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  2. What is CTE What is CTE Process Improvements / Benefits of CTE Access CTE Logon to Concur My Concur Page Concur Profile Screen Updating Travel & Expense Profile Setting up a Travel Arranger Updating Expense Profile Concur Travel What is Concur Travel When to use Travel Travel Reservation - Flight Travel Reservation - Car Rental Travel Reservation - Hotel Travel Templates Travel Selection Confirmation Travel Action Items and Icons Concur Travel – Expense Creating Expense Reports Importing AMEX Transactions & Airfare Adding Out of Pocket Expenses Adding Out of Pocket Expenses - Copy Functionality Adding Out of Pocket Expenses - Foreign Exchange Transactions Adding Attendees Electronic Submission of Scanned Receipts Email Confirmation - Successful Receipt Attachment Electronic Submission of Faxed Receipts Benefits of Using Scanned Receipts or Faxed Images Printing the Expense Report Manager Approval Functionalities Accounting Review - Single Item Send Back Differences Between CTE & XMS Contact Assistance Topics Overview

  3. What is CTE CTE is an enhanced electronic expense reporting system produced by the same vendor as XMS (Concur). It is an integrated online travel booking tool and expense reporting solution in a single system.

  4. Process Improvements / Benefits of CTE USER • Option to integrate online travel booking and expense reporting in a single system • Saves time and cost • Initiates an expense report when booking a trip • Displays the Abbott negotiated rate vs. the booked rate • Scanned images / faxed receipts functionality available – saves time, saves mailing costs. • Ease of navigation and speed of processing a report. Fewer clicks and less scrolling involved, you see the report being built as you add the expense types, you do not have to leave the screen. • “Wild card” search functionality when looking for expense types, cities, vendors, attendee names, etc.

  5. Process Improvements / Benefits of CTE, cont’d • Copy functionality available for expense types .i.e. parking for the week. • Imported Exchange Rateavailable providing updated daily exchange rates around the world– imported from the Ooanda web site. • Dollar breakdown per attendee for the regular Entertainment & GS Entertainment expense types. • Abbott personnel directory available for selection when entering attendees. • French version available for Concur vanilla standard product – Abbott customized sections are in English. • Quicker response time than XMS. • Smart receipts functionality available – next phase for Canada.

  6. Process Improvements / Benefits of CTE, cont’d Manager • Capability for managers to view the receipts On-line • Integrated Signing Authority Limits approval workflow • Approval delegation capabilities • Managers may approve all reports by mobile (BlackBerry) Audit Processors • ACC Approved functionality available (for all reports requiring ACC review) • Can approve a report and still send back one (or several) line item. This returned line item(s) will generate an Addendum expense report so that the user can resubmit the same expense • Predefined Cognos Reports (about 300+ are available) • Another approver functionality available, rather than sending back report.

  7. Access CTE In your Web browser address bar: • May access CTE directly from the internet or via intranet. • In your Web browser’s address bar, type, which will lead you to the Concur Corporate Travel and Corporate Expense Disclosure page. • You will find the link that will bring you to the CTE system or you may click on the XMS link to view the history of expense reports generated in XMS. • Includes Concur training demos – not all links may be applicable to Abbott Canada. • Includes Abbott Canada CTE User Guide

  8. Logon to Concur To login to Concur, enter your User Name and Password. Totally New: Your user name has been changed from the one previously used in XMS. On April 3rd, CTE users will receive an e-mail notification with their User Name and temporary password. "User Name" is now in the format of your UPI (Universal Personal Identifier) followed by the string “ @abbot “. As an example:12345678@abbott Users will be required to change their passwords upon first login to CTE. Passwords are case sensitive. If you click inside the checkbox below the Password field, the system will remember your User Name and you do not have to enter it every time you login to CTE. After you enter your User Name and Password, click Login.

  9. My Concur Page Concur offers an integrated solution for online travel booking and expense reporting. Listed below are the tabs that are displayed at the top of the My Concur page available for your access. Travel:Online travel booking is now permissible by clicking on this tab. Expense: By clicking on this tab, you will be able to see your Active Reports, create a new report and view your AMEX Company Card charges. Profile: This is where is your personal information, system settings, and mobile registration functionality reside. Help: This tab a window with help topics. If you cannot find the information you need, you may contact Joan Abdallah at 514-832-7238oremail AI Canada Expense Reporting Helpdesk. Log Out:This tab allows you to exit out of the system.

