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ALIENS. Austin Contreras 7th B ISE 1. WHAT IS AN ALIEN.

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  1. ALIENS Austin Contreras 7th B ISE 1

  2. WHAT IS AN ALIEN • In popular culture and ufology, iscalledalientoevery living beingoriginatesfromsomewhereoutside of the Cosmos, outsidetheEarthoritsatmosphere. Althoughthewordalienisusedtoallthatisforeigntoearth, mostpeopleonlyhave in mindwhenreferringtobeingsfromouterspace.

  3. Whatis a UFO • A UFO istechnicallyan "unidentifiedflyingobject”.

  4. EVENTS Themostcommonevents are thecornfieldsigns, peoplesaysthatfarmers do it, butfarmershavefilmedalienspaceshipsdoingthispatrons.

  5. ROSWELL UFO INCIDENT • Thisincidentwasthebiggestaliendiscovered and ittook place in the U.S whenanairborneobjectcrashedon a ranchnear Roswell, New Mexico, onJuly 7, 1947 themostfamousexplanation of whatoccurredisthattheobjectwas a spacecraftcontainingextraterrestriallife.

  6. secrets WhatisNASA? NASA stands forNationalAeronautics and SpaceAdministration. NASA is a UnitedStatesgovernmentagencythatisresponsibleforscience and technologyrelatedto air and space.

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