10 things you should be doing in rajasthan n.
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10 Things you should be doing in Rajasthan PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Things you should be doing in Rajasthan

10 Things you should be doing in Rajasthan

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10 Things you should be doing in Rajasthan

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  1. 10 Things you should be doing in Rajasthan

  2. Located in the north-west region of India, Rajasthan is the biggest state of the country that is known across the globe for its Royal heritage, rich culture, magnificent architecture, splendid art, pristine pilgrimage and amazing adventure. From the greatest Indian dessert – the Thar Desert to immensely beautiful hill station – Mount Abu to beautiful hills and lake of the Aravalli range, it is a home for each and everything that is perfect to give you a rich lifetime experience. If you desire to rejoice in the splendour of this beautiful state, then you may plan your holidays with one of the heritage hotel group of the state – Castle Mandawa Hotel. Founded its first venture in 1978 by Thakur Naval Singh, the palace was initially a remote feudal princedom in the middle of the Shekhawati region. It was a major trading outpost for the primeval caravan itineraries that rested here from the Middle East and China and eventually settled, forming a large community of the traders. At present, it operates as a privately held hotel, rich in history, culture, architecture and hospitality. The distinctive aspect of this resort is that it is a family held hotel that is managed and owned by the 10th generation of the Royal family of the Mandawa. So if you truly want to taste the rich flavours of Rajasthan, then you can enjoy ten incredible things of Rajasthan under one roof.

  3. 1. Architecture Rajasthan is famous for its Rajput architecture, which is very well showcased in numerous forts, ancient caves, and temples of the state. It is renowned as the ‘Land of Kings’, kings symbolizing to rulers who reside in beautiful, massive havelis and palaces. The Mehrangarh Fort, situated in Jodhpur is the largest fort of the state and is admired for its magnificent architecture, flower hall, Pearl Hall, mirror hall and more others. Other than this, the other awesome places that Castle Mandawa Hotel can assist you in site seeing are The Palace of Winds, Garden Palace, Sheesh Mahal, JalMahal, Turban Gallery, Chokeloa Gardens and Eagle Spectacle.

  4. 2. Culture and Art The culture of Rajasthan is equally admired as its architecture. Handicrafts, folk dances, unique attires, songs and other daily chores like fetching water from well, which is still practised today, are some of the major highlights of the cultural heritage of this region. Ghindar, Bhopa, Chang, Kathputli, Tejaji, Chang, and Kachchhighori are some of the major dances forms. Carved wooden furniture, textiles, block printed clothes, carpets, lehnga (skirts), stoles (chunnar)are other rich admirations of this state.

  5. 3. Cuisine The Royal cuisine is another exotic thing of this place. Rajasthan is celebrated every day as a feast and offer cuisine that is scrumptiously mouth-watering and unique. ApniDhani in Udaipur, ChokhiDhani in Jaipur are the major dine-ins where you can enjoy Rajasthani cuisine along with music and folk dance.

  6. 4. Adventure Sport From art to adventure, the place has it all! Adventure lovers can enjoy a mind-blowing time in Rajasthan as it is a home for numerous adventurous activities like jeep safaris, camel safaris, camping, dune bashing in the desert, elephant safari, horse ride, hot-air balloon fly, trekking are some of the major adventurous sports offered here. If you are a fun-loving person and want to enjoy each and every sport, then Castle Mandawa Hotel can be the best stay option for you. Spanned across a huge length, this hotel offers its services to the guests to make them enjoy each adventure sport of the Rajasthan state to the fullest.

  7. 5. Hill Station Stay Mount Abu is a mesmerizing hill station in Rajasthan that is located 1220 metres above sea-level. This place captivates tourists with its splendid natural beauty and iconic surroundings. Nakki Lake in Mount Abu is a picturesque lake that is located in the Aravalli range is also a favoured place among the tourists. People love doing boating in the lake and enjoy the setting of the sun at the sunset point.

  8. 6. Pilgrimage It is another side of the Tourism of Rajasthan and ideal for people who wish to adorn the various religious sites and temples of the state. The religious sites of Rajasthan showcase a unique culture and leave the tourist awe-struck with their glory. The temples are famous not only for their strong beliefs by the locals but also because of their beautiful architecture.

  9. 7. Royal Elephant Polo Over the years, elephants have been linked with royalty as they used to represent the strength and power of the kings. No festival or ceremony in the state is considered completed without the presence of attractively festooned elephant. Rajasthan offers tourists to glance at the gigantic beauty of these animals. There are trained elephants that not only offer a joyful ride experience but can also play the game of polo. You can experience this spellbound instance at Castle Mandawa Hotel, which is a luxurious hotel and resort in the state. Its regal allure and lavish accommodation make it an immensely spending place to stay.

  10. 8. Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur For bird and nature lovers, planning a trip to Rajasthan will be of immense pleasure as the area hosts Bird Sanctuary that is considered as a world heritage. It is also known as Keoladeo National Park and possesses more than 200 species of birds. Traditionally, the park was used as a ground for duck shoots and hunting.

  11. 9. Designer Jewellery Shopping Johari Bazar is one of the popular markets of Rajasthan that offers jewellery product of diamonds, silver, gold, emeralds and other expensive gemstones. You can shop for beautiful necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and even for designer apparels from this section.

  12. 10. Horse Riding Horse riding is another great speciality of the Rajasthan that is gaining popularity. You can select the horse of your choice and indulge in safari to enjoy the adventure and royalty. Rajasthan is a place with vivid cultures, and if you are looking for a luxury accommodation in this area, then the Castle Mandawa Hotel is the place of royal allure. Originally built as a palace for pleasure, it today opens doors to guests from all parts of the world to make them tour Rajasthan in the most luxurious way.

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