  10. My Concur Page, cont’d The My Concurpage includes several sections that make it easy for you to navigate and find the information you need. Trip Search:Thissection provides the tools you need to book a trip with any or all of these: flight, rail, car, and hotel. Trip List: This section lists your outstanding trips. Weather: This section shows you the weather conditions at any selected airport. Trips Awaiting Approval:This does not apply to Abbott Canada.

  11. My Concur Page, cont’d In addition to the Travel sections, it includes the following Expense sections: Expense Reports: This section provides links to create a new expense report or view existing reports. It also lists unsubmitted expense reports. Available Company Card Charges: The section lists all American Express and Company Prepaid Airfare charges available for assignment to an expense report. Approval Queue: This is where you will find reports that are awaiting your approval. This section appears on My Concur only if you are an Expense approver and if you have received at least one report for approval. Note:The layout of your page is your choice; you may drag any section and place it wherever you wish for it to appear on the page – just drag the title bar of the section.

  12. Concur Profile Screen From the Profile tab, you will find: Your information: • Personal information • Company information • Contact information Travel Settings: • Loyalty program numbers • Emergency Contact info • Passport numbers, with expiration dates Expense Settings: • Expense information • Delegates • Preferences • Approvers • Favorite attendees Other Settings: • System settings • Mobile Registration Note:All links can be accessed from either the tabs across the top or the list on the left of the pane.

  13. Updating Travel & Expense Profile Deadline to update travel profile:April 30, 2011 Travel Profile: Please ensure that all your personal information in the Travel sections is updated and then click “save” . There are several Save buttons on the profile page. You only need to save once as every Save button saves the entire profile. Travel profiles must be updated and saved by April 30th or prior to travel, whichever comes first. • All profiles must be updated by the individual traveler. • Vision 2000 agents will not update the profiles for the travelers. • Name indicated in the profile must match the Passport. • Name changes must be made by contacting myHR. • Passport number, incl. expiration date must be entered. • All fields marked required must be entered. • Air, hotel, car, and rail loyalty programs must be updated. • Credit card number is required for hotel and car reservations

  14. Profile Page – Setting up a Travel Arranger • From the Travel Profile - you can set-up a Travel Arranger(s) or delegate to book travel and trips for you. • Click on "Add an Assistant" to search for the name of a Travel Arranger. • The Travel Arranger is able to access the traveler’s account from a drop-down list (upper right-hand corner of the CTE Travel Home Page) • Travel Arrangers have access to the traveller’s profile details. Important: Your assistant or Travel Arranger must have an existing Travel account before you can add him or her to your profile.

  15. Updating Your Expense Profile • From the Profile page, please open every tab in each Settings section and ensure that that the information is accurate and complete. • All boxes in the Expense Preferences” section must be checked. Totally New: Travel Vacation Reassignment allows the manager to choose a next level approver to review reports assigned to him / her during his / her absence. Delegation is assigned to the next level approver unless authorized by the Director of Finance or Corporate Controller for assignment to another approver. Mobile Registration: All Corporate BlackBerry users (version 4.2.1 or greater) may use their mobiles to book online travel or review and approve expenses reports. Detailed instructions on how to register your mobiles will be provided on a separate document.

  16. My Concur Concur Travel

  17. What is Concur Travel • Concur Travel is an On-line travel booking tool • Allows air / train travel , hotel stay and car rental on-line booking • Allows hotel stay and car rental On-line booking via mobile. • Includes Abbott Expense Reporting Policy and Procedures • Includes Abbott inherent audit rules • Displays preferred negotiated properties • Includes Web fares • Ticketing and support always available by Vision 2000

  18. When to use Concur Travel Use Concur Travelfor: • Corporate travel • Simple round trips in Canada and U.S. • Simple round trips to Europe i.e. 1 carrier, 2 flights Do not use Concur Travelfor: • International trips (non-Europe) • Multi-destination international trips (all countries, including Europe) • Utilizing free up-grade certificates • Non-employee travel • Personal travel • Meetings & Events

