the chadar trek along the zanskar river ladakh n.
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Chadar Trek Most Spectacular Treks In The World | Chadar Trek 2019 PowerPoint Presentation
Chadar Trek Most Spectacular Treks In The World | Chadar Trek 2019

Chadar Trek Most Spectacular Treks In The World | Chadar Trek 2019

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  1. The Chadar Trek along the Zanskar River, Ladakh is one of the most spectacular treks in the world. As the name suggests, “chadar”, frequently refers to a single sheet, in this case, of ice formed over the years. If you are a nature enthusiast, intrigued by the magnificent views nature has to offer, this trek must be on your bucket list. A sight for the promising photographers, a dream for the adventurists and a must-do for the ones continuously seeking an adrenaline rush, the ​Chadar river Trek​ takes place between January and February every year, when the conditions are suitable for tourists and trekkers to thrive. A campers delight, the trek however requires stamina and will power, following immense practice, grit and determination. The entire trek becomes worth it upon reaching the final destination at Chadar, which is a sight to behold. At 11,123 feet, after 6 days of trekking, there isn’t a better sense of accomplishment that strikes the mind than having done this. The tail end of the trek also surprises you with a glorious glacial waterfall, a product of the magical capabilities nature possesses. Unfortunately, due to the insensitive practices of the selfish nature of man, global warming may take away this gift of nature and the trek may come to an end if the single-minded activities of man do not come to an end. This only urges you further to inculcate courage and strength to take on this trek. The winding paths and snow-laden mountains along the way truly change give an unparalleled joy and ecstasy as never before. The ​Chadar Lake Trek​ is definitely the hottest trek in the coolest terrain.