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Ways to reduce friction losses :

XADO – TECHNOLOGY modifies friction surfaces . This is a brand-new, environmentally friendly, energy saving technology for the equipment maintenance and repair Scientific research Institute Chin Huan University Staff member Lyu Dzja Sjun.

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Ways to reduce friction losses :

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  1. XADO – TECHNOLOGY modifies friction surfaces. This is a brand-new,environmentally friendly, energy saving technology for the equipment maintenance and repairScientific research InstituteChin Huan UniversityStaff memberLyu Dzja Sjun

  2. In the whole world no less than 1/3 of all produced energy is wasted to reduce friction.About 2% of the national economy GDP is lost because of friction.

  3. Ways to reduce friction losses: • Creation of new wear-resistant materials • Changing of operating conditions of the friction surfaces by using special additives to lubricants • Using new types of top quality lubricants

  4. XADO – technology has triple effect:lubricating,restoring and surface modification. Today this technology is the most effective way to reduce friction.Very efficient way to save energy and resources. The most simple and economical way to harden the surface.

  5. Forming process and characteristics of the metalloceramics layer

  6. 12V-90diesel engine of the drilling rig worked in Sheng Li oilfield.Having been treated by XADO revitalizant it operated 2000 hours in excess of planned rate.

  7. This water pump gear shift of a locomotive was treated by XADO and it ran 400 000 km extra.

  8. XADOlaboratory test Laboratory friction machine Test period - 300hours after XADO revitalizant application Circular lubricating, oil. Lubricationintensity - 3 drops per second

  9. Test conditions: Rotation speed – 800rpm; Load on the roller increased after a certain period of time: 0 - 63operating hours –load10kg; 64 -158operating hours –load 15kg; 159 - 300operating hours– load 25kg.

  10. Surface hardness increased significantly and reached the level of the diamond-like material

  11. Table of disc surface hardness on the wear traces Friction machine 1- before test 2- after test

  12. Tables and diagrams of nanohardness of wear traces on the disc surface at a depth of50 nmand 20 nm After 300hours of tests on the friction machine

  13. Table of measurements and a diagram of nanohardness of the roller friction surface at a depth of 50 nm after tests on the friction machine 300hours of roller operation during test period

  14. Table of measurements and a diagram of nanohardness of the 12V-90diesel engine cylinder (Sheng Li Oilfield) at a depth of 50 nm Operating time of the engine in excess of the planned rate - 2000 hours

  15. Average nanohardness values: 1 – disc at a depth of 50 nm; 2 –disc at a depth of 20 nm; 3 – roller; 4 – gear wheel of the water pump; 5 – cylinder of 12V-90diesel engine.

  16. Roughness of the working surfaces treated by XADO decreases reaching the smoothness level of the mirror surface

  17. Results of Noncontact measurements of the surface nanoroughness in the 12V-90engine cylinder.Three-dimensional device for nanoroughness measurement

  18. Measurement number Ra, nm Rq, nm Rz, nm Rt, nm 1 23.67 36.26 732.7 928.99 2 29.39 38.94 473.3 830.6 3 27.14 40.2 934.15 2030 Averagevalue 26.73 38.47 713.38 1263.20 Table of nanoroughness measurements in three points of the working surface of 12V-90 engine cylinder

  19. XADO metalloceramics layer is • a thin colorless coating. • Its thickness can vary from 10 nm to several microns depending on the conditions of friction. • The general structure of the coating • is similar to that of • the diamond-like material.

  20. Chemical analysis of the cross section of the friction machine disc. The analysis was made with the device in a non-contact way by linear displacement of the probe.Red graph– content of carbon at different depth. Green graph – content of iron at different depth.

  21. Photo on the left – cross section of the friction machine roller (sample with black protecting rubber). On the right – table and diagram of the elements content in the surface layer. 3.8%C 5.5%C 11.32%C

  22. Photos of the sample with different enlargement, cross section of 12V-90diesel engine cylinder surface, drilling rig. А – cylinder material; В – XADO surface layer; С – special protecting rubber which is necessary in order to prepare the sample for the analysis.