  19. Travel Reservation - Flight From the My Concur page, click the Flighttab at the left side of the page. Select one of the following types of flight options: _Round Trip _ One Way _ Multi-Segment • In the Departure City and Arrival City fields, enter the cities for your travel. • Click in the Departureand Return date fields, and then select the appropriate dates from the calendar. • If you need a car, click on the Pick-up/Drop-off car at Airport checkbox. • If you need a hotel, click on the Find a Hotel checkbox.

  20. Travel Reservation, cont’dFlight Results Search by Fare The grid displays carriers, lowest fare options, and number of stops. Slide bars can be used to further tailor your flight results Important: Reserve buttons are color coded to indicate "out of policy" instances when selecting travel arrangements. All travel selection must be in compliance with Abbott Canada Employee Expense Reimbursement Policy and Procedure. The green Reserve buttons display travel selection options that are within Company policy; however travel must be booked using ‘lowest logical fare’. Vision 2000 agents screen all travel selection prior to issuance.

  21. Travel Reservation, cont’dSeat Selection The traveler can select a seat by clicking on the green seat icon after clicking on More Details. • The seating chart will appear in a pop-up window with the carrier’s preferred seats shown in yellow. • Upon selecting a seat and saving the entry, the seat will show as occupied. • A pop-up window does display when selecting preferred seating, asking the traveler to confirm the status.

  22. Travel Reservation, cont’dDisplay of Unused / Non-refundable Air tickets From the Travel Home Page or Air Results page, the traveler can view his / her unused non-refundable tickets. • The link displays only when unused non-refundable tickets are present for that Traveler. • An unused non-refundable ticket will be automatically applied during the purchase and reflected in the pricing of the new itinerary barring any airline/ticket restrictions. Important: • To use a credit please contact your Vision 2000 designated agent(s).

  23. Travel Reservation - Car Rental Concur Travel allows online booking for car rental. If you selected Pick Up/Drop off Car at airport on the Flight tab, you will see the results for the car rental search. You may also click on the Car tab. Select the appropriate rental car, and then click Reserve. • You can sort the car results to help find your selection. • The Green Reserve icon indicates preferred vendors and your preferred car type will be selected automatically. • Car type and rental rates display in list format. • Press Reserve to select the car for rental. Remember: The Search selection should be sorted by Policy- Most compliant.

  24. Travel Reservation - Hotel Concur Travel allows On-line booking for lodging accommodation. If you selected theFind a Hotel option on the Flight tab, the hotel results appear after you choose your rental car. • To filter by hotel chain, enter the chain name in the With names containing box next to the Sorted by box • To filter by hotel chain, enter the chain name in the With names containing box next to the Sorted by box. • Use the filter options to narrow your search by Amenity or Chain. • To filter by neighborhood, select the desired neighborhoods in the Neighborhoodbox on the right.

  25. Travel Reservation – Hotel, cont Results display an area map of the hotel property and the negotiated rates (list below map) Abbott icon denotes a preferred hotel property. Note: The Reserve buttons are color coded as follows: • A greenReserve button indicates the hotel rate is within policy. • A yellowReserve button indicates the hotel rate is outside of policy. If you select this rate, you must enter additional information. • A redReserve button indicates the hotel rate is outside of policy. If you select this rate, you must enter additional information and wait for manager approval. The trip will not be ticketed until it is approved. • You will see a notification if a hotel is outside of policy. You can view the type of rate and room, as well as other information that is available from the agency system. • A greyoryellow diamond indicates that the hotel property is company preferred.

  26. Travel Reservation – Hotel, cont • Press Hide Map displays Hotels rates • Press the More Info link to display a description of the hotel, any other negotiated amenities, and the hotel’s cancellation policy. • Click choose roomto view room rates. When you are ready to reserve your hotel room, click the radio button next to the desired room type, and then click Reserve. • Press Next to purchase the trip selected. • Press Hold Trip to reserve seats, room, and/or car until time specified on the screen.

