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Nazi Propaganda PowerPoint Presentation
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Nazi Propaganda

Nazi Propaganda

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Nazi Propaganda

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  1. Nazi Propaganda “The task of propaganda is not to make an objective study of the truth…but to convince the masses. -Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

  2. Nazi Propaganda • What is propaganda? • Propaganda is biased information designed to shape public opinion and behavior.

  3. Hitler’s propaganda experience? • Opera’s of Richard Wagner • Georg Ritter von Schoenerer, leader of the Austrian Pan-German party • Karl Lueger, Vienna’s Christian Social mayor • World War I- Hitler’s praised the skill of enemy propagandists

  4. World War I Propaganda

  5. The Role of Propaganda in Nazi Strategy • Hitler joins German Workers Party • Encourages leaders to take out ads and promote meetings • Organizes mass meetings • Hitler becomes propaganda director • Creates the party’s flag • Has ancient roots with Hindu’s in Italy

  6. The Role of Propaganda in Nazi Strategy

  7. The Role of Propaganda in Nazi Strategy • Hitler’s ideas were not particularly new, what was new was the attention he paid to presentation, how he said something rather than what he said. • Hitler’s salute came from Mussolini’s Fascists which they borrowed from the ancient Romans • He also modeled his brown shirts on Mussolini’s black shirts

  8. The Success of Nazi Propaganda • Nazi party leaders provoked Communist and Social Democrat violence by marching the SA storm troopers into working class neighborhoods where they had strongholds.

  9. Hitler Appointed Chancellor

  10. Otto Dietrich • Nazi Party Press Chief

  11. Joseph Goebbels • Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

  12. Nazi Propaganda • The Nazi’s quickly recognized the value of the media. From the early days of the party they used aggressive advertising to promote the nazi ideology • Goebbels was in charge of ‘enlightening’ the German public

  13. Book Burnings Nazi students unload confiscated materials for the public book burning that is to take place on the Opernplatz in Berlin. The banner on the back of the truck reads: "German students march against the un-German spirit."

  14. Book Burnings Link to Book Burnings

  15. Nazi Propaganda: Methods • Word of the Week • Posters • Radio • Film • Newspapers

  16. Nazi Control of Press

  17. Newspapers • Censoring newspapers ensures that only the news you want people to read is available to the public • Nazi party members wrote many articles for the press, ensuring that the message was always positive • Many publications were banned

  18. Der Sturmer

  19. Der Sturmer

  20. Joke of the Times • “I told my wife that if I die, don’t let them put it in the newspaper, because no one will believe it”

  21. Nazi Control of Radio • Hitler’s Speeches Hitler is considered to have been one of the greatest public speakers of all time.

  22. Nazi Control of Film • Film was used to show Hitler in apositive light as often as possible • The Nazi’s commissioned several films, each carefully portraying a certain image • Triumph of the Will • Directed by Leni Riefenstahl • taken at Nazi Party Rally in Nuremburg-1934 • considered a documentary masterpiece

  23. Film: The Eternal Jew

  24. Film: The Eternal Jew

  25. Winning the Masses • “One people, one government, one leader.”

  26. Posters Creating One People • Posters are cheap and easy to distribute • Placed in prominent positions they act as a constant reminder of ideology • Can be used for many purposes

  27. Examples of Nazi Posters

  28. Posters Glorifying “Aryans”

  29. Nazi Youth Youth Serves the Fuhrer. All ten-year-olds join the Hitler Youth.” “All Girls Join Us”

  30. Nazi Men

  31. Nazi Women

  32. Nazi Women • "Healthy Parents have Healthy Children."

  33. Anti-Jewish Propaganda Campaigns • Nazi’s had to determine who was and who wasn’t a full-fledged member of the national community.

  34. Then and Now

  35. “You are Sharing the Load! A Genetically Ill Individual Costs Approximately 50,000 Reichsmarks by the Age of Sixty”

  36. Propaganda

  37. Propaganda • 'The Costs of the Congenitally Diseased'.

  38. Propaganda • '60.000 reichsmarks is what this hereditarily ill person will cost the national community over the course of his life. Citizen, this is also your money!

  39. Race Propaganda

  40. Race Propaganda • "The result! A loss of racial pride."

  41. Race Defiler1936

  42. Language of Propaganda • Employment office- “labor mobilization” • Worker- “Soldier of Labor” • Work- “Service to Fuehrer and folk” • Factory Meeting- “Factory Roll Call” • Production- “The Production Battle”

  43. Education Don't Trust the Fox in the Green Meadow or The Jew On His Oath.

  44. Der Fiftpilz:The Poisonous Mushroom • Link to The Poison Mushroom

  45. Education

  46. Education

  47. Education