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Brno, 2017

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Brno, 2017

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  1. MASARYK UNIVERSITY Brno, 2017 Developing ideas, inspiring people

  2. DEVELOPING IDEAS, INSPIRING PEOPLE • We believe thateducationis notjusta matter ofageorsocialstatus. • We arerelentless whenit comes to research and the quest forknowledge. • We arededicated to activelyinfluencing thelives of peoplearoundus.

  3. 9 FACULTIES = 1,300 DEGREE PROGRAMMES Our students are able to combine fields of study according to their own preferences. They specialize, experiment and discover new challenges. Individual fields of study are examined from all possible angles. ● Faculty of Law ● Faculty of Medicine ● Faculty of Science ● Faculty of Arts ● Faculty of Education ● Faculty of Economics and Administration ● Faculty of Informatics ● Faculty of Social Studies ● Faculty of Sports Studies

  4. HISTORY 1919 Masaryk University established founder Thomas G. Masaryk,firstpresident ofCzechoslovakia figures associated with the university:Leoš Janáček, Edvard Beneš, Jan Masaryk, Roman Jakobson, Václav Havel, Josef Škvorecký +115 additional holders ofMUhonorarydoctorates 188,000alumni since 1922

  5. MU TODAY 220 accredited degree programmes in Czech and various foreign languages 36,000 studies 7,000 international studies 19,200 lifelong learning participants 3,300 doctoral candidates 8,500 graduates per year 57,000 entrance applications submitted in 2016

  6. WE ARE THE SECOND LARGEST EMPLOYER IN THE REGION 5,150 employees 2,200 academic employees,1,500 technical and professional employees Over 4,000 teachers including external employees MU employees have made it all the way to Antarctica


  8. WE ARE DEDICATED TO PROMOTING TRANSPARENCY Study regulations valid throughout the university No barriers between faculties Universal rules applicable to everyone Freedom to compile an ideal timetable All final theses published online Student engagement in thequality assurance process reinforces their role as decision-makers.

  9. WE BELIEVE IN EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES MU is the second largest publisher of textbooks in Braille in the Czech Republic. The highest number of students with impaired mobility are currently enrolled at MU. MU is the only Czech university with the samepercentage of blind and deaf students as the general population of the Czech Republic.

  10. WE BRIDGE GAPS AND CONNECT COUNTRIES MU collaborates with over 50countries around the world 7,000international students are enrolled in Czech and foreign language degree programmes 100degree programmes are taught in foreign languages The ECTS Label facilitatesthemovementofstudentsand the transparent recognition of studies from international universities.

  11. WE LIVE IN A DIGITAL AGE Paper applications and student IDs were last used a decade ago. Everything is now available online. Our system has been implemented at other universities around the country. 62,500 annual IS MU users Up to 4.5 million page views per day Over 70,000 e-learning videos 5,000 multimedia teaching aids – electronic examinations for 50% of all students Plagiarism detection systems developed at MU used by 50 institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad

  12. WE CARE ABOUT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT QUALITY 11 faculty libraries113 component and field-specific libraries 6 bookstores specializing in academic literature and university promotional items University Computer Centre open 24/7 10 student residenceswith a combined capacity of 4,000 places 15 university canteens and cafeterias

  13. WE INVEST IN GROWTH In 2015, MU finalized several major European projects focusing on the development of university infrastructure. Educational facilities now include state-of-the-art laboratories as well as modern classrooms. Development with the support ofEuropean funds: CARLA, CERIT, CESEB, CVIDOSand other projects

  14. UNIVERSITY CAMPUS BOHUNICE • An exceptional project in European higher education, worth200 millionUSD • Cutting-edge laboratories for 5,000 students and 1,000 teachers • Biological and medical fields, sports studies

  15. WE ARE MAKING THE CITY A BETTER PLACE Historical buildings in the city centre, renovated by MU, are now home to the humanities and to a range of university centres.


  17. WE WORK TOGETHER TO ACHIEVE MORE MU is dedicated to promoting direct cooperation between researchers and technology transfer professionals. Verified innovative scientific results are ready for the market. Thanks to modern research centres, Czech Republic has rejoinedthetechnologically most advanced elite.

  18. CEITEC MUCENTRAL EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CEITEC is a centre of scientific excellence inthe field of life sciences, advanced materials and technologies. 490 experts across a diverse range of disciplines are involved in research which will affect our lives in the future. 6 partner institutions: universities and research institutes 490 research employees 54research groups 7research programmes 25,000m2 of new laboratory space 10shared laboratories

  19. CUTTING-EDGE SCIENTISTS The renowned molecular biologist Mary O'Connell is putting experience acquired at the world's leading research institutions such as the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to work at CEITEC.

  20. STUDENT SUCCESS MU student Hana Sedláčková was recently awarded first place in the life sciences category of the prestigious Undergraduate Awards, also known as the “junior Nobel Prize”. Research of the RECQ4 protein, whose mutations lead to a hereditary disease known as the Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome.