  27. Travel Reservation, contPurchase / Hold Page Totally New - Travel & Expense Integration Once the travel has taken place, CTE will initiate an expense report for you in the Expense Section. Trip Name In this field, you enter whatever you would enter in the Report Name of your expense report. This becomes your CTE Expense Report Name. this field is limited to 32 characters. Trip Description This filed is used to help identify the trip and the expense template created in the integrated application. In this field, you enter whatever you would enter in the Business Purpose of your expense report. This becomes your CTE Expense Report Business Purpose. Note: CTE entry can be placed on an Outlook Calendar. Concur Travel will verify your Outlook calendar and determine if your calendar is available for booking reservation.

  28. Travel Reservation, contTravel Selection Confirmation • All air, car, and hotel reservations made on this itinerary will be displayed to confirm the trip. • Itinerary can be printed using the link in the upper right corner. • Changes can be made using the appropriate links in each section of the itinerary. • You will receive an email notification with the itinerary. • Within one hour of travel purchase and confirmation, you will receive an email including the eticket issued by Vision 2000. Important: Once the ticket has been issued by Vision, changes or cancellations can no longer be processed On-line. You must contact Vision 200 to either change or cancel reservations

  29. Travel Reservation, cont’d Travel Templates • Travelers can manually create a template for recurring travel. • A current or existing trip can be duplicated into a template. • The template can include any combination of air carrier, car, hotel, and rail options for booking. • When pressing "Book " through the template process, a travel arranger will be prompted to provide new travel date(s).

  30. Travel Reservation, cont’d Travel Action Buttons and Icons

  31. Concur Expense Concur Expense

  32. Concur ExpenseCreating Expense Reports To create an expense report, click on the New Expense Report link under the Expense Reports section of the My Concur page or you can access from the Expense tab/ View Reports/ Create New Report. This will bring you to the Report Header page, where you will be asked to enter information that will help you and your approver identify your report. • Report Name: Identifies and tracks this report in Concur.The report name must be unique for all reports created. To be sure the name is unique, we suggest including the week ending date or a name relevant to the expenses being incurred. • Some fields will populate automatically, such as Report Date and Department/Cost Center. You can change this if you need to charge a different department for either the entire report or a single item. • If the left border of the field is red, this indicates a required field. • When all required fields are filled in, scroll down and click Next.

  33. Concur ExpenseImporting AMEX Corporate Credit Card Transactions & Airfare Once you have created the Report Header and clicked on Next, you will be “in” the report. All transactions incurred with the AMEX Corporate Credit card are transferred automatically to Concur and are listed on the right side of the screen. • A Company Card transaction in a report is indicated by a green or blue icon. Hovering your mouse over the icon will open a pop up window with the transaction details • To add an expense transaction from this list, select the expense and click the Import link, or you can drag and drop from the right to the left of the screen. You may import more than one transaction at a time. • You can also access your Corporate Card transactions from the My Concur tab. Click on Available Company Card Charges. • All Airfare transactions booked with a Vision 2000 agent will also be transferred to Concur. • Select the Company Paid Airfare transaction and drag it to the left of the screen or click on the Import tab if you have taken the travel. • You may view the airfare details such as ticket number, departure date, origin and destination airport codes, etc, by hovering over the airfare icon.

  34. Concur ExpenseAdding Out of Pocket Expenses Once you have imported all your AMEX transactions and airfare, you may enter all other expenses that have been incurred as out of pocket.   Click on New Expense to enter items that are paid out of pocket. In the right pane, use the search box to select the expense type. You may : • scroll to find what expense type is required OR • You can begin entering text in the field Totally New: CTE offers a “Wild Card” search functionality when looking for expense types, cities, vendors, etc. By entering the first 3 to 4 letters of the word, all expense types with this combination of letters are shown. We will select Training Seminar and add it to the report. Note:As you select and add from the expenses on the right, you see the expense report with a listing of all the expenses being added on the left. There are fewer clicks and less scrolling involved allowing for ease of navigation.