  23. Analysis of the 12V-90 diesel engine cylinder surface. Percentage of chemical elements in the test points: А – at a depth of 6 micron В – on the cylinder surface (XADO metalloceramics layer) С – protective rubber (special sample for analysis) 7.09%C 7.95%C

  24. «RAMAN» device. Friction machine disc. Each graph on the upper diagram – measurements in two points. On the lower diagram – measurement in the spot of the burr (red graph), black graph – measurement results for graphite. Visible spectrum of the disc surface wear

  25. «Raman» device Friction machine roller Results of the measurements in the second point (cavity in form of a scratch)

  26. «Raman» device Friction machine roller - result of the measurements in the third point (cavity in form of a pit)

  27. «Raman»device Friction machine roller. Result of the measurements in the forth point (separate area).

  28. Laboratory analysis of the diamond-like layer • «Raman» device • On the left – optical spectrum of the friction machine roller. • On the right – summary diagram of: • smooth roller surface (black graph 1); • scratches on the roller surface (red graph 2); • deepenings on the roller surface (green graph 3); • - separate area on the roller surface (blue graph 4).

  29. Laboratory analysis of the diamond-like layer. • «Raman» device • red graph – XADO coating on the surface of 12V-90 diesel engine cylinder; • black graph – graphite analysis.

  30. Results of analysis of the friction machine roller photoelectron spectrum (XPS – analysis) Chart of the photoelectron spectrum elements. XPS - analysis

  31. Table of the chemical elements percentage in the surface layer. XPS - analysis

  32. 12V-90 diesel engine cylinder Measurement of the elements percentage at a depth of the surface coating Surface of the 12V-90 diesel engine cylinder

  33. Friction coefficient decreased significantly (less than 0.01)

  34. Results of the friction coefficient measurementsbefore XADO treatment after XADO treatment

  35. Friction machineWear comes to «0», moreover the working surface is restored

  36. Diagram of the wear on the friction machine(roller-disc).(black graph– oil without XADO, red – oil containing XADO).

  37. Friction machine.Wear-out percent of the roller (0-16 hours of operation on oil without XADO; 16-72 hours of operation – oil containing XADO). % - wear, h – hours of operating;

  38. Practical examples of wear restoration using XADO-technology

  39. From December 2002 to August 2004 tests of the diesel locomotives, DF8Bmodel (№5317; №5319), were carried out on the territory of the “ХАНИ” railway. After using XADO the locomotive ran extra 410 000 km and a mid-life repair was made.It ran 600 000 km till May 2005 and a mid-life repair was made again.

  40. Measurements results of the deviations of crankshaft journals diameter of the DF 8B locomotive engine after treatment and 410000 km run Main journals of the crankshaft 230 мм №1 №3№5№7№9 (initial)-0.005 -0.010 -0.015 -0.009 -0.010 (mid-life repair) -0.010 -0.008 -0.009 -0.012 -0.004 Rod journals of the crankshaft 210 мм №1 №3 №5 №7 (initial)-0.009 -0.006 -0.015 -0.021 (mid-life repair)-0.006 -0.007 -0.014 -0.023

  41. Measurements of crankshaft journals of the DF 8B locomotive engine after treatmentand 600 000 km run • Wear of the main journals of the crankshaft 230mm, mm • №1 №3 №5 №7 №9 • 0.007 -0.002 -0.006 -0.002 -0.006 • Wear of the Rod journals of the crankshaft 210mm, mm • №1 №3 №5 №7 • -0.001 0.002 -0.001 0.003

  42. Sheng Yang province, China Aircraft engines producing plant «Rassvet». Coordinate boring machine, vertical-type machine, produced in France. Results of the spindle vibration level measurements after XADO treatment

  43. XADO products in comparison with regular oils have a fundamental difference in working surface modification

  44. Molecular structure of different oil additives Chemically active substances Surface-active substances Anti-burr additives

  45. Boundary friction Liquid friction Boundary friction of the surface

  46. Examples of operation without oil after XADO treatmentin presence of notaries 1. February 10, 2003. Sya Li taxi with 3-cylinder engine, city of Tyan Din. 660km run, no breaking 2.April 14, 2004. Audi А6 and Foukan, ran 326 km in mountains and on the highway without oil ( out of which 160 km off the road in mountains), no breaking 3.June 18, 2004. Volkswagen Jetta, ran without oil 108km of the Pekin 5th ring, no breaking

  47. Traditional greases do not have restoring properties • In recent years the researchers added to the grease solid grains of such chemical elements as: Cu, Ag,TiO2, SiO2,as well as diamonds. In this case forming of the continuous layer on the friction surfaces did not occur.

  48. Layer on the friction surface after adding hard grains to the grease

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