights and create additional youth programs • Establish annual public policy education youth summit • Outline a curriculum for life skills and social values development GOAL THREE Kairos Development Corporation will develop organization subsidiaries to enhance community support and organizational development. Strategies • 3.1 To develop, research and evaluate a for-profit housing development company • Research a for-profit housing development company • 3.2 To explore social benefits of for-profit business ventures • Conduct social benefits analysis 11

  12. Officers David Dawson, President Linda Thompson, Vice-President Tonya Battle, Treasurer Delvia Waddy, Secretary Members James Bolden Michelle Dunbar-Sterling Kevin Hill Wiley Jones Brandon Spriggs Kairos Staff Billy Cogman, Executive Director Harold Davis, Associate Director Kairos Founder Rev, Dr. Kerry A. Hill, Pastor New Chapel Baptist Church New Chapel Baptist Church Trustee Liaison Kenny Turner Board of Directors 2006 n Kairos Staff 12

  13. 5601 Old Branch Avenue Camp Springs, Maryland 20748 Office (301) 899-1180 Fax (301) 899-8487 Email: kairoscdc@aol.com Web Site: www.kariosgroups.org

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