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  1. Synopsis • Our film is mainly a mystery/crime based thriller. It's going to be about our main character who has organized an exchange with someone. The exchange will be something in a briefcase that we don’t want the viewer to know about from the start to add to the mystery. But it all starts off by going badly wrong and in the opening we see him get ambushed, beaten up and interrogated. The rest of the film is about what is in the brief case and how he finds out who the people who attacked him were.

  2. Films from research that influenced our film • Snake Eyes – The opening of this film is entirely one shot, following the main character travelling through a building, interacting with other people and is successful in introducing the character.

  3. Opening title sequence • Opens with a character walking to the roof of a building and gets hit round the head a brick. • The character wakes up in dark place and is told by an unknown character that he has to pick up a package from someone at Preston Park train station. • Were going tot be filming at James's flat, to create atmosphere we will be filming it when the suns about to go down at dusk.

  4. Characters • the main character will be a tall male with dark hair, he will be wearing causal cloths with a big coat and woolly hat because some of the scenes are out side. We want him to act like he's anxious to meet someone for example he calls the person he's meeting to check if they will be on time, also acting suspicious by looking round to check if he being followed. In the next scene when the main character is tied to a chair he will be acting very distressed and confused to wants happing. • The second character is going to be hidden for example in the scene on the roof he will be wearing something to cover his face. Also in the next scene with the dark room the first character will be lit with a lamp and the second character will be just out side the light so you cant make out who it is. This character will be acting very blunt and will make it clear that he's the thriller villain.

  5. Narrative structure We are using two types of narrative structure (parallel editing and flashback) to show our main character drifting in and out of consciousness after being beaten up. We think this is the best way to present our main character in our opening sceneso that the train station creates mystery on why his mind is thinking of it and so we know it has more importance to the rest of the film. It also shows that there are two sides to the story which suggests twists in the plot later on and helps make it more obviously an opening sequence not an advert.