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  1. SWOT ANALYSIS Tamika J. Roland Weaknesses Strengths S W Opportunities Threats T O Presented by Tamika J.Roland

  2. VISIONS ANDTARGETS 2012 Success • To graduate with honors • To work in project management under a experienced employer • To see my son graduate from high school and to enter culinary school Diligence Patience Perseverance

  3. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths S • Perseverance • Patience • Diligence Presented by Tamika J.Roland

  4. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Goals and project plan: strengths • I will continue being supportive of my son • Get a job to work hard and be helpful • Remain patient and friendly • Use my take charge attitude to make my projects successful • Remain diligent in my studies Current strengths • I am an excellent mother • I am a hard worker • I am always helpful • I am patient • I am friendly • I have a take charge attitude • I am determined to get my degree S Presented by Tamika J.Roland

  5. SWOT ANALYSIS Weaknesses W Presented by Tamika J.Roland

  6. SWOT ANALYSIS Weaknesses Goals and project plan: weaknesses • Practice is making me less nervous about public speaking • My paper writing is improving with each lesson • Thank you Mr.Belton Current weaknesses • Public speaking • Paper writing W Presented by Tamika J.Roland

  7. SWOT ANALYSIS Opportunities O Presented by Tamika J.Roland

  8. SWOT ANALYSIS Opportunities Goals and project plan: Opportunities • Keep up with all my school work & get as many good grades as possible • Be a good example of a hard working student for my son so he can see the benefits of higher education • Remain exctied about learning Project Management • Expand my taste in reading Current opportunities • I am able to concentrate on school work without distractions • My son is older • I am an eager learner • I love to read O Presented by Tamika J.Roland

  9. SWOT ANALYSIS Threats • Perseverance • Patience • Diligence T Presented by Tamika J.Roland

  10. SWOT ANALYSIS Threats Current threats • Negative thinking of myself • Rubbing people the wrong way Goals and project plan: threats • Believe in myself more • Tone down some of my enthusiasm T Presented by Tamika J.Roland

  11. SWOT ANALYSIS Summary This is a visual chart to show my s.w.o.t in my past, my present and my future. This chart shows 6 being my strongest and 1 being my lowest. • Perseverance • Patience • Diligence

  12. SWOT ANALYSIS Summary • Perseverance • Patience • Diligence SWOT summary As a Project Manager my organization and team members will receive from me a hard working individual who will use my natural abilities as well as hard learned abilities to make each aspect of my projects a success. I will bring enthusiasm to my team but not so much that it annoys them. I will lead with assuredness and without nervousness. I will deliver reports that are accurate with all proper citings and documentation. I will bring with me all the skills I have learned in school as well as from being a mom to my team to help guide us to success. W S O T Presented by Tamika J.Roland