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Genesis for Wordpress

Genesis for Wordpress

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Genesis for Wordpress

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  1. Genesis for Wordpress By: Ronald Pannullo

  2. What is Genesis? • Genesis is a fully responsive wordpress theme framework. • It can be a theme but it is primarily just a foundation. • Fully customizable so developers of all skill levels have the site of their dreams. Sample Theme Customized Theme

  3. So How Does Genesis Work? • Child Themes! • Install the Genesis framework then install the child theme over. • Now make any changes to the child theme without affecting the actual Genesis. • Updates to Genesis don’t affect your child theme.

  4. CHILD THEME?!?!?! • What is this nonsense you speak of? • Genesis is the framework, like the foundation of your house. • Child theme is the house. GENESIS CHILD THEME

  5. Child Theme?!?!?!?!!? • So what’s the point here? • wordpress is constantly getting updated. • themes get updated. • when a theme gets an update any customizations made are now gone. • no they aren’t. I pulled out my customizations, ran the update, put my customizations back in after. • and yes that was highly annoying and time consuming. • Put your Genesis foundation down, put your child theme on top of it, fully customize your theme and site, run genesis update, child theme stays perfectly intact. • Really it just makes sense.

  6. So...How Does it Work? • This all sounds great but it has to be incredibly complicated, right? • WRONG!!!! • For those of us who aren’t the most code savvy, there are child themes built by wonderful developers out there. Simply upload, install, and customize. • But we’re web designers and developers. We want more control, we want to hand code and build ourselves. So let’s build a Genesis Child theme and see how simple it really is.

  7. Building a Child Theme • So first all you do is upload and install Genesis, DO NOT ACTIVATE IT!!! • just install it and leave it sitting there. you’re done with it forever. • Now only 2 files are needed to make a child theme; functions.php and styles.css • go ahead and make a directory as follows wp-content/themes/YOUR_THEME_NAME • go get the stylesheet from the genesis and copy and paste it in your directory • now you have to change the theme name in the stylesheet to your themes, the description, the author and author URI

  8. Changing Theme Name • This is what I mean by changing the name and description and author info. • this is in the top of the stylesheet you copied over. They are in comments.

  9. Building Cont. Functions.php

  10. Functions.php • The previous slide is all you need for a functioning functions.php • Store this in the same directory as your styles.css • As you customize the site you will be making changes to it and adding to it but that is the most basic file you need to make your site work. • But we wanna customize it, that’s why we are using Genesis.

  11. So What Can we Change? • Anything can be changed. The header, the footer, the main content, the styles • Changes can be made in the front or back end. • Genesis has great support and countless tutorials out there showing you how make any customization to your child theme, or paid for child theme. • Unfortunately Genesis isn’t free so unless you wanna buy it you can’t go home now and dabble with it, but I challenge you to just go research and find out what changes would be made to your code to customize your header, footer, homepage, creating a responsive menu etc. You’ll find it actually isn’t very difficult.