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Employees Attitude PowerPoint Presentation
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Employees Attitude

Employees Attitude

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Employees Attitude

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  1. Employees Attitude BY Syed Imtiaz Hussain

  2. Employees Attitude You can't build a great company without great people. The problem: How do you know the great people when you see them? Solution is: ‘Their ATTITUDEwith others’

  3. What is Attitude? By ‘Attitudes’ is meant the “Beliefs, Feelings and Action” tendencies of an individual or group of individuals towards objects, ideas and people.

  4. Definition An ‘Attitude’ thus represent a liking or disliking with an overtone.

  5. Attitude Components Most theorists agree that Attitudes have three basic Components. 1. Cognitive 2. Affective 3. Behavioral

  6. Cognitive: Opinion or belief segment. (e.g. Gambling is wrong)

  7. Affective: Emotional of feeling segment. (e.g. I don’t like Rahim because he gambles)

  8. Behavioral: Intention to behave in a certain way toward someone or something. (e.g. I won’t hire Rahim because I don’t like him)

  9. Source of Attitudes Related to genetic factors and established in early years. However, Attitudes are less stable and can be changed.

  10. Job-related Attitudes 1. Job Satisfaction High = Positive attitudes toward the job.

  11. Job-related Attitudes 2. Job Involvement High = Strong identify with and really care about the kind of work they do = fewer absences and lower resignation rates.

  12. Job-related Attitudes 3. Organizational Commitment High = Identifying with one’s employing organization > less turnover.

  13. Attitudes & Consistency People seek consistency among their attitudes (e.g. how do we view gambling, horse racing and stock investments) and between their attitudes and their behavior (e.g. what they say and what they do)

  14. Power of Attitude Attitude is Everything Change Your Attitude And You Change Your Life!

  15. Our Believe We believe the successful businesses of the future will have a good handle on how to direct the behavior of these attitude basket cases.

  16. That’s up to YOU You might be able to recognize others good attitude because it's almost always there but you wouldn't be able to quantify it or make adjustments to it. That's up to YOU.

  17. Good Attitude Have you noticed that fast food franchises have pretty much "behaviorized" every step of the selling process? From "you want fries with that?" to the way they wrap a burrito is all boiled down to a process. People with good attitudes certainly excel.

  18. Job-related Behavior This critical issue of performance relates to employees' conduct and relations with others — They often involve things such as teamwork, customer service, upholding operational or safety standards, courtesy and respect, and managing others.

  19. 3 Issues When managing diversity and, of course, coaching, you want to put an emphasis on giving attention to the issues of performance that yield high productivity and build positive work environments. Stay away from attempting to manage issues that aren't performance-related. For example, when managers mistakenly deal with the following three issues, they may find that their efforts create problems and fail to enhance productivity.

  20. Issue #. 1Attitude Attitude isn't an issue of performance that you can manage. Attitude is how someone thinks or feels about something. It's not the same as behavior. Behavior is tied up in someone's actions; you can observe and manage behaviors.

  21. Issue #. 2Personal Background An employee's personal background — his or her race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, and so on — doesn't determine his or her ability to perform. Skills and behaviors do that. When you base your employment-related judgments and decisions on who a person is rather than on the person's performance, you jump into the discrimination

  22. Issue #. 3Style Style is the methods or ways (a personal touch) that individuals use when getting their jobs done, and nearly everyone has a different work style. Although certain policies and procedures must be followed in many jobs, a person often has a good deal of latitude in how he or she follows them. How neat someone's desk is or whether the employee does a task like you would seldom has any bearing on how well an employee performs

  23. Your Role By implementing service call procedures (behaviors) we can insure that our valuable customer gets the treatment they deserve. Again, great attitudes will rise to the top but the majority of our revenue will come from average people who simply follow our rules. How well we develop and manage these rules will determine how successful our businesses will be.

  24. Secret of Success The secret of success is learning how to create the GOOD ATTITUDE the business needs for success.

  25. Secret of Success The Secret to Enjoying a Job is NOT to Change your Job but to ChangeYOUR ATTITUDE