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Rayzz - Video Sharing Script PowerPoint Presentation
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Rayzz - Video Sharing Script

Rayzz - Video Sharing Script

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Rayzz - Video Sharing Script

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  2. Life is a movie...You are the Producer, We write the Script!

  3. What is RAYZZ? Rayzz is a script that provides users with a platform to share videos, and network as well. Among other things, pictures and audio files can be shared as well. Users can socialize with the others like they can on MySpace or YouTube.

  4. the product background Rayzz was developed in December 2006 by Agriya Infoway, an established Indian company providing outsourced software development to a global client base. After the original Beta software was released it was re-written in May 2007 to provide a more stable platform. The software was re-written again in November 2007 and assigned the 2.0 version. The current version is 2.2.

  5. Features Rayzz templates are flexible to customize, ready to use and can be downloaded directly. These templates give you a chance to create a unique and professional website. Rayzz supports the languages desired by the webmasters. Members can post articles about any topic and share them with the public or among a specific group. Members can post their the opinions and observations of any topic, such as description of events, news items, stories…

  6. Features Users can put flashy banner ads on their site, and make money in the process. It also lets users display ads on videos. Members upload their favorite music on the site, and share them with their friends and also control access of the audio to public or other members of the site. With high quality audio your site become different from the other video sharing sites and attracts more traffic.

  7. . : The markets RAYZZ is currently being usedin Rayzz is currently being used in sports and fitness, medical, entertainment, shipping, religious, social networking, catering, news and politics, information portal, fashion, corporate intranet.

  8. Comparison List * This rates have been given out of 10.

  9. Choice is yours, make it smart!!! Rayzz is the smartest choice with the brilliant features, flexibility to customization and combining easy to use and powerful features.

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