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DR.SLIM. Diet restaurant for women April, Juha , Eunyul , Juwon , Doil , Sin. Target Customer Survey. Over 400 women answered. Why Dr.slim ?. - Rival Companies. Restaurant A. Restaurant B. Average Price. $40~60. $10~14. Materials Department EunYul. Calorie of main menu.

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  1. DR.SLIM Diet restaurant for women April, Juha, Eunyul, Juwon, Doil, Sin

  2. Target Customer Survey Over 400 women answered

  3. Why Dr.slim? -Rival Companies Restaurant A Restaurant B Average Price $40~60 $10~14

  4. Materials Department EunYul

  5. Calorie of main menu (g/kcal)

  6. Calorie of drinks

  7. Personnel Department Woo Ju Ha

  8. Staff Composition 1 Chef 2 Kitchen assistants 1 Cashier 2 Waiters

  9. Hiring requirements

  10. EmployeeBenefits

  11. Social insurance Regular day-off • 2days off a month 1. National pension 2. Health insurance 3. Unemployment insurance 4. Worker’s compensation

  12. Employee lounge Humane treatment

  13. Employee Manuals 1. When customers come in, don't hesitate and greet them. 2. Arrange the table perfectly. 3. Reconfirm the menu, just in case. 4. Well acquainted with all menus. 5. Serve dishes on a tray. Be careful with the glass. 6. Speak friendly and attentive with frequent check-ins. 7. Don't clear the table before customers had finished. 8. Express thanks. Be sure customers have all their belonings

  14. Customer Service By Sin

  15. Purpose • Meet the customer’s want or problem. • And improve our service or product. • At last, enhance the level of customer satisfaction about our restaurant.

  16. Two kinds of Customer Service • Pre-sale Service • After-sale Service

  17. Pre-sale Service • Give brochure and menu to customer.

  18. Pre-sale Service • Answer any question about our restaurant, such like: • Where the material come from. • How much calories does it has. • What the special point is. • How can our food help with your diet.

  19. After-sale Service • Free delivery to people who near the restaurant • How can we get the customer’s suggestion is really important. So When people pay the money after their meal, they will be asked :“Would you like to answer some questions to help us? ” • And we have a small gift to people who answered the question.

  20. After-sale Service • The question will like this:

  21. After-sale Service • GIFT:

  22. After-sale Service • At last we need to analyse the answer to find out the problem and improve our service and product!

  23. Diet Restaurant -Accounting Min Juwon

  24. Initial cost

  25. Monthly expense

  26. Monthly income

  27. Marketing by Park Doyle

  28. Table of contents • Advertisement • Membership& Mileage • Cost & Effect

  29. Advertisement Method of advertisement -Local advertising 1.Subway commercial 2.Bus Voice advertising -Internet advertising 1.SNS marketing 2.Blog marketing

  30. Local Advertising • Public transportation Advertisement Subway-LCD commercial ( Subway line 2) Bus- Voice Commercial (Pukyung Univ. , Kyungsung Univ.) EX)Bus voice AD • Elevator Advertisement LCD comercial at lift For a upstaring or downstaring.

  31. Internet Advertising(SNS+Blog) • SNS Marketing Use the SNS(Facebook , Twitter ) -Nowaday SNS is more spreaded as the number of smartphones increase. -SNS is powerful to notice something to someone who use the SNS So, this feature make the good effects for advertisement. Example in Facebook - If you click “Like”, we would offer Coke to Each tables. It can make the best effect at Only beverage cost.

  32. Blog Marketing Invite Star bloggers. -these days, people find out something they don’t Know through the blogs. -Blogger deal various theme and issues like food , fashion And Places! If we invite blogger who focus on restaurant, • Internet usage ∝ blog AD - Blogger’s Followers will be Our Our customers.

  33. Membership & Mileage Merits • Make regular customers • Make customers feel discounted • Make customers feel special Strategies -Discount payment at Membership Day -Making the caste at Membership, It is expected to affect customers’ purchasing power

  34. Cost & Effect Advertisement Local– Subway & bus Internet – SNS & BLOG Membership & Mileages Membership card - 5% Membership day- 15%

  35. Internet AD & Elevator AD -Elevator AD – Best Effect at 8$ Each lift -Internet AD – Just cost beverage expenses. with expecting successful effects.

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