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The Trend of Free Classified Sites in Canada

The Growing Popularity of Free Classified Sites in Canada catchfree.ca and The Advantages of Using Canada’s best Online Buy and Sell Website for Free!<br>

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The Trend of Free Classified Sites in Canada

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  1. The Trend of Free Classified Sites in Canada Free Classified Sites in Canada are gaining popularity in the North American region rapidly and the growth prospects of these websites are also expected to be positive. It is one of the most significant online buy and sell trading market which has facilitated many household owners and businesses. The free classified sites in Canada operate under different models and each model holds a different competitive advantage and a different set of advantages to the users. The online buy and sell sites in Canada have also posed a serious threat to the traditional methods of advertisement and nowadays, the spending on online advertisement in Canada has crossed CAD 35 billion and soon expected to double in the next 5 years. The growing popularity of online buy and sell sites is due to the numerous advantages brought about by these sites to small and growing businesses and households as well. The Multiple Models of Free Classified Sites in Canada There are different models utilized by classified sites in Canada which are categorized by the product type and targeted audience. The first model is the vertical model of online classifieds site which takes into account a particular product and all the related products, services, and information pertaining to the principal product. An example would be a website which helps people to find jobs would be only dealing with material and advertisements related to job vacancies, vacant positions, and etcetera. Apart from the basic services, that website will also engage in providing expert opinion related to finding jobs, career advice, resume writing services, professional help, and general knowledge related to employers, employees, and workplace conditions and motivational speeches. The second type of free classified sites in Canada is the horizontal model which hosts almost all the products and services one can name and are available in Canada. This model is targeting audience on a

  2. mass scale and therefore, hosts even the smallest and cheapest products and services. The horizontal model places all items based on specific categories of user interests and invites users from all over the country to use the website in anyway whatsoever so that maximum transactions could take place from the website. CatchFree.ca is the Leading Name in Free Classified Sites in Canada The best website according to professionals is CatchFree.ca when dealing in free classified sites in Canada. CatchFree.ca has one of its kind webpage and has very strong customer services whereby all users are given preference based on the product type and the relevance of their products in terms of what user has searched and no biasedness takes place for those users who are paid since the website has no premium section. This gives equal opportunity to all ad posters and thus, creates a better Canadian community.

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