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Ireland Travel Brochure PowerPoint Presentation
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Ireland Travel Brochure

Ireland Travel Brochure

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Ireland Travel Brochure

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  1. Ireland Travel Brochure Traveling in style America, CA 2117 Chula vista (619)-251_6629 Explore Ireland as you discover it’s many landmarks like the bizarre shape of the cove of Giants Causeway.

  2. Places to go and things to eat Ireland is located in the Northern section of the continent of Europe and is the third largest island in Europe as well as the 20th largest island on the planet Ireland is split into two parts: Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland and has 32 counties. Geography and languages Climate, sports, and transportation culture Ireland has many famous and historical sites and landmarks like The Rock of Cashel or the beautiful sites given by the Cliffs of Moher But one of the most famous landmarks is the Castle of Blarney, which people visit to kiss the Blarney Stone, a ancient stone that is said to grant a person the gift of Gab ( as in flattery) when the stone is kiss by that person. Most food Ireland consist of meat and potatoes since it rains daily, which is why Ireland is lush with plantation, which also leads Ireland to have excellent farming. One of the most famous drinks in Ireland is a beer called Guinness. Another famous drink, especially to children, is Red Lemonade which is a soft drink. Ireland’s culture is influenced by ancient cultures such as Gaelic culture, but Ireland’s culture is also influenced by recent cultures like Anglicization and Americanization. Christianity is a very important in Ireland culture all the way since the beginning of Ireland. The climate of Ireland is mild, which means that the annual weather is 50 degrees and rains constantly which is why Ireland is known to have lush vegetation. Gaelic football is the most famous sport in Ireland because of popularity in Ireland. Much of transportation in Ireland is made up of railways and roads. Irish is the main language that is spoken in Ireland but both Irish and English is spoken the most. The government in Ireland is called the Republic of Ireland which is a local government. In 2012, Ireland has a total number of 6.4 million people living in Ireland.