  35. Adding Out of Pocket Expenses, cont’dCopy Functionality Totally New: The new “Copy” functionality allows you to enter several “same” expense types , without having to reenter redundant info repeatedly. If you have incurred several days of the same expense type, just enter it once and click on the Copy button. The system creates another entry for you and changes the date by incrementing it by one day. You may override any field such as Date, City,Amount, Vendor, Comment or other. Hint & Tip This feature may be useful for the sales personnel when expensing Per Diem charges for the week, if applicable.

  36. Adding Out of Pocket Expenses, cont’dForeign Currency Transactions Out-of-Pocket expenses incurred in a foreign currency must be converted to CAD currency before they can be reimbursed. • Daily updated exchange rates for any location across the world are available in CTE. These rates are imported from the Oanda website. • To expense foreign currency items, proceed as follows: • Select the expense type • Select the date of the expense • Enter the city where the expense was incurred • If you know the exact foreign currency rate that you paid (perhaps from your currency conversion receipt or your credit card statement) you can change the rate to match the exact rate you were charged. Remember: You must submit documentation to substantiate your claim.

  37. Adding Attendees To add attendees to an expense type, scroll further down in the same expense type pane, you will find the Attendees section. Totally New: • The name of the employee claiming the expense will automatically default as one of the attendee names. • To search for a name that you have not previously entered into a report, use the Search button. You will be provided with three choices: • Abbott Personnel : You may select any Abbott employee name so long as they are active and are part of the HRT directory listing. This listing includes all active Abbott employees across the world. Type in the last name and click on Search. If cannot locate the name, please enter as Business Guest. Once you have selected the name, click on Add to Expense. • Business Guest: By selecting Business Guest, please complete the required fields and click on Add to Expense. • Health Care Professional: By selecting Health Care Professional, please complete the required fields and click on Add to Expense.

  38. Adding Attendees, cont’d • To select a name that you have entered on a previous report, click on the Favorites button. • You may begin typing in the name of the person you wish to select and any names previously entered into a report that match your text will begin to populate. • Totally New: • The Amount column at the right of the screen provides an average spend per attendee for the expense incurred. • Note: • Per the OEC, previous attendee and group lists will not transfer over from the XMS system. • Hint & Tip: • You may refer back to XMS to view the list of attendees previously created in XMS. You may also print out the attendee list for reference purposes.

  39. Electronic Submission of Scanned Receipts Totally New: Employees are no longer required to submit paper copies of the expense reports and supporting documentation to the Finance, Expense Reporting department. Scanned images functionality is now available –saves time and mailing costs. To take advantage of this feature, please follow these steps: • Tape all receipts in an orderly fashion on a white 8 ½ x 11 page. Scan your receipts and save as a PDF file to your computer. • Click on the Receipts tab. • Click on Attach Receipt Images. • Click on Browse – A new pane will open from which to locate and select your PDF file. • Click on Attach. Your receipts will attach in seconds. • Click on Done. • Click on Check Receipts to ensure that all receipts have been properly attached.

  40. Email confirmation- Successful Receipt Attachment CTE provides you with a checklist of all receipts that must be submitted with the report. You may access this list by selecting Receipts Required from the Receipts tab. The receipts remain attached to the expense report, even if the report is resubmitted by the Manager of by the Expense Reporting department. Note:If you have a business meal with attendees on a hotel invoice, the system may not recognize the need for a separate itemized receipt, as required by Abbott. You will receive an email notification confirming that the receipts have been attached successfully and are available for viewing.

  41. Electronic Submission of Faxed Receipts Totally New: Although it is recommended that receipts are scanned in as this option provides a clearer document and is easier to read than a faxed document, CTE also offers the option to Fax in the receipts. • From the Print tab, select ABT Fax Cover Page. • An ABT Fax Cover Page will be generated. • Fax in this page and copies of your receipts to the following Fax #: 1-866-428-9026. • Click on View Receipts in Current Window from the Receipts tab to view your faxed image.

