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Ways To Learn

Ways To Learn

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Ways To Learn

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  1. Ways To Learn By: Mr. Otero

  2. Asking the teacher… • You can ask the teacher for help so you can understand better the information that you are learning and be better on it. • She can give you hints and good tips to do your work and never be afraid of asking her!!!

  3. Home learning • Home work assignment given to us by teachers could be used as valuable information to help learn more in and out of school. • It is also a great resource to study with for tests.

  4. Study • When you need help with classes that you don’t understand and when you have a test you need to study so you can master the information and then you are going to do better and if you need help ask somebody that knows about it, the teacher or parent that way you can do better. • The study would help you a lot and everybody should study one hour per day to learn better.

  5. Tutoring can help too • Although you may be shy about asking teachers for help you can always rely on a tutor which could be anyone from a friend or parent. • They help kids with helping the criteria need to pass a certain class or just for your own benefit.

  6. Researching information • We can look for information that we want to know by reading books and look on the internet in pages and videos that might help us understand what we are learning at school. • Researching helps us find more information on topics were searching for.

  7. Practicing • Another effective way to learn information by yourself at home or at school is to study the information given to you by a teacher, tutor, e.t.c. • Though make sure practicing the right information.

  8. Class work • Do work in the class is always an effective way to learn and retain new information at school. • It can also be considered a new warm up for home work assignment that might be received on the same topic

  9. Visual aids • Visual aids also help in learning new techniques at school. • They consist of any pictures with informations such as graphs, data charts and more.

  10. Lectures • Lectures is another form of learning information that your teacher does during class to present information towards all of the students in the classroom.

  11. Review worksheets • Reviews are hand out work sheets or self made papers full of information that is for reviewing previous information so you can get better used to the criteria on the paper.

  12. Checking information • Checking information's or going back to old papers can be a helpful way to remember all those forgotten techniques that you’ve learned at school.

  13. Internet • The internet is a huge source of information on practically any topic you need help to research. • Through the thousands of information, the internet is obviously a great way to learn

  14. Libraries • Libraries full of books are another great source for knowledge and information that can be used a way to learn new information. • Books are constantly used at school for ways to learn.

  15. CREDITS Ways to