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Moving beyond the connection PowerPoint Presentation
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Moving beyond the connection

Moving beyond the connection

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Moving beyond the connection

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  1. Moving beyond the connection Brought to you by: Sarah Evans @PRsarahevans #casesmc Participate in this conversation by going to and searching “CASE.”

  2. Foursquare confirms 20M users, 2 billion check-ins, on 4sqDay 2012 • 5 million photos are shared daily on Instagram. Apple sells 3 MILLION new iPadsin less than four days Twitter says it has 140 million users pumping out 340 million tweets per day Pinterest now accounts for 3.6 percent of referral traffic

  3. The Internet is so big.

  4. It can make us feel so small.

  5. Follow me!Like me!Friend me!Tag me!Read my blog!Check in here!Hashtag this!Comment!

  6. The “social ask” • More than 3.34 million mentions were recorded over a one-month period. • “After six solicitations a year, the likelihood for long-term loyalty diminishes significantly.” -Blackbaud’s George Rubanenko

  7. Now what?

  8. We have a tool we can use to develop and nurture powerful and productive relationships. This tweetable moment can be found in the CASE track.

  9. “Living alone provides ‘restorative solitude’; it may be ‘exactly what we need to reconnect.’ But most of the people he introduces seem neither especially restored nor vigorously connected. The New Yorker, “Why Are So Many Americans Single?” -Eric Klinenberg, “Going Solo: The Extraordinary and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone

  10. “They are insecure, proud of their freedoms but hungry for contact, anxious, frisky, smug, occasionally scared.”

  11. Craig Kannalley (@ckanal) • Posted his Google Voice number via social networks • 118 texts in three hours • 7 phone calls • ½ male, ½ female • 6 states, 3 countries • Careers, personal lives, relationships, faith, media

  12. The move back to personal

  13. Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag • Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes & hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. • On Mondays they feature favorite submissions. #vacantplaces

  14. People are building unique communities within Instagram. Contests! #fromwhereistand FOOD Mom sharing her baby’s open heart surgery. professionals iPhoneographers family friends

  15. Kickstarter: The power of crowdfunding • 100% of initial investors said, “NO WAY!” • More than $5M in funding from a community. • Record as the biggest Kickstarter project to date • The people have spoken Pebble, the e-paper smartwatch

  16. Spotify • “Play” button widget • Lets website admins embed songs into individual pages of their blog, tumblr or brand website. • Social listening • Connect with people via a website in a NEW way 

  17. What if you had the chance to speak to one million people? What would you say? The Listserve is a daily email lottery that hopes to give each of us a chance to share our voice. • The Listserve is a new social experiment launched out of NYU’s ITP masters program led by Clay Shirky

  18. Reddit: the front page of the internetUser-generated news links. Votes promote stories to the front page. • Newly hired community manager David A. Croach has been diagnosed with Leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant • Reddit reached out to the community • No resolve as of yet DAC's friends and family have set up a website with more information.

  19. TOOL: Screenfuse • Better utilize and engage the backchannel during events • More than tweets! • Intelligent filtering platform • Brand and ad capabilities • Connect with people AFTER the event

  20. Brands don’t influence people. People do.

  21. Taking back my own little slice of the Interwebz.

  22. Sarah’s Faves( My personal recommendation hub.

  23. "Become authoritative by SHARING what you're doing.” I mean a two-way conversation.

  24. Tracky

  25. THIS is what’s next in social media.We are at a tipping point.We can make the choice to do something meaningful with the technology at our fingertips.

  26. What will your digital footprint say about YOU?About me?About us?