learning goal 3 management of resources analyze n.
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Learning Goal 3: Management of Resources PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning Goal 3: Management of Resources

Learning Goal 3: Management of Resources

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Learning Goal 3: Management of Resources

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  1. Learning Goal 3: Management of Resources Analyze how management of KEY natural resources affects location & patterns of movement of people, products and money & Evaluate how societies create sustainable development. Criteria for Success: Analyze how the distribution & mgmt of Key resources affects the location & patterns of movement of people, products & $$.Evaluate how countries create sustainable development.

  2. What is Sustainability? • Sustainability: a type of long term pattern of resource usage & economic development in which the goal is to meet human needs while preserving the environment for future generations. • OR • Simply put, sustainable resource management is management that meets the resource needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability is more than an ideal, it is a way of living.

  3. E?: How do resources affect the location/movement of people, products & $$? • People historically cluster around usable bodies of water, fertile land • This population distribution still exists today • Examples: the Nile, Fertile Crescent, Mississippi River, the Danube • However, modern technology has allowed for larger populations and the movement of people • allows for populations further away from usable water sources & to become far more urban • Examples: Name some areas • Technology: Name technology that makes this possible

  4. E?: How do resources affect the location/movement of people, Products & $$? • Organizations/Businesses/Governments use natural resources to produce goods and provide for citizens and these goods are in high demand in an ever growing population. • These products move according to what? • Organizations and governments typically control these resources • What are some resources we depend upon as a society? • Resource control leads to what?

  5. E?: How do resources affect the location/movement of people,Products& $$? • Wealth provided by the sale of natural resources has allowed populations to grow where otherwise it would not be possible. • United Arab Emirates • Sale of natural resources also provides a concentration of wealth. • Saudi Arabia, Iran, Alaska • Sales of natural resources can also lead to the exploitation of an area. This is true of people and governments. • Amazon Rainforest

  6. Resource Management • Amazon-Deforestation in the Amazon has been a current issue in the nations within the Amazon River basin over the past few decades, esp. Brazil. • Numerous groups have developed competing claims to the region. • Native Amazonians, cattle ranchers, rubber tapers & gov’t developers • As the population increases worldwide, so do strains on the environment as the need for space, economic development and preservation/conservation collide.

  7. Solutions for Resource Management • Solutions to deal with resource mgmt and sustainability may depend on the type of government countries have. • Economic & Political Relationship btwn settlements & environments- (while there is no direct correlation btwn LOD & gov’t) …. • Newly Industrialized/Level of Development-some are: • Democratic/Open Market (India) • Totalitarian/Communist/Command (Iran/China) • What are environmental problems in developing nations?

  8. Solutions for Resource Mgmt… • The political challenge is for gov’ts to institute policies that promote sustainable development & regulate the mgmt of key natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable. • Renewable: Trees, Water • Non-Renewable: Coal & Oil

  9. Lake Travis before Drought

  10. Regulations for Water Use

  11. Essential ?: How do societies manage economic development while at the same time creating sustainability?

  12. Activity: • In your groups, answer individually in your ISN: Do you believe jobs and your private property rights should come before the governments ability to control resources or should governments have the right to control natural resources for the sake of sustainable development? Why or why not? • In your group, discuss your answers. • Then…next slide

  13. Activity Cont…. • Research an example of a natural resource being exhausted in an area of the world. (This can be water, oil, trees, gold, diamond) • In what ways has this created jobs? (# of jobs, gdp/capita, exports) • How has it strained the environment? (pollution, human resources) • How are the businesses and the local government trying to protect the environment? • What would you do in order to meet the needs of people and protect the environment?