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Getting Married in the Cayman Islands (Destination Weddings) PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting Married in the Cayman Islands (Destination Weddings)

Getting Married in the Cayman Islands (Destination Weddings)

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Getting Married in the Cayman Islands (Destination Weddings)

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  1. Welcome to The Cayman Islands Christopher Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands on 10 May 1503 when his ships were blown off course by strong winds. He saw two small islands so full of turtles that he named them Las Tortugas, Spanish for "the turtles." It was the presence of the marine crocodile, however, that gave the islands their name, after the Carib word caymanas. The capital, George Town, was named after King George III of England. The Cayman Islands remained largely uninhabited until the 17th century. The first known settlers arrived in Little Cayman and Cayman Brac around 1658; many inhabitants were Britons from Jamaica and some early residents were believed to be pirates that settled down looking for a more peaceful life. Soon turtle fishermen, slaves, shipwrecked sailors, and refugees from the Spanish Inquisition joined the blend. The melting pot of cultures and backgrounds mixed together to create what we know as Caymankind today. The three islands Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac lie in the Caribbean Sea. Grand Cayman, the largest island, is approximately 22 miles (35 kilometers) long and 8 miles (13 kilometers) wide. Cayman Brac, about 90 miles (145 kilometers) northeast of Grand Cayman, is about 12 miles (19 kilometers) long and a mile (1.6 kilometers) wide; Little Cayman, lies about 5 miles (8 kilometers) west of Cayman Brac.

  2. A British Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands are located in the western Caribbean, just over an hour’s flying time from Miami. Crystal clear waters in striking shades of blue slosh upon the shores of this trio of tropical isles. Grand Cayman is the largest and most cosmopolitan of the three islands. The Cayman Islands are famed above all for their excellent diving and beautiful beaches, although the financial services industry is one of the mainstays of the economy, alongside tourism. With a population of 55,000, the islands ranked 22 in the top 25 destinations in the world. Whether you are looking for relaxation, the turquoise water, white sandy beaches, exquisite dining, exciting nightlife or the awesome underwater sights, the Cayman Islands offers something for everyone. Getting Married in The Cayman Islands Destination Weddings in the Cayman Islands The Cayman Islands is one of the most romantic places in the world to get married and it’s not hard to see why, with its white sandy beaches, turquoise sparkling waters and year around good Caribbean weather. The Cayman Islands offers something few destinations can match, exquisite natural beauty comfortable hotels, great service and knowledgeable planners, ready to assist you with making your dream wedding a reality! Whether you're planning a grand, sophisticated church wedding for 250 or an intimate beachfront ceremony for two; getting married in Cayman is easy and whatever style of wedding you opt for, you can look forward to a truly magical wedding that you and your guests will remember forever.

  3. Before you get into the details of wedding planning here are our top things to consider when getting married in Cayman. Cayman Weather & Best Time to Travel The best time to visit Cayman is during the winter months with weather temperature of average 80 degrees. High season months are also more expensive and busier; make sure you plan well in advance! The most budget friendly time is the low season, when hotel and flight prices drop, you may be able to save yourself and your guests some money and still enjoy great weather. January and February are the coolest months with lows in the 70. The rainy season is from May through about November — though showers usually only last for a few hours at a time. If you are planning an outdoor event ensure you discuss a backup plan with the venue should the weather turn on the big day. Hurricane season runs from 1st June to 1st December. Sight inspection If possible, plan a trip to Cayman prior to the wedding to check out venues, meet wedding planners, look at decorations, schedule tastings, meet your photographer beforehand so you can go over the style of pictures you want for your wedding, listen to local music bands, have a hair and make-up trial etc. This will make the planning easier reduce the stress and help ensure there are no surprises on the big day. Accommodation Cayman offers a great variety of hotel and condominiums; from luxury 5-star hotels for those who can afford it, to smaller hotels for those who are watching the budget. Most hotels offer group rates or discounts, when booking multiple rooms. And check out the many condominiums, which are a great option, may be your guests can even share a 2 or 3 bedroom condo? Wedding Planner In the first flush of joy after your engagement, you’ll probably begin browsing magazines and wedding websites…and soon feel buried by a blizzard of checklists and overwhelmed by all decisions you need to make. That’s when you might want to think about hiring a professional wedding planner. Particularly for destination weddings, it will be made so much easier and less stressful if you seek help from a local wedding planner, especially if you are a non-resident. Wedding budgets can easily get out of control, a wedding planner will be better known with the local providers and will find and suggest suppliers that go beyond your expectations and meet your budget. On your wedding day you just have to relax and enjoy, your wedding planner will do the running behind the scène, making sure your day will be a smooth, relaxed experience leaving nothing but smiling faces.

  4. Destination Wedding Dress & Suit Beach weddings are fantastic! Relaxed, calm and full of sunlight and sea breeze! Choose the perfect destination wedding dress when planning a destination wedding; Bride: The big poufy gown with a long train doesn't work well with a beach them wedding, particularly if it takes place right on the beach. Look for a gown that is comfortable to wear in the heat. Choose a light and wrinkle resist material; it also be easier to pack and transport. They only need a little steaming to get out the few wrinkles you might have from transporting. Groom: What can a groom wear for a Caribbean wedding to look stylish? A traditional suit in light shades and up to colorful attire with a bow –if the weather is hot, a jacket isn’t necessary, just a light shirt. There are many possibilities; choose what goes with your wedding theme and colors! On the beach you should not wear heels since they will sink into the sand. A flip flop is best, or get married bare feet! Ceremony & Reception Locations Although the most popular places for weddings in Grand Cayman are the stunning beaches, there are plenty of other options to choose from including beautiful churches, historical locations, lush tropical gardens, five star resorts and outstanding restaurants.

  5. Ensure your guests have a great time What's nice about the Cayman Islands is that your guests have plenty of options should they have some downtime in between wedding events. To make the most of the time in Cayman, provide your guests with all useful information as: Excursions, things to do, how to get around, closest supermarket and liquor stores…. If you like to offer welcome gifts or wedding favors there are some great local items as rum cakes, small rum bottles, Cayman sea-salt; ask your wedding planner for the different options! Wedding Photographers You’ve put so much time and effort into planning your wedding you’ll want every special moment captured for your photo album. But how do you know which photographer is right for you? Meeting the right photographer is as important as finding the perfect wedding dress. No memories from your wedding day will be as treasured as your photographs. It is what you show you friend and family who were not there to attend and you'll refer to them time and time again as the years go by, to recall everything from the most significant moments, the kiss, the first dance—to the smaller details. Cayman does have high rated professional photographers; browse their websites to see more about their styles and packages they do offer.

  6. Wedding Flowers Floral designers do much more than just supply the bouquet! They help create the look and mood for your wedding ceremony, as well as centerpieces and other table decorations for the reception. There are some great florists on Cayman to select from when designing your wedding bouquets and arrangements. They will work with you to design your choice of bouquet, flower or colors. Bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and centerpieces to make your wedding unique and special. When planning your event, it is best to remember that most floral species will have to be flown in for the event, which can become quite costly.

  7. Wedding & Ceremony Music Music sets the mood! Your choice of music during the ceremony and celebrations is very important, as music is a way to express yourself. Cayman offers a great variety from steel pan, harp, violinist, guitarist, singers, bands and DJ’s, just make sure to not wait to long as they do book up quickly. Wedding Hair & Make-up Grand Cayman has many professional and internationally trained hairdressers and make-up artists. If you have a certain vision of what you want, take the picture along to show to your stylist. Book a trial prior to your wedding so you are sure you look gorgeous on the day of your wedding. Also check out the many Bridal spa packages offered by spa’s and salons. Transportation On your wedding day you want to arrive in style, limousine’s or town cars can get you to and from the wedding. For your guests exclusive busses can be arranged for. Make sure there is no drinking and driving, guests who come by own or rental car, and want to drink, can always get a taxi to return to their hotel.

