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  1. Rubbergymmats The raw material is shredded into rubber crumb where non-rubber materials like metal fibers are removed. The tire crumb is then reconstituted by molding it using a polyurethane adhesive for sturdy recycled flooring. Since it is made from used tires, this rubber flooring is able to withstand harsh conditions, making it ideal for many demanding applications such as: mats for gym and fitness, outdoor flooring, rubber garage flooring, flooring in a basement, or heavy equipment floor mats.

  2. Flooring Accessories Rubber-Cal's "Elephant Bark" Rubber Flooring Rolls are a thick, durable product available in a width of 4 feet and in 13 length variations. With a thickness of 3/8-inch, this roll of rubber offers a superior flooring option that is made from recycled materials, can be used in numerous applications, and is an easy DIY project which makes it even more affordable! This black rolled flooring is an eco-friendly product made from recycled waste tires. It can be used for indoor or outdoor flooring due to the sturdiness of the material. Its easy installation makes a simple DIY project that can be done by almost anyone! For a reliable and efficient product, lay down the "Elephant Bark" on your floors today!

  3. Rubber Gym Mats • Non-skid mats prevent slips and falls when floors are wet, oily or greasy! • Lightweight utility mats are easily moveable for cleaning; rubber mats can be hosed down • Environmentally friendly floors in that they are made from tree-derived rubber ingredients • Drain mats improve safety by allowing liquids and debris to pass through holes and keep you working during operational hours • 1/2-inch thick offers ample comfort as rubber kitchen mats, garage flooring mats, padded flooring, or floor protector mats

  4. Foam Rubber Mats • Thick and sturdy rubber flooring for both indoor and outdoor applications; able to withstand harsh conditions • Recycled flooring made from used tires for an eco-friendly product that will survive even in the most demanding applications • Versatile product can be used as mats for gym or fitness, rubber garage flooring, or flooring in a basement • Simple and easy installation of rolled flooring for a DIY project that can be done by anyone; just lay it down with double-sided carpet tape or adhesive • Offered at a thickness of 3/8-inch and 4 feet wide, we can custom cut a roll of rubber at any length up to 50 feet to match your needs

  5. Heavy Duty Rubber Mats • Heavy duty mats with high contents of EPDM resists UV/ozone; perfect for protective flooring for outdoor or indoor spaces • Thick floor mats can be used as protector mats to protect subsurface floors from damage due to heavy machinery or furniture • Made domestically from 100% tire crumb, this recycled mat is as durable and weather resistant as the tires they are molded from • Thick cushion provides excellent anti-slip and anti-fatigue rubber tile, creating a safe and comfortable environment for the home or office • This heavy-duty matting mat can fit any size area and is available in three sizes at a ¾ inch thickness: 2 ft. x 3 ft., 3 ft. x 4 ft., and 4 ft. x 6ft

  6. Play & Safety Rubber Mats • Rubberized playground flooring is flexible and durable. The mats are soft, providing comfort to young kids should they fall while playing. Rubber mats are strong and able to withstand the rough-and-tumble play characterized by young kids. Rubberized flooring is used in gymnasiums and other athletic facilities, but it is also ideal for outdoor play yards. • Rubber tiles provide a quick and easy matting option for indoor and outdoor play areas, such as a basement or patio. Rubber mats have thick foam backing to provide a cushion for children's play areas. You can also use rubber tiles for exercise rooms.

  7. Rolled Rubber Flooring Rubber floors are found in gyms, garages, medical facilities and a variety of other establishments. These floors are recognized for their durability, strength and low maintenance requirements. While "floating" tile versions are sometimes used, most installers choose glued-down mat or roll applications to increase the floor's longevity and stability. Roll rubber flooring has gained popularity as an environmentally sensitive and sustainable alternative to vinyl flooring. While it is more difficult to install than roll vinyl flooring, due to its vulnerability to marring, the installation process is very similar. If you are covering a small space, you can also purchase a piece of rubber flooring that is cut to fit the room.