  42. The Benefits of Using Scanned Receipts or Faxed Images The new functionality of scanning / faxing receipts into CTE benefits the Company and employees by: • Allowing the Employee, Manager, and Expense Reporting Processor to review electronic images of the documentation prior to approval. • Reducing the time of submission for reports, employee reimbursement and payment to American Express. • Providing a guarantee that the report has been received immediately vs. delays due to mailing time. • Significantly reducing departmental postage costs across the Corporation. • Providing the employee and the manager the capability of attaching scanned documents / receipts to a report at any point of the expense report status (even if already paid) for manager or processor viewing. • Eliminating the WRITTEN ATTESTATION REQUIREMENT for telecommunication bills or other invoices received online. • Assigning processing priority to expense report receipts that are scanned in. Note: As per Canada Revenue Agency record keeping regulations, employees must retain all original receipts for a period of 8 years (6 years from year end plus 2 years).

  43. Printing the Expense Report If not possible for you to scan or fax the receipts, you must provide a paper copy of the CTE report with all the supporting documentation. To print your report, select your report from the Active Reports in your Expense tab. Click on thePrint tab to open the printing options. Although you are submitting the receipts electronically, please print a copy of the expense report to keep with your receipts. It is the responsibility of the employees to retain the paper copies of the receipts as per Government requirements. Important:If the paper copy of the report is submitted, a written attestation with signature and date must be provided for all non-original receipts.

  44. Totally New: Manager Approval Functionalities • On-line review of receipts. The manager may view the receipts on-line if the employee scans in or faxes in the receipts electronically via CTE. The manager will click on the Check Receipts button from the Receipts tab and the images will appear. Managers may also attach documents to the employees’ expense reports. As an example, a manager may attach a scanned copy of the approved Absence of Receipt Form by clicking on the Attach Receipts tab of the employee’s expense report • Signing Authority Limits approval workflow is integrated in the system An expense report will automatically be routed to the next level manager if the dollar value of the report exceeds the signing authority limit of the first line approver. The approving manager does not need to forward it to the next level approval as the system routes it automatically. • BlackBerry Mobile approval If using the Corporate Blackberry, the approving manager may approve expense reports via the mobile. (Detailed mobile registration instructions will be available shortly)

  45. Accounting Review - Single Item Send Back Totally New: Another new feature is the way individual items are processed by the Expense Reporting auditors. • One or more expense line items may be sent back by an auditor, while approving the rest of the expense report. The system carves that item(s) out of the current report and places it in a new report with the word “Addendum” added to the report name. • If your report was originally titled “CTE Training April 4, 2011” the new report with the sent back item will now be called “Addendum to: CTE Training April 4, 2011.” • This may apply to out of pocket expenses or Corporate Credit card transactions. Once the employee receives the sent-back item, he will process the corrections and submit the report once more. The name of the expense report may be overridden as the employee may include additional business charges to that expense report. • If, however, your expense is in policy violation, the item will be denied. In this scenario, if the transaction was an American Express transaction, you will have to send payment directly to American Express, as Abbott will not pay a denied item.

  46. Differences Between CTE & XMS • User Name : UPI@Abbott now to be used as Logon • Navigation has been made easier – different screens, icons, expense type descriptions. • Ability to increase or decrease the width of any window pane anywhere in the system. • Abbott Receipt Report / Abbott Detailed Report have a slightly different appearance • American Express Corporate Card transaction amounts and Airfare Company Prepaid amounts are combined and showing as one total amount on the Abbott Receipt report and on the Abbott Detailed report. • The vendor selection drop down menu has been standardized for all affiliates across the world. All vendor dropdown menus include the mostly frequently used vendors per affiliate. • Email notifications providing status of the report are slightly different.

  47. Contact Assistance Expense Reporting Assistance Joan Abdallah 514-832-7238 AI Canada Expense Reporting Helpdesk Travel Assistance Concur Travel Technical Assistance for online booking (between 8:30am and 5:30pm) Help Emergency Assistance outside business hours (between 5:30pm and 8:30am - please contact Vision24) North America 1-888-577-4616 Collect Call 1-408-553-4905 Vision 2000 agents (between 8:30am and 5:30pm) Laurie Stephens: 514-855-4873 or Connie Di Iorio: 514-855-4892 or Antoinette Cortina: 514-855-4270 or Vision 2000 Reception 514-748-2522 or1-800-263-1163 Interactive Training CTE interactive trainings are now available at

  48. Thank You