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Best skin and hair clinic in Hyderabad PowerPoint Presentation
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Best skin and hair clinic in Hyderabad

Best skin and hair clinic in Hyderabad

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Best skin and hair clinic in Hyderabad

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  1. Celestee Skin & Hair Clinic Dr Raj Kirit

  2. PRP Treatment for Hair Loss A beautiful, shiny and lustrous hair is something that many people are obsessed with. Especially women of every age, desires to have beautiful hair. It makes them look pretty as well and foremost thing, it is a sign of womanliness. A woman with long hair is always appreciated and admire by everyone.

  3. PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Hair loss has become a common major problem nowadays. Many people including teenagers, adults , men and women, everybody is going through the problem of excess hair loss which is really unwanted by all. This problem can be result of many factors. Hormonal issues, change of climate, change of water, excess medication and many more.

  4. PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Hair fall is a natural phenomenon that happens with everyone but excess hair loss is something that we should get concerned about. If you feel you are losing excess hairs, it is better you go and talk to a dermatologist to know the cause and the solution for the same. And it is always good to choose a certified dermatologist to attain the best outcome.

  5. PRP Treatment for Hair Loss To retain the beauty of your hair and to control the hair loss you are going through, PRP treatment can be a great option to choose. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, a well known treatment by many people is performed by dermatologist to restore your hairs. A procedure that can help you get back your beautiful hairs.

  6. PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Platelet Rich Plasma is a non invasive procedure which has been in practiced for many years. It is absolutely a safe procedure because your own blood is used for the same treatment. About 15 to 16ml of your blood is taken out and centrifuged. The plasma that has good amount of growth factors are then injected into your scalp.

  7. PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Platelet Rich Plasma can be a source of happiness for people who are depressed because of their continuous hair loss. PRP therapy is indeed a wonderful procedure for hair restoration. It can also help in re-growth of new hairs on your scalp

  8. PRP Treatment for Hair Loss PRP therapy takes maximum 30 to 45 minutes for the whole process. It is a short time procedure. It is a bearable treatment. PRP can be taken by anyone who wants to have healthy, lustrous and strong hair. Men and women of any age can opt for this procedure. It works very well and do not have any side effects and harm on anything.

  9. PRP Treatment for Hair Loss After Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, you can resume your normal activities. There is no downtime post the treatment. You would just have to avoid washing your hairs on the same day. Mostly people are advised to take 2 to 3 sessions of PRP for best result in a gap of 4 to 6 weeks. Your dermatologist would be the best person to advised you the time gap and number of sessions required.

  10. PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Celestee Skin & Hair Clinic 443/A 55, Road No 6,Film Nagar, Hyderabad-96. Mobile : +91- 9908534999. Website :