  21. JOSEF DADOKNATIONAL NMR CENTRE The most powerful nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer in Central and Eastern Europe is housed at the Central European Institute of Technology – CEITEC. The centre bears the name of Josef Dadok, a pioneering figure of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The device is used to study the structuresof biologically significant moleculesat atomic level, thereby expandingour understanding of processes takingplace in living organisms.

  22. RESEARCH PROJECTS AND SCIENTIFIC WORK Over 500 research projects investigated by scientists in 2015 Key areas: biomedical sciences (350) and the humanities (100) Over 1,000original scientific papers registered by the Web of Science Researchers from the Behavioural and Social Neuroscience group study how lack of sleep effects the human brain and immunity.

  23. FIGHTING LEUKEMIA: THEBIOMEDTECH PROJECT Scientists focusing on the needs of the market environment contribute to the establishment of a spin-off company The project has secured 850,000 USD in funding from the Research and Development for Innovation Operational Programme.  The project includes a new RTK database which features e.g. mutants of human diseases Casein kinase inhibitorsmay help combatchronic lymphocyticleukemia (CLL)

  24. PROTEIN ENGINEERING AND SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY • The LOSCHMIDT LABORATORIES at the Department of ExperimentalBiology focus on functional protein analysisand the large-scale cultivationof genetically modified bacteria. • Its scientists are the recipients of the prestigious EuropeanMolecular Biology Organization (EMBO) award and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute(HHMI) award. • Fermenters • (bioreactors) constitute essential equipment for the cultivation of bacterial cultures.

  25. Miriam Krutá of MU focuses on the differentiation of cells and their relation to genomic instability; she is currently continuing her doctoral studies at the prestigious Derrick Rossi laboratory at Harvard University. STEM CELLS: A MIRACLE OF SCIENCE Prof. Petr Dvořák supervises human embryonic stem cell research at the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Medicine.

  26. WE CONNECT SCIENCE AND PRACTICE – PATENTS Two patents for the production of molecular diagnostics in medicine filed by the Faculty of Medicine are now used by the GeneriBiotech company The Faculty of Sports Studies submitted a patent for special shoes designed to enhance the functionality of human legs Current cyber security research at the Faculty of Informatics is linked to real-word use with a key project focusing on pinpointing the likely authors of anonymous online texts

  27. WE OPERATE AN ANTARCTIC RESERCH STATION • Thanks to research work conducted at the station, the Czech Republic has been a voting member of the Antarctic Treaty System since 2007. Research into the ecosystems of ice-free areas:The newly discovered soil micro-organism Pseudomonas gregormendelii was named after Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics.

  28. WE STUDY THE CLIMATE OF THE WHITE CONTINENT On 23 March 2015 a weather station located at the top of the Davies Dome glacier at an altitude of 515 meters above sea level registered a record temperature of 17.8 °C. • How do melting glaciers affect the Earth's climate? • Long-term experiments simulate global warming.


  30. WE ACTIVELY INFLUENCE OUR SURROUNDINGS MU recently introduced a scholarship programme in support of humanitarian activities  Our teachers and students are dedicated to the advancement of Czech society MU is a major player in the cultural and sporting life of the city

  31. UNIVERSITY FOR A LIFETIME The Masaryk jUniversity project for 9 to 14-year-olds is a springboard for future scientists 100 secondary schools ambassadors promote the university's values Over 4,500 senior citizens continue their education at the University of the Third Age Future scientists take the oath at University Cinema Scala

  32. WE BELIEVE IN DIALOGUE Up to 80,000 students live in Brnoduring the school year. Student clubs and associations significantly contribute to city life. MU Choir MU Symphony Orchestra news portal The student-operated Radio R broadcastsfrom the Faculty of Social Studies

  33. STUDENTS HELPING WITH PATIENT RECOVERY Psychology students at the Faculty of Arts reach out to patients at University Hospital Brno recovering from injuries or struggling with the effects of neurological diseases. Neurocognitivetraining helps improve patients' mental fitness.

  34. WE PROMOTE SOCIAL INCLUSION The Faculty of Social Studies has developed a project dedicated to providing shared housing to selected Masaryk University students along with young people currently leaving orphanages. The SYMBIOS project managed to reach twice is crowdfunding goal and collect over 4,000 USD. • Young people leaving an orphanage are very vulnerable. Many of them are unable to transition to independent life on their own.

  35. WE HELP SOLVE SOCIAL ISSUES A new humanitarian scholarship The university pas provided financial aid e.g. to two students of medicine participating in medical missions in rural Ghana.

  36. WE OPERATE A UNIQUE UNIVERSITY CINEMA With 75,500 visitors in 2015, Scala Cinema ranked as the second most visited single-screen cinemain the Czech Republic. year-round programming teaching, conferences, festivals meeting place and social hub for students, academics and the general public

  37. MASARYK jUNIVERSITY Future scientists take the oath at University Cinema Scala MU ambassadors and prospectivestudents