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Wood Fired Saunas PowerPoint Presentation
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Wood Fired Saunas

Wood Fired Saunas

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Wood Fired Saunas

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  1. Sauna rooms are famous for giving a feel of both damp and dry air during bath that will have a great healing touch for your body. You can soak in it preferably to open up your skin pores, perspire profusely and help your body get cleaned naturally. While looking to build a sauna at your own home, you can be sure of getting frequent soaks and improving your perspiration, blood circulation and flushing rate of body toxins only to be left with an ultimately relaxing and stress free experience. If you want a greater sense of privacy and security, then our collection of pre-fabricated and pre-packaged red cedar wood sauna kits is available with all custom fit tongue and groove cedar paneling, ceiling, sauna heaters, sauna accessories, sauna benches and doors to help you install a sauna room more easily and quickly.

  2. Why to spend on commercial spas when you have a great option to relax in a cozy ambience of your personal sauna room? The useful features of home saunas have made them a favorite among health freaks in the world. You can order our sauna kits and build your own sauna rooms as portable units with accommodation facility for one more persons at a time. They are ready to assemble and include sauna heaters to keep working immediately after installation. To experience the warm soothing touch in your personal sauna whenever you feel stressed or body aching, consider purchasing DIY sauna rooms from Northern Lights Cedar Barrels Saunas today! We can also deliver you wood, infrared and electric sauna heaters separately for replacing the damaged sauna heater in your personal sauna at anytime.

  3. 305 McKay Unit 20 Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Pin:R2G0N5 Ph: 1-800-759-8990 Web: Thank You