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iPhone or Android: Which Is Better?

Do you own an iPhone and planning to jump ship and buy an Android? Or, vice versa? Would it be a wise decision? Should you stick to an iPhone? We list out some of the major difference between an iOS and the Android OS? Visit https://cellphoneunlock.net/ to know more.

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iPhone or Android: Which Is Better?

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  1. iPhone V/s Android Which Is Better?

  2. WHAT CAME FIRST IPHONE OR ANDROID • The answer’s slightly complicated as work was simultaneously on for both platforms. • iPhone introduced in 2007 • Android was introduced in 2008 • Rubin’s idea about open source system • was conceptualized as early as 2000.

  3. MARKET SHARE • 99.6 % of the world’s smartphones • run either on iOS or Android • iOS has 17.9% of market share – • 77 million users • Android has around 81.7% of market share – 352 million users • Source: Gartner. http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3609817

  4. HARDWARE • Apple controls manufacturing – • strictly monitors quality • Android is open source, so no control over quality – price may range from $100 to $1000. • High-end Android phones have better quality; cheaper phones have issues • Choosing iPhone is easy – • only a handful of models • Choosing Android difficult - different companies, different models, and specifications

  5. PRICE RANGE • There’s not much difference in an iPhone and a high-end Android offering similar features • Typically iPhone 7 sells for $600 • or more in the US • A Samsung Galaxy S7 sells for • around the same price

  6. APPS • Android is open sourced, but phone can • come loaded with poor quality apps • installed by manufacturer • Only Apple installs iPhone apps – • hence better access to high-quality apps. • Android apps – free • iOS – more like a walled garden

  7. BATTERY • iPhone – replacing battery is not easy • Android – battery can be replaced by the user • iPhone models don’t need a charge every day • Android – depends on model; • users can pick ones that last longer

  8. BOTTOM LINE • Not so easy to choose • Depends on the chosen model and • version, and user preference

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