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Paragon Books, a leading National Publisher of Books on variety of disciplines is privately owned by Mr. Pratap Vaish, dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge among students, academicians and intellecutals. Dedication, devotion, Discipline and integrity of his grandfather Late Shri Sultan Chandji, founder, Sultan Chand & Sons, Educational Publishers, inspired Mr. Pratap Vaish to dedicate himself to the cause of education and society.<br>Founded in 1983, with an eye on publishing scholarly Books for academic excellence and since then the commitment to the quality has been kept despite of ups and downs spanning over 15 years.<br><br>

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Paragon books online books

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  1. Best Selling Education Books

  2. Elements of Mercantile Law (All India) An indispensable book for the students of management courses and a handy volume for managers. It discusses the fundamental principles in an easily intelligible language.

  3. Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics Book Summary :  Comprehensive and analytical treatment is given of all the topics.  Difficult mathematical deductions have been treated logically and in a very simple manner.  It conforms to the latest syllabi of the Degree and Postgraduate examinations in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics.

  4. Statistical Methods (All Courses) Book Summary :  The book has been written in a very simple and lucid style. The text material is self-explanatory and even the students learning statistics through distance education can follow it without much stress and strain.  The treatment is non-mathematical in  character and the readers can easily understand the text material without  much taxing their minds.  Besides good theory the book contains a large number of solved illustrations (to be exact, 885). These illustrations have been very carefully selected mainly from the latest examination question papers of various Universities all over India and neighbouring countries.  This book is primarily meant to cater to the needs of under-graduate and post-graduate students of Commerce, Economics, Management and Professional Course

  5. Elements of Company Law Book Summary :  The book deals with all aspects of company law in detail.  The subject-matter is discussed in a simple and easily intelligible language under appropriate headings (and not Section-wise).  More than 200 Practical Problems (with Hints for their solution) and Multiple Choice Questions (with Answers) have been given.

  6. Mathematical Physics Book Summary :  In this concise book only the problems required for Physics students and selected from various university papers have been added.  Moreover the subject-matter is written in simple and comprehensive manner.  After each topic, important examples, concerned with the fundamental aspects of the topic, have been included.  At the end of each chapter the book contains a number of selected problems from university papers and other standard courses.

  7. Operations Research Book Summary :  The book covers the latest syllabi in Operations Research/Management Science of Various Universities, Engineering Institutes, Management Institutions and Professional bodies.  The entire text has been restructured, re-written and updated.  Chapters on Network Routing Problems, Forecasting, and Learning Curve  Theory have been included in this edition of book.  A conscientious effort has been made all through to keep the treatment simple and in lucid style. The language of the text is uniquely simple.  Sample Problems and Unsolved Latest Examination Problems have been given at the end of each section.  Multiple Choice Questions are given with answers at the end of each chapter.

  8. Fundamentals of Applied Statistics Book Summary :  The book provides comprehensive and exhaustive theoretical discussion.  All basic concepts have been explained in an easy and understandable manner.  125 stimulating problems selected from various university examinations have been solved.  It conforms to the latest syllabi of B.Sc. (Hons.) and postgraduate examinations in Statistics, Agriculture and Economics.

  9. Managerial Economics Book Summary :  It is meant for students of M.Com. and Business Management Courses and Business Managers.  A concerted effort has been made to impart empirical content or practice- orientation to the various concepts of Pure Economics. The book contains many decision-making situations in the form of Illustrations.

  10. Managerial Economics -Analysis, Problems, Cases Book Summary :  This very popular textbook is designed for MBA, M.A. (Business Economics), M.Com., M.A. (International Business), AIMA, M.F.C., PGDBA, B.B.A and B.B.M. courses of Indian Universities and Institutes.  Very comprehensive text with lucid and easy language.  Emphasis given to the application of the analytical and empirical tools.  Greater emphasis on explanation of the more difficult concepts and methods.  Large number of Case Studies alongwith the solved examples in the text.  Summary, meaning of important concepts given at the end of each chapter as well as more than 800 questions, problems and review questions.

  11. Banking Theory Law & Practice Book Summary :  This book is unique in the sense that it admirably combines the Theory, Law and Practice of Banking in India.  The book will prove immensely useful for those appearing at B.Com. examinations of Indian Universities and Polytechnics.

  12. Banking Law & Practice Book Summary :  The coverage of the subject-matter is exhaustive followed by numerous exam. questions and practical problems.  It is an ideal textbook for the under-graduate and post-graduate students of all Indian Universities.

  13. Human Resource Management Book Summary : Basic Human Resource Management has been especially designed and written for a per CP 6.3 (Human Resource Management) under Sixth Semester of B. Com. course of Delhi University. It will be equally useful forothersimilarcourses of undergraduate level.

  14. Mathematics for Economists Book Summary :  The authors have tried to explain all the needed mathematical techniques in the simplest manner along with their applications in Economic Theory.  It is meant for the Paper on Basic Mathematics and Quantitative Methods in Economics and Mathematical abortion pill Economics of M.A. Economics Courses of Indian Universities.

  15. Essentials of Business Communication All Courses Book Summary : Whatever course you are pursuing, whether you are an MBA or a BBA student, whether you are appearing at the B.Com. examination of some university, or whether you are enrolled with a professional body like ICSI, your ultimate success in your examination, or in your life later, will depend upon your communication skills. Intelligence, integrity, energy are all important—they are indispensable qualities—but they will always remain subservient to interpersonal skills—your ability to relate with other, to communicate with others.

  16. Business Environment B.Com Madras University Book Summary :  This book has been especially designed and written for B.Com.; BBA and other similar courses of Madras University, GGS Indraprastha University, New Delhi and other universities in the country.  Lucid, simple and conversational language.  Based on the author’s teaching and writing experience of 35 years.  Latest policy guidelines and government regulations.

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