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Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

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Boys Will Be Boys

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  1. Boys Will Be Boys • A practical approach to dealing with our most challenging middle school boys.

  2. The World View Of Boys • The world says boys should conquer and achieve and they’ll find fulfillment. • Boys should Compare, Compete, and Win. • In truth all the achievements and accolades in the world, without meaningful relationships, leave many boys insecure and unfulfilled.

  3. Be A Real Man What makes a real man? • Accepting responsibility • Leading courageously • Empathy • Respect for others • Enacting justice on behalf of others

  4. Looks Are Deceiving • Does being the most fit and attractive boy always promise success? • What happens to the boy who focuses on being selfless and affirming to others? • What other things will fall into place for him?

  5. How to Harness The Power • The BIG 3: Power, Strength, Authority • One world view is:“If you have it, flaunt it.” • A less shared view is: “How can I use this for others?” • All the power in the world will never make up for failed relationships • Think of the power of a single selfless act • How can we teach this to our boys?

  6. Breaking Down The Cliques • The world will try to place boys in boxes according to race, socioeconomic status, looks, athleticism, and academic achievement. • We can teach boys that respecting others is a form of respecting yourself. • Encourage boys to model inclusion and empathy. Not just feeling for someone, but coming along side of them. • The content of a boy’s character matters infinitely more than the wrapping and labels we place on him.

  7. What else can we do about this? • “Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us lay aside every encumbrance…and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…” Heb. 12:2

  8. We Can Teach Integrity • We need to live with integrity not only when it’s convenient, but always. • We can teach integrity to our boys by modeling it. • If we project integrity, we can expect it back. • We can tell the truth even if it’s risky. Our boys are worth the risk. • We can teach our boys that an ounce of integrity goes a long way.

  9. We Need To Show Our Humanity and Be Accessible • We need to offer our boys encouragement and one on one help. We need to leave a good first impression. We might only get one shot at this. • Discuss other stuff besides academics. Let our boys know we have a life. • If you listen, the boys will come. • Remember the goal is to establish trust first.

  10. Beware Of The Sponges • Boys will selectively tune you out when bored or if they feel disrespected. • Like sponges, boys will absorb anything they find credible and pertinent to their lives. • Make your words and actions count

  11. Prepare For Guerrilla Warfare • Protect your hard earned reputation by not over reacting to unpleasant situations. • If boys discover how to rattle your cage, you’re toast. • Size up the situation and take them out one at a time. Be stealth like. Aim for the heart. • Divide and you will conquer

  12. Remember, Boys Are Like Animals • Boys are most dangerous when cornered • Boys are like dogs, not cats • Boys run in packs. • Boys can smell bad • Never admonish a boy while he’s eating

  13. If We Invest Wisely, The Reward Will Be 10 Fold • Invest in your boys using good communication skills. • Spending one on one time with boys can yield huge dividends. • Skillful listening can turn confrontation into cooperation. • Form that critical bridge between you and your boys. • Once that bridge is constructed, it paves the way for many others to follow.

  14. Recap • Listen • Encourage • Give hope • Counsel • Develop positive relationships • Teach our boys that greatness is measured by the impact one has on other people’s lives.

  15. How Can We Connect With Our Boys When We’re Already Overworked and Overwhelmed?

  16. Answer:One Boy At A Time

  17. 6 Success Stories • Responsibility: Alison & Jeff • Compassion: Carol • Fearlessness: Chris • Firmness, but Fairness: Eric • Humor: Brendan

  18. The Fitness Solution • How diet and proper training can make teachers more healthy and benefit their students.

  19. The Diet Factor • The main goal is to establish a stable, fat burning metabolism. • The yoyo effect • Compatibility with the natural set point • Without exercise, you will experience muscle loss when dieting. • Reshape. Don’t just lose weight.

  20. Benefits Of Small Meals • 5-6 small meals per day will keep the “metabolic fire” hot. • It takes many calories to digest food. Thus more meals = greater caloric expenditure. • Small meals will discourage the late night binges. • Fueling during active times will prevent fat accumulation. • Latest studies show 800 calories per meal is the maximum most bodies can digest and convert to fuel.

  21. Carbohydrates

  22. Carbohydtrates • Carbs are a body’s main source of fuel. • Carbs are protein sparing • Carbs are placed in two categories, determined by the glycemic index. • Extra carbs, especially at night, will cause fat gain.

  23. Protein

  24. Protein • Quality protein is essential for gaining muscle mass. • Whey protein verses soy protein • How much protein should we eat? • Do weight trainers need extra protein? • What types of foods have the least calories , but yield the most protein? • Post workout meals should include some protein.

  25. Fat • Be sensible when it comes to fat. • 3,500 calories equals 1 pound of fat. • Small sacrifices can add up to huge fat loss.

  26. Supplements

  27. Supplements • Supplements are more necessary today than ever before because of our fast food lifestyle. • The average American diet is void of some vitamins and essential nutrients. • Multi vitamins with timed release are good. • Protein bars and shakes can be useful. • Watch out for weight loss supplements. • Diet Stack Trend: Caffeine and Ephedra

  28. Weight Training Basics

  29. Weight Training Basics • Weight Training will not just add muscle mass, but increase your metabolic rate 24/7. • The caloric expenditure is ramped up hours after the workout is completed. • Placing a greater load on muscles will cause growth through adaptation. • Low intensity work outs will yield poor results. • Peak performance and the neuromuscular junction.

  30. 11 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

  31. Why Women Should Lift Weights? • 1. Increased strength and durability • 2. Lose body fat. • 3. Gain strength without bulk • 4. Decrease risk of osteoporosis • 5. Improve athletic performance • 6. Reduce risk of injury, back pain, and arthritis

  32. Why Women Should Lift Weights Part 2 • 7. Adults can lose up to 3% muscle mass per year after age 30 • 8. Reduce your risk of heart disease • 9. Reduce risk of diabetes • 10. Improve your confidence and fight depression • 11. One can start lifting weights at any age

  33. The Cardio Component

  34. The Cardio Component • The common rule of thumb is to maintain a steady target heart rate for 20-30 minutes each day to achieve good cardiovascular fitness. • For more aggressive results, one can work up to the anaerobic threshold and then back down again. • This type of cardio workout is typical in interval training. • Increase intensity and vary routines to maximize gains

  35. How Can A More Fit Teacher Become A More Effective Teacher?

  36. Teachers Can Be Super Heroes Too