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Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash at Great Prices PowerPoint Presentation
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Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash at Great Prices

Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash at Great Prices

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Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash at Great Prices

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  1. CashforGoldandDiamonds Highest Prices Paid For Gold And Diamonds Turn your unwanted gold, jewellery and diamonds into immediate cash – the most confidential and quickest way of obtaining cash -no credit checks - no credit agencies

  2. ABOUT US Our mission and dedication is to satisfy all of our customers in every possible way, including paying for the exact weight and karat of your jewellery. By being associated with the elite of the jewellery and diamond manufactures and wholesalers, combined with minimal advertising and overhead, we are capable of paying you the “Fairer Prices” of any other “Website”/or “Brick and Mortar” jewellery store. Diamonds are our specialty and we evaluate all diamonds by GIA Industry Standards.

  3. Sell Gold Jewelry For Cash

  4. Selling Diamond Rings For Cash Cashforgoldanddiamonds has been proudly servicing internet customers for over 12 years with an outstanding record of honesty, integrity, professionalism and mailing security. We will pay the highest price for any diamond regardless of its size or condition. Most transactions are immediately paid with 24 hours, but there are instances where it is necessary to investigate actual the market conditions to obtain the highest value for our customers.

  5. Sell Silver Now is the time to sell your silver at an all time high. Your unwanted silver can become an immediate means for a cash reward. We strive to satisfy your financial needs by paying you the highest and best prices. needs all different types of sterling silver and makes selling your unwanted or broken silver very easy. You will be amazed at the cash value of each piece.