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The House On Mango Street PowerPoint Presentation
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The House On Mango Street

The House On Mango Street

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The House On Mango Street

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  1. The House On Mango Street Jackie, Shanni, Chris, Hewitt DaBaus

  2. Bums in the AtticBeautiful and CruelA Smart Cookie

  3. Bums In The Attic • Esperanza and her family pile into a car • visit houses up on a hill • where her father works in the gardens • Sundays • Esperanza: one day she will own a house • Invite “bums” into her house • “Bums, I’ll say, and I'll be happy.”

  4. Analysis • Esperanza hopes one day to get away from her poverty • When she does get away she wants help others • Never forget: who she is and where she came from

  5. Beautiful & Cruel Esperanza, Nelly, and their mother have a talk about who they plan to be in the future Nelly has an idea that she won’t end up like other girls in their culture But Esperanza thinks that its easy to talk like that, but not fulfill those plans. Esperanza hopes to be like one of those typical girls in movies who are pretty with red lips, who send the boys crazy and has power She compares her self to having the attitude of a man.

  6. Continue. • Esperanza has a big idea that she is going to have power and not end up like other woman in her society who aren't fully educated and end up being a house wife for the rest of their lives. • She sees how other woman are treated and how they suffer and she is promising her self that she wont end up like that • Esperanza has move of a chance to not end up like a typical woman does since she is already starting her own “quiet war” against, while her sister is just saying that she will have her own power as a woman.

  7. Smart Cookie • Esperanza records her mothers statement that she could've been somebody • Her mother remembers how she quits school because she has no nice clothes • She urges esperanza to study hard and feel no shame • “shame is a bad thing, it keeps you down.”

  8. Analysis • Cisnerios has put this in here to show an example of poverty and hope in families in the Bario. • Esperanza’s mother sees in Esperanza herself, and wants Esperanza to do something in her life.