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Disposable and Protective Nitrile Gloves PowerPoint Presentation
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Disposable and Protective Nitrile Gloves

Disposable and Protective Nitrile Gloves

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Disposable and Protective Nitrile Gloves

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  1. Disposable and Protective Nitrile Gloves

  2. If you are a medical or food processing professional in need of strong, abrasion resistant and comfortable gloves for your hand, you can have a better choice in protective and disposable nitrile gloves. They are made of synthetic rubber materials and are much stronger than latex gloves and just because they are free from protein, are not going to cause any allergy or pathogen contamination. It is great news for all those people who suffer from latex gloves allergies.

  3. 2. Housekeeping: In reputed hotels and public places, housekeeping professionals use strong cleaning agents and solutions to maintain the standards of sanitation and repetitive application can be damaging for their hands and skin. However, nitrile gloves can be used as measure of protection and minimize irritation and other skin related problems. 3. Food processors: In the food processing units, wearing protective gloves is obligatory in many cases to prevent contamination by pathogens. Impermeable to animal fats, these gloves can be a better choice due to their softness, durability and comfort.

  4. 5. Gardeners or landscapers: Dealing with in-organic fertilizers and pesticides can have damaging effect on the hands of landscapers or gardeners. The nitrile gloves can resist their heavy use while saving the skin from dangerous materials applied in gardening and landscaping. 6. Product inspection: Product inspectors often get exposed to a wide variety of substances that may even harm the skin of their hands. Nitrile gloves can offer them protection while inspecting these materials. 7. Lab technicians: For avoiding the danger of exposure to infected needles and blood serum, nitrile gloves can be useful for those engaged in laboratories. 8. Medical practitioners: These gloves suit the medical practitioners as well. They are much more abrasion resistant than natural rubber made gloves, and give a protective barrier against harmful germs and blood borne contaminants. The nitrile gloves are far more functional than latex when it comes to seek protection from chemotherapy and other harsh drugs.

  5. Remember, the nitrile gloves find different applications. While providing protection from harmful chemicals and elements, these latex-free gloves are accessed in a wide range of colours and sizes, and offered in both powdered and non-powdered variety for your own convenience. Are you looking to purchase high quality nitrile gloves? CCS Direct can get you covered efficiently. It is a hygiene and safety product store in UK offering an exceptional collection of top quality nitrile gloves. To place an order for nitrile gloves, CCS Direct can be called at 0150 926 2852 now!

  6. Contact us CCS Direct, Unit V Castle Business Park, Hockey Close, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5GW Tel: 0845 4567 687 Fax: 0845 4567 685 Sales: Web: