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Everything you need to know about vacheron constantin

Everything you need to know about vacheron constantin

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Everything you need to know about vacheron constantin

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  1. Watches Review: Everything You Need to Know about VacheronConstantin

  2. Platinum is known as a material that was built to last, while gold has to be alloy when used in jewelries & watches it doesn’t mean that they are all 18 carat gold, because even if they are, you can just get 75% precious metal from it.

  3. Platinum however is being used as its purity level which is just ninety five percent. You can rarely find jewelries made up of platinum globally. It is heavier, denser than any other types of precious metals, which made it more durable.

  4. Similar to gold, it doesn’t oxidize and it will remain unblemished through the years. Platinum watches and jewelries are specially designed to last a lifetime.

  5. Did you know that VacheronConstantin have been using platinum since 1820 for all their watches and up to this day, they have collected Platine at its excellent level which they have launched just in 2006 which includes their newest model of watches.

  6. The Patrimony Contemporaine is a self-winding watch that belongs to a collection of excellent watches. In this particular piece, the platinum is used for the case, the hands and the crowns of the watch and the dials are in great grained sandblasted nine hundred fifty platinum.

  7. Though it is just thin, you can feel the weight due to the density of the platinum material used in it. If you have doubts, there is a little rectangle between the numbers 4 and 5 o’clock hour markers with inscription stating PT950. You will come across this watch with blue alligator, hand stitched markings are also there with silk thread stating 950 in it.

  8. You can see from the photos online the look of this watch and the pin buckle has 950 platinum in it as well. VacheronConstatin is a known prestige brand of watches by the Richemont group and they have employed more than four hundred people globally, most of whom are based in Geneva wherein their manufacturing plants are situated.

  9. Did you know that it’s Napoleon Bonaprte, Harry Truman and others who owns VacheronConstantin in the past? The watch you have idolized was owned by these prominent personalities even before Jean-Marc Vacheron managed the company in 1755.

  10. He is an independent watchmaker. VacheronConstantin is 1 of the ancient watchmakers in the globe and they never failed to provide the best type of watches through time.

  11. Vacheron is not just a young business minded individual, but he is also a great craftsman. He was blessed with the talent to make high quality and well-engineered watches.

  12. If you are interested to buy a watch from one of their series, you can also do that by checking out some of the online shops available these days in the internet. You will surely find a high quality VacheronConstantin watch that fits into your budget. They have luxury lines and they also have affordable lines to match the budget of their customers and those who are collecting watches.


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