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email marketing software

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email marketing software

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  1. Single vs. Double Opt-in confirmation: Does it Matter?

  2. Well, the headline for this article pretty much covers up what we are discussing in the body. But before we plunge into the discussion mode, I’d like to take a minute to explain to you the “Opt-in” Method of Email Marketing. This method gives you a choice about how you will obtain the email addresses of the existing subscribers and new guests at your site.

  3. Well, it has two types. The first one is Single “Opt-in” and the second one is Double “Opt-in”. Let us go in discussion for one by one just to make it easier for you guys. It is all in the name. “Single Opt-in” means the user will be able to receive mails from your website with a single click by submitting their email address in your form. This method is used widely and has faster returns as far as successful deliveries are concerned.

  4. There are several pluses of this method. For one you will get instant subscriptions and then you will get instant conversation. The conversation rate will be greatly high depending upon the fact that the user just needs one call to action and a click to get subscribed. But in this Single Opt-in Method, one can use absolutely any email address to get subscribed. That results in spam. That indeed is hurting.

  5. Another thing is that there can be typos or typing mistakes in the emails which can mean higher bounce rates. It results in bad delivery. The third thing is the email addresses can be invalid. There, higher rate of subscriptions will mean nothing. I mean you will have low conversion rates against high subscriptions.

  6. Now the “Double Opt-in” method kicks in. In this method, first the user puts in his email address in the required field of the form. Then a confirmation mail is sent. User must click on the link in the email to activate his account. Otherwise, the account remains inactive. Yeah, the obvious advantage is that you have more active users in this method. The conversation rate is original. There will be more email opening rates. The bounce rate will be low. But the cons of the method are that conversation rates will be lower. Because of the complicated process, many wouldn’t choose to get involved and there is also the fear of the “Unknown”.

  7. Each of the two methods has their uses. For your generic needs like keeping the users updated or feedback needs, you can easily opt for Double Opt-in Method. As you need more active participants, this method is the ideal one. On the other hand, Single Opt-in Method can be used in cases where getting access is necessary, where users are trying to learn more about a thing, product trials and more.

  8. The key factor here is that the users are already in the mood of hearing more from you. You just need to have their email IDs listed and that too very quickly and without any hustle. You can change your subscription method any time with sandloop.

  9. http://sendloop.com/

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