websites to use for research n.
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Websites to use for research. PowerPoint Presentation
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Websites to use for research.

Websites to use for research.

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Websites to use for research.

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  1. Websites to use for research. • • • • • • • Also use Google to look for specific artists or movements.

  2. EXAM THEME: ORDER AND/OR DISORDER 20 AO1: DEVELOP Develop your ideas through investigations informed by contextual and other sources, demonstrating analytical and cultural understanding. AO2: EXPERIMENT AND REFINE Refine your ideas through experimenting and selecting appropriate resources, materials, techniques and processes. 20 AO3: RECORD Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to their intentions in visual and/or other forms 20 AO4: PRESENT Present a personal, informed and meaningful response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding, realising intentions and, where appropriate, making connections between visual, written, oral or other elements 20

  3. Brain storm your initial ideas Places People Order and/or disorder Natural World War Objects

  4. Brain storm your final idea to see how you could develop it……. Include artists, material choices and concepts…..

  5. Possible avenue’s to explore: • Something that was ordered/whole/complete, that has been smashed apart. Possibly burnt down etc. Fire Bird: Eeva-LiisaSorainen, Helena Kaikkonen, Minnakangasmaa, Finland. There are phenomena in both Finnish and Lappish ancient religions, beliefs, story telling traditions and their relationship to nature that contain features separating them from the traditions of Western and Southern Europe. Fire sculpture fits in with the Finnish cultural traditions. Fire sculpture are like the bonfires that have been built in Finland from time immemorial.

  6. Laurie Frick Installations and work based on neuroscience. “Daily Time Slices” 40 in x 48″, 21 days of daily activities coded by colour and duration. “Walking, week 26″, found cut and handmade paper on 6 alumalite panels, 48″ x 72″, 2012 ‘Moodjam May 3″ 8ftx8ft, Abet Laminati, Alumalite and silicon.

  7. Disorder of the brain: Mental illness and neurological disorders Chris Mars His painting style, examples of which graced all of his album covers, is marked by nightmarish landscapes and grotesque, distorted figures. He draws inspiration from his older brother's struggle with schizophrenia.

  8. Human body: Deformaties and injuries. Hans Bellmer Bellmer's doll project is also said to have been catalysed by a series of events in his personal life. Hans Bellmer takes credit for provoking a physical crisis in his father and brings his own artistic creativity into association with childhood insubordination and resentment toward a severe and humourless paternal authority.

  9. Disorder/ War Protest art in Denmark Andy Warhol Gun 1981 Mark Wallinger Emily Prince Diana Weiser - Blood ShirinNeshat Allegiance with wakefulness Shepherd Fairey Imperial Glory Banksy Eberhard Havekost Ghost 2 Otto Dix, Flandern, 1934

  10. Henry Moore Shelter Drawings Andywarhol-atomic-bomb-1965 Goya he Charge of the Mamelukes 1814 Guerra-de-la-paz Atom Bomb Niki De Saint Phalle Shooting Picture 1961 Anti War Murals On Palestine Wall And In Belfast Tom Lee A Thousand Yard Stare Jake And Dinos Chapman Hell 2002

  11. Disorder/chaos/ Explosion Jenny Stark Cornelia Parker Dirk Skreber Damien Hirst Spin Paintings Jackson Pollock Mark Chadwick Explosion Picture Stefano Arienti.

  12. Order/ Collections / Organisation Mark Dion Lisa Milroy UrsusWehrli The art of clean up Susan Hiller Damien Hirst, Spot paintings Tony Cragg Cornelia Parker Martin Waters Christopher Marley Kathy Klein Haeckel

  13. Order/Routine Linnea Strid Andrew Newton Louise Bourgeois Order/ Cultural patterns/ Symmetry George Jones Islamic Pattern Mandala Henna

  14. Order/disorder/ People/ crowds LS Lowry Peter Bruegel Francisco de Goya Kathe Kollwitz

  15. Disorder/ Crowds Order /Queuing • Subway Crowds at football matches A swimming pool in Tokyo during a heat wave • A train in India • Liz McQueen • People on an escalator • Car parks • Queuing • Jonathan Borofsky

  16. Order/disorder/ Places/ Habitats Michael Wolf Indian Slums Brazilian Shanty Towns London streets American street grid system Chinese Village • Colombian Island of Santa Cruz de Islote

  17. Order/ Repetition Piet Mondrian Ian Davenport Andy Goldsworthy Bridget Riley Nils-Udo

  18. Order/ Disorder / Text Eye chart Paula Scher Milton Glaser Jasper Johns

  19. Disorder- natural destruction/ weather Curtis Mann Modification 2008 Mark MawsonColouredWater Amy Casey, impossible cities Vincent Van Gogh Louise BourgoiseThrobbing Pulse Caspar David Friedrich Maggie Hambling

  20. Oder/ disorder of movement Edgar Degas Anthony Gormley EadweardMeuybridge Francois Alys Drawing with light Picasso Effect of force on different materials. Crush/Bend/Twist

  21. Cubism Disorder of the body/figure Picasso Gerard Butler Distorting the human body. Jenny Saville Effect of force on human body. David Hockney Photomontage • Effect of force on the human body. • Forcing the body into different shapes. Francis Bacon