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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan

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  1. Michael Jordan

  2. High School • Was cut from his high school team as a sophomore • Career didn’t start until he was at North Carolina • Led NC to national championship in 1982 • Made the game winning shot

  3. College • Left North Carolina as a junior to go to the NBA • Was signed as the Bulls number one pick • Third overall pick of the 1984 draft

  4. Dunk Contests • Won his first Slam Dunk Contest • Went on to win 2 slam duck contests • In 1988 He preformed his famous dunk from the free throw line

  5. Shoes • Jordan’s first pair of shoes come out • They are called the retro 1’s • In 1988 the Air Jordan line made 110 million dollars

  6. Championships • Jordan led his team to their first national title • Bulls beat Lakers 4 games to 1 • He averaged 31.1 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 8.4 assists in the postseason • He would win five more titles with the Bulls and take home the MVP honor in each of them.

  7. Father • Jordan’s father was found dead • He was murdered by two men who were later caught

  8. Retire #1 • Jordan retired from basketball • Stunned the world • He told his fans he has nothing left to prove in basketball

  9. Baseball • Jordan signs contract with the White Sox • He played one season with the White Sox and then left the next spring

  10. Return #1 • Jordan returns to the NBA wearing number 45 in honor of his father • Scored 19 points in first game back but lost

  11. Retire #3 • He retired from basketball saying he was 99.9% sure he was done. • He has now retired three times from two different sports twice in basketball and once in baseball

  12. Last Chance In 2001 Jordan signed with the Wizards at age 45 He owned the Wizards at that time With the Wizards Jordan Averaged 22.9 points a game

  13. Steve Nash

  14. Child hood • Born on February 7th, 1974 • He moved three times before finally settling in Victoria, British Columbia • He played hockey and soccer but not basketball • Didn’t start playing basketball until he 12 or 13 • Went to a private high school • His senior year he almost averaged a triple-double with 21.3 points, 11.2 assists, and 9.1 rebounds per game. • In the 1991–92 season, he led his team in his final year to the British Columbia AAA provincial championship title, and was named the province's player of the year.

  15. College • Was not recruited by any American university • Santa Clara University head coach Dick Davey requested video footage of Nash after he watched him play • Coach Davey told Nash he was the worst defensive player he has ever seen • His freshman year he led the Broncos to the NCAA Tournament and upset the #2 seed Arizona Wildcats • Didn’t make it back to the tournament until his junior season after his 1995 season considered entering for the 1995 draft but didn’t enter because he would be drafted in the first round

  16. Drafted • Was drafted 15th overall be the Phoenix Suns in the first round • Fans booed after his name was called • Rookie year he averaged 10.5 mins per game • His second season he played more and was ranked 13th in the league for three point field goals • Was traded to the Mavericks in 1998 spending only two years with the Suns

  17. Early NBA Career • First year at the Mavericks Nash started all the games but failed to make to playoffs • 2000-01 season Nash had his break out year and led the Mavericks to their first playoff birth in a decade • 2001-02 season Nash was selected to play in the NBA All-Star game he did this again the next season • After the 2003-04 season Nash became a free agent • Nash wanted to sign a long term contract but Mavericks owner was not investing in Nash • Nash signs a 6 yr 63 million dollar contract with the Phoenix

  18. MVP • Nash would go on to win two MVP awards with Phoenix after he was traded • Was the first Canadian to win the MVP award • Nash led the Suns to the playoffs were they would face the Mavericks in the second round Suns won the series 4-2 • Suns made it to the western conference finals before losing to the Spurs • Suns made it back to the playoffs again the next year and played the Mavericks again in the second round but this time they were blown out

  19. Now • Was the top voted player for the NBA All-Star game • He missed being the MVP and lost to Dirk Nowitzki • If he would of won it would have been his third in three years • The Suns made it to the playoffs again in 2008 but lost in the first round