  8. Cayman Airways offers discounts to groups of 10 or more, which is beneficial when booking flights for wedding guests. Special advantages for wedding couple and enjoy your complimentary rum punch during your flight! Contact Cayman Airways for details and other booking incentives: Legal Marriage Requirements in the Cayman Islands As one of the most romantic places in the world, who wouldn’t want to say “I do!” in the Cayman Islands? Not only does Cayman offer a superb location with stunning views, great weather, wonderful venues and plenty of professionals to help you organize your big day, but getting married in Cayman is also a fairly easy process, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying your big day. The Process of Getting Married in Cayman There are two very different processes for getting married in the Cayman Islands, depending on whether you are a resident or a visitor to the island. Marriage Requirements for Residents Residents must be married by having their Banns of Marriage published by a Civil Registrar or Marriage Officer for nine clear days before the marriage can take place. If one party to the marriage is a resident, and the other party a visitor, then the resident party can apply for the Banns to be published before the visiting party arrives. Banns of Marriage are valid for three months after being published. For Residents or if you are marrying a Caymanian, your Marriage Officer will require a preliminary interview and documentation in order to complete a form called a Public Notice. You will need to take your passports and your proof of immigration status (e.g. work permit, residency certificate, etc.) when you attend the interview. If you have been previously married, you will also need your original divorce decree or spouse’s death certificate. If the decree or certificate is in a language other than English, you will need an English translation certified by a Notary Public. Requirements for Visitors Couples who are having a destination wedding or are arriving on a cruise ship can marry in Cayman under a special license. Following is needed to get married in the Cayman Islands: Proof of citizenship and age – Passport or an original/certified copy birth - certificate with photo identification (18 is the minimum legal age without parental consent) Proof of marital status (legal divorce decree or death certificate, if applicable)

  9. Cayman Islands Immigration Department entry slip (given upon arrival in Cayman), or Cayman Islands international embarkation/disembarkation card for cruise ship passengers. Two witnesses at the ceremony - If it is just the two of you visiting the island, ask your wedding planner to assist. Application form for a special license to be completed and signed by the couple The cost of the license is CI$200/US$250. You, your spouse and 2 witnesses (aged 18 or older) will sign the certified copies of your marriage certificate. You will receive your “full marriage certificate” from the Cayman Islands Registrar of Marriage at the end of the marriage ceremony. After wards your wedding will be registered, by your Marriage Officer with the Registrar of Marriages. After registration you can obtain a registered can certified copy of your marriage certificate; this document is the legal proof of marriage. European Union citizens (except the United Kingdom and Ireland) may need to have their Registered Marriage Certificate apostilled (or authenticated). This does not apply to United States or Canadian citizens. Citizens of Asian countries, South and Central America should check with their Civil Registrar/Marriage Officer as to whether an apostille is required for your country. General Requirements Please note the minimum age to get married in the Cayman Islands is 16; however, anyone under 18 must have the consent of a parent or guardian. Weddings must take place between the hours of 6am and 8pm, and the ceremony location has to be accessible to the public. If you get married on a Sunday or on certain public holidays, then no live music can be played. Marriages between two men or two women are not legal in the Cayman Islands. Weddings on the beach Is it your dream to get married on a white sandy beach with the turquoise ocean in the background? Cayman offers some of the world’s best beaches! Beaches in Grand Cayman There are many wonderful beaches in Grand Cayman; here are some of Grand Cayman's best beaches. Seven Mile Beach For several years now, Seven Mile Beach has been lauded as one of the Caribbean's best beaches. Take one glance at white sandy beach and clear blue water and you'll easily understand why. Many of Grand Cayman's best resorts are situated on Seven

  10. Mile Beach, and there are a number of casual beach bars and restaurants, a playground, restrooms and showers. The clear water allows snorkelers to see the vibrant fish and beautiful coral. Following are some of the Public Beaches along the SMB area with parking and easy access: Governor's Beach (located on Seven Mile Beach) A wide stretch of white sand and crystal clear blue water makes Governor's Beach a very popular beach. Governor's Beach is located just north of the Governor's Residence on West Bay Road. Small parking place. Cemetery Beach (located on Seven Mile Beach) The best snorkeling on Seven Mile Beach, located at the north end of Seven Mile Beach, just behind the cemetery. Parking alongside the road or at the parking place across the road. Public Beach (located on Seven Mile Beach) A popular and wide beach, easy accessible and has a big parking place. There is a children’s play area, cabanas (come early as they are highly looked after), restrooms, showers and for the kids, fun in the water; inflatable floating trampolines, see-saws, lots of fun things! There is a restaurants close by; Calico Jacks and a little further down the Tikki Beach bar; both great to enjoy some drinks and /or food.

  11. West Bay Public Beach A family friendly beach in West Bay, offering bathroom and changing facilities, beach cabana and some shade. Parking along the street or a little further by West bay dock. Close by the beach a great local restaurant Alfresco. Located on the left just after entering West Bay; left after the 4-way cross. Some Other Beaches: Smith Barcadere Beach A small but picturesque cove in the mainly iron-shore coastline. Great for snorkeling, lots of trees, restroom facilities and a freshwater shower. Parking area across the road.

  12. Spott’s Beach Located south of George Town A small and often deserted south–facing beach with cliffs and a dock in the middle. It's a good place to spot turtles, who usually come into the shallow waters to feed on the sea grass in the late afternoon. No facilities, be aware of currents. Eastern Districts Beaches Various long sandy beaches can be found in the eastern districts. Expect these beaches to be strewn with washed-up sea grass; they aren’t the tidiest of beaches but great for snorkeling. The Morritt’s Tortuga resort has a nice sandy beach, with a bar in the middle of the dock and a virtual aquarium of fish below. If the wind blows the right direction this is also a great spot for wind surfing or kiting. East End Public Beach is a small beach with a pier and some cabanas for shade. Rum Point

  13. Very popular spot, particularly at weekends, for both visitors and residents. Relax in a hammock or snorkel in the sheltered water. Come in a boat and more before the beach or on the dock. Ideal for young and old. The Wreck Bar and Grill serves food and cold drinks. Definitely try the famous and delicious drink; a Mud slide! Starfish Point At the very tip of Cayman Kai is Starfish Point. The sea here is calm and very shallow; you will find lots of starfish! Close to Starfish Point you find the restaurant Kaibo, easy-going, casual beach style, great for lunch or dinner; look out for their full moon party’s! All beaches in Grand Cayman are public up to the high water mark, including the stretches of beach directly in front of resorts. Look out for ‘Beach Access’ signs to find some hidden and deserted beaches. Things to Do in Cayman Stingray City The world famous Stingray City is an absolute “must-do” for any visitor to Cayman and is often described as the experience of a lifetime. The "city" is really a shallow sandbar where you can interact with and feed the Atlantic Southern stingrays that live in those waters. Previous visitors reveled in the opportunity to get so close to the creatures and insist that it's not dangerous, as long as you follow the guidelines of the instructors. Make sure you take your camera along; you will have some great pictures to show your friends! Even the most seasoned traveller will be impressed by these beautiful animals. Beaches Beaches don’t get much better than Cayman Beaches. You’ll find miles of white powdery sand, crystal clear turquoise water, palm trees and a lovely breeze. Although Seven Mile Beach is Cayman’s most famous beach there are plenty of other picturesque and interesting beaches to discover. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park The Grand Cayman Q.E. II Botanic Park preserves the island's flora and fauna, including the endangered blue iguana. You can stroll the 65-acre parks peaceful paths past lily-topped ponds, palm gardens, woodland habitats, orchids, and colorful flowers. Plants and trees are labeled, and you’ll find a Heritage Garden with medicinal plants and a restored Caymanian cottage.

  14. Turtle Farm Cayman's largest land-based attraction, Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter hosts more than 500,000 visitors each year. See turtles new hatchlings (when in season) right up to turtles weighing more than 400lb. Then head to the touch tanks and waddling pool for a more personal experience. This attraction also includes a lagoon with a waterslide, a Predator Reef for viewing reef and nurse sharks, a nature trail and more! Swimming with Dolphins Everyone willing to have a great learning experience and learn more about these wonderful animals while having fun playing with them. Your friendly dolphin greets you with a kiss and handshake; he will also push you across the water surface while you ride a boogie board, or the dolphins will take you through the water surface as you are holding on their dorsal fin. Adventure and fun! Water sports There is a seemingly endless list of water sports to enjoy in Grand Cayman. From kayaking tours, paddle boarding, Jet Ski, water ski and sailing trips to deep sea fishing, kite boarding and parasailing there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. Don’t want to get wet? Try the underwater submarine tour (also great for kids!) Tour the Island and Meet the Locals Hire a car; get a good Island map, and tour around the Island. Immerse yourself in local culture, meet friendly locals and experience what life was like in the ‘good old days'. Try local dishes such as Turtle Stew, Fish Tea, Conch or Lobster at any of the local restaurants. See families sitting in their porches ‘shooting the breeze’ and watching the comings and goings around them. Visit Bodden Town and East End. Make a stop at the Blow Holes and Pirates cave. If you make it a full day visit Rum Point and the Botanical Gardens. Don’t forget we drive on the left side of the road! Diving & Snorkeling Grand Cayman offers as much entertainment below water as it does above water. Where you’re keen to become a certified diver, or prefer to stay on the surface with a mask and snorkel there is plenty to keep you entertained. In Cayman you’ll find many different dive sites to explore including wrecks, caves, shallow reefs plus more challenging deep walls. Cayman’s warm, clear waters also provide outstanding visibility and a vast array of marine life such as colorful tropical fish, stingrays, turtles, moray eels, lobsters and the occasional shark. If you prefer snorkeling; there are plenty of great snorkeling sites to choose from where you can immerse yourself in an exotic landscape of coral and swim with schools of tropical fish. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a turtle!

  15. Mastic Trail The Mastic Reserve Trail is a wilderness experience. It is a real hike in the woods (3 k). It is deep shade, old-growth forest and will take you along iron shore and through dry forest, silver thatch palms, and black mangrove wetland. It is native songbirds, endemic and medicinal plants, and it is a good workout! the well-marked trail and spot wild orchids, birds, and small animals such as lizards and hermit crabs. It is a complete change from brilliant waters, bright sunshine and beaches. Best to do this hike early in the morning (if possible go with 2 cars and park one at the exit so you only walk one time, which takes at least an hour), put on good walking shoes and take plenty of water along! Duty Free Shopping Cayman is famous for its duty free shopping including: jewelry, watches, luxury brands, gems, cosmetics and more. Most stores can be found in downtown George Town, so make sure you take a trip to the capital of the Cayman Islands. While you are there visit the museum and walk along the history wall (alongside the courthouse). Georgetown is also the main docking side for the many cruise ships that visit Grand Cayman. Golfing Catch up on your gold or play a quick round; the golf courses of the Cayman Islands are waiting for you. Choose between one of the excellent gold courses, or play them all! The North Sound Club (18-hole course), The Britannia Golf Course (9 or 18-hole course, designed by Jack Nicklaus) or The Blue Tip Golf Course (9-hole course designed by Greg Norman). Pedro St. James About 20 minutes drive east of George Town, the Pedro St. James National Historic Site is home to a restored 18th century plantation Built in 1780 by a wealthy Englishman named William Eden house. One of the oldest buildings on the island, this three-story stone structure is known as the "Birthplace of Democracy in the Cayman Islands", as it was here in 1931 that the decision was made to form Cayman’s first elected parliament. You can tour the restored house and learn about its history during a presentation in the theater. Camana Bay Camana Bay is a favorite gathering place for residents and visitors alike. At its heart there is a bustling town center that offers world-class shopping, bars and restaurants. Check out the Observation Tower, with an impressive mosaic wall; enjoy a stroll along the harbor enjoying homemade Italian ice cream. Every Wednesday from 12-4pm you can locale produce on the farmers market. Local products (making great souvenirs or gifts) include rum cake, beer, paintings, crafts, jams and candy. Check the Camana Bay schedule as it often hosts special events and entertainment.

  16. Night life in Cayman With a great selection of bars, happy hours, restaurants offering all kind of different food choices, music performances and night clubs you sure won’t be bored in the evenings! Contact to Islands Weddings and Events Planner For more information on our Wedding and Event Services, or to Schedule a Free Consultation, Please Contact us on